with just a hint of lime and lemongrass

oh how i've missed so much. it's lovely to be home and back into the late night blog browse.
disaster struck back at the sister's house. i was helping stripping wallpaper in darling little ralph's nursery (as they hadn't done it all), and we came across serious cracks down one wall.... which now needs a big repair... so i ended up just hanging out with my sister and little ralph, whilst her husband-to-be was away. however, when they've sorted that all out, i will finally be able to get on with it, until then, i can sketch and plan it out... and finally show you all the photos when it gets done!

well overdue... but here's where i let you in on the secret that is the crazy-pink bathroom... didn't get the avacado suite in though. but isn't it just adorable.... however, it was decorated before they moved in, and they're going to replace it. makes me sad.
and the beautiful old piano, i was playing it and wishing i could play all sorts of magical tunes.
this evening, mother and i went to the bottom of the garden and picked the freshly fallen apples from the tree and made an apple and raspberry crumble. it was so lovely.
i haven't taken many photographs recently. it felt wonderful today.
thank you all again for the lovely comments, and sorry for any disappointments for 'no-show of the nursery' that i had gotten so excited about.


  1. No worries about the nursery situation! These pictures are lovely and artistic - and we just have something later to look forward to!

  2. Ohhh apple and raspberry crumble is my favourite, ever.

  3. luv-luv-luv that huge ring u have...opal???
    Just to let u know that my NEW blog is finally up & running...

    Feel free to visit & don't forget to click on"comment" so I'd know u've arrived....tell me what u think too... heee!

    charmed* as always sweetie!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!
    LOVE your posts...

    Hug, Mila.

  5. cute photos. i really am interested in the 4th one, and the cute little doodles that you can see in the photo.

  6. What gorgeous pictures.

    I play the piano (and eat a lot of raspberries!) and both pictures are so pretty. Looks likea gorgeous piano, and yummy berries!

  7. You make very beautiful pictures:)

  8. the first picture----> gorgeous... love the colors =)


*Forever Love*