away. and snuggled. with elephants.

the morning of my trip back to the unihouse. setting the alarm early so i could lay in bed and watch the sunrise out my window. i didn't want to get up.wanted to stay there snuggled up with pig forever. i couldn't. so today i have settled in, trying not to think how upsetting it is this time to be away from home. unpacking. eating some of mother's homemade cakes she put in a tin for me. drinking tea. staying in elephant my pyjamas. watching films. all day, although i couldn't help but think of home. and the fact A forgot about our 3 year anniversary. tomorrow will be better.
an early night for me now. for dreams of pink rabbits and jam sandwiches. sweet dreams.


  1. I hope you had the sweetest dreams to cheer you up :)
    btw, those elephant pyjamas look so cute!

  2. Your pajamas and rings are adorable, darling.
    Have sweet dreams!


  3. sweet dreams to you too! <3
    and yes, hopefully tomorrow will be better.
    cute pjs...

  4. Oh look at your adorable camel ring! What great taste! I hope you're feeling better and more comfortable soon!

  5. oh i love the photo with the curtain! and your camel ring is very beautiful! where did you get it?

  6. your pink rose ring and the camel ring goes so well together! looks so dreamy =)

    i hope you'll feel better soon.

  7. So lovely again, dear!
    Your taste is amazing... <33

    I gave you an award, hope you like it!!

  8. I'm going to move out to study in a college next year and living on my own too.. I think I will miss my mama's cooking.. =(

    And thanks for your comment in my bloggie..^^ *shy*

  9. aww that camel is so cute and cool i love it! and i hope you feel better in the morning (:

  10. I hope you had the sweetest of dreams x

  11. cute elephant pj's! I love love the camel and rose rings as well! I also tagged you with an award!

  12. everything will be better tomorrow! home made cakes though... yum.
    don't worry darling.

  13. chin up fruitcake. new mornings make everything better :]
    and the pjs are very cute :]

  14. I hope you had a lovely day today.
    Things will get better :)
    Just listen to your happy song!
    I loveeee your pjs. I may have to show my 'cupcake' ones. Did you find any good cobrasnake pics?

  15. Where did you get that FABULOUS camel ring? And so sorry about your being sick...

    Just comment on my flickr page if you wanna let me know! (Its Sprinkle from flickr!)

  16. Love the elephant pyjamas, so immensely cute!
    And that camel ring, woah that is super unusual, I love it!
    Beautiful pictures...

  17. my ring is actually handmade by myself.
    i found these cute little wooden animal shapes and glued it on a ring back. that you can buy in the crafty/beady shops.

    sorry girls.


*Forever Love*