my tummy says yummy

what a lovely day for being an ill-bug. mother was home all day and she baked. it was amazing.
so today there was...
homemade asparagus soup.
homemade peach and raspberry muffins.
homemade chocolate brownies.
homemade apple and raspberry crumble. (apples from our apple tree) with
homemade custard.
and for dinner, my favourite... homemade sherpherds pie.
truly delightful! i will so miss my mother and her cooking. and baking. i'm off back to the uni house on saturday you see and i'm very sad about it. i don't want to leave.
on the plus side my tummy is truly full and happy.
and we've got so much hallowe'en goodies for our haunted cottage dress up! i cannot wait. we bought hallowe'en cookie cutters too! too excited.


  1. oh I am envious of the lovely things your mother has made! If my mother has tried cooking, she would burn the house down.haha. (My dad and I do the cooking).

    Glad you're feeling better, dear.

  2. oh my, all of that sounds utterly delicious.

    I have a weakness for badges too. I can't get enough of them!

  3. yumm!!! those peach and raspberry muffins sound delicious! hope you get much better from all that lovely food.

  4. When I was 17 years old I had to leave my home and family for 6 months, I was so sad.. I understand what you feel! Maybe you could ask your mum to bake something that you would bring away with you, so that it reminds you of your home when you're back to the Uni house!

  5. Hello there! Love your blog so much.. Your life is just like being a rosy-pinky-princess.. nice! *envy* ^.^ Hope you dun mind me to link your blog in my blog list! >.<

  6. Yum! Home made goodies!! I love your recipe book! It's so sweet!

  7. renee - your comment is so sweet... i can't click on your name to view your blog. :(!
    does anyone know how to do this? i'm so confused.

  8. that's a really pretty recipe you've got there =)

    just came across your blog and i must say, it's quite interesting!

  9. Thank you! your comment makes me smile :) ooooh i love your blog!!

  10. Your halloween sounds really really exciting:]

    And all tasty food deem envious.

  11. Oh wow, that sounds so delicious!!

    I understand why it makes you sad to leave your parent's place. I always feel a little sad when i leave them on sunday (every sunday i go there) to go to my own apartment, where i am all alone... :(

    Bye, dear!
    Loving your blog so much!!

  12. Wow, all the food sounds so good. I think you should let me move in with you!

  13. Mmmm, I love homemade food. Hope you're settling back in well at uni, I know that feeling.

  14. you have the loveliest hair!!!!! I am growing my bangs to look just like yours!

  15. Wow lucky you! I love the idea of peach and rasberry muffins, sounds good!

    Don't be too sad at uni, hope it all goes well...


*Forever Love*