tag, i think i'm it.

i've finally gotten around to doing 'the habits tag' from the adorable and super girly sophie-jade at sweet dreams till sunbeams find me. go drool over her gorgeous inspirational images. and her girly pinkness... you'll soon be in love.
1 clothes shop- i'm a topshop girl. i l o v e.2 furniture shop- antique shops are always the best, i loved one in wales called 'upstairs and downstairs'. but i suppose ikea too.
3 sweet- i'm a complete sweet tooth. cupcakes please!4 city- new york was amazing. but paris is my favourite. (image below from onomatopoeia)5 drink- tea!! obviously. but a pink milk now and then will be lovely too.6 music- i'm in love with lykke li at the moment. laura marling, soko, tegan and sara, peggy sue and the pirates. 7 tv series- sex and the city, gossip girls, the oc.8 film- marie antoinette, amelie, the secret garden, the virgin suicides.9 workout- er... going downstairs to make a cup of tea? i'm lazy. but i like it.
10 pastries- ooh yes please! the perfect breakfast. as before, anything sweet.11 coffee? i'm too devoted to tea. but i so want to like it, the smell is wonderful!
(images from random sites and two are mine)


  1. Great list, I do love Amelie and cities...

  2. Ahhh, I miss Topshop so much! Those little cakes look yummy, they are making me hungry. :)

  3. My dear, i like your answer to your fav workout. I myself indulge with a simple downstairs (or in my case 3 metre walk) into my kitchen for a warm cuppa. I'm liking your background very VERY much btw. So fitting for this 'tea drinking english rose' :P Fave = english tea then i presume? hehe

  4. The Secret Garden! I think I've seen that movie, and I do believe I enjoyed it. Thank you for reminding me.

  5. Ah, LOVE. Amelie is probably one of my favourite movies, and the topic of my first post. I think the scene where she eats raspberries off her fingers and when she gets revenge on her neighbour is TOO cute. The cupcake and cookie pictures also make me want to go eat for an indefinite amount of time.

    I really adore your background as well!

  6. Oh I just love your answers! I share many of the same habits as far as music, film, cupcakes and tea :)

  7. This is such a lovely post, I like your fav movies, I havent seen the secret garden though, might have to check if its on DVD. Also wondering if you'd like to exchange links?! cos i'm updating my link section and realised I havent got lots of great blogs on there :)

  8. Amelie is so so adorable. I have to agree with the love of cupcakes as well, delicious and fun to bake! I'm always making them.

  9. Just found your blog through browsing a few... it's great, so much to take in, each post is so interesting!
    Puts mine to shame!

  10. Very interesting little obsessions. Great imagery. Glad that I tripped over your blog, I fell into a wonderful little world.

  11. nice post! I love to watch gossipgirl.

  12. great menesgerie of pictures! i love for all of that stuff!

  13. Oh such lovely things you listed! Those pictures of the sweets have me hungry! :D

    Oh and by the way, I adore your blog background! :)


  14. ah love topshop too, well who doesn't!

    I have total sweet tooth too and have to agree that paris is the just the best, although i have never been to nyc. Nothing beats paris in autumn though.

  15. the things in this post are so ridiculously lovely!

  16. Hello darling,

    Lovely post. Those cupcakes look delicious!I have nominated your blog for a reward! View my blog for details.

    Hope you are well!

  17. im totaly fascinated with topshop ads this ss. for they have chose so much different girls like dunn, kloss, laine...etc.... i love amanda laine. sorry i go crazy concerning the models.

    i love green tea. especialy mixed with friut!

  18. your blog is the sweetest.
    & isn't laura marling great ? i love ghosts that broke my heart.


  19. What an utterly gorgeous blog!
    it is divine!!
    I agree with every answer you gave. Tea is wonderful and I just adore the smell off coffee - never been too fond of the taste though.

    This has just become my favourite blog.
    Have a beautiful Friday & weekend.



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