oh so very very late

i have received a beautiful gift from una bella vita a beautiful life
the 'kreativ blogger award'. thank you so much. this makes me smile a lot a lot. i will pass this on to
a favourite of mine capture the castle
the young and vibrant facon de le hippie
the sweet and refreshing coccinelle

i have been tagged again, by my new favourite blog ready, set, go! and the cutsie that lives at pixie hollow l'idealista, il protettore.
Six Random Things About Me
1. i want to write stories everyday, all day long
2. i used to collect soaps, pencils, rubbers, and stickers
3. i miss my mother everyday and her baking
4. when i was a little girl i wanted to be an ice-cream lady or own my own sweet shop
5. i secretly want to keep my friend's hampster
6. i sleep with pig in my bed
Six Random Things I like:
1. cups of tea and hot milk and honey, although that ones obvious
2. playing board games at christmas
3. watching the raindrops chase other raindrops down the window pane
4. hugs. i love hugs so much
5. feeling loved
6. meeting friends after a long time away
Six Random Things I don't like:
1. feeling sad and alone
2. freezing blue toes and red noses
3. the feeling of loss and a broken heart
4. saying goodbye to my kitty
5. leaving my cottage home for the uni flat
6. other people's crumbs

i'm going to tag some lovely lovely souls...
the wonderfully sweet rosie posie rosie
the one i share a love of diana vickers with sera-louise
the sweet one stylechild
my friend's hampster, lenny. i've been looking after her for the weekend. and i'm going to be sad when she goes later on today. she has been great company. i now wish for my own.
my weekend has somewhat been heartbreaking. i miss him and wish he would call. i had a horrible night saturday. but was wonderful before. diana vickers sung beautifully. and yes... i was sad that scott went also.
however so much fun has happened before the sadness. i went to alton towers with my dear friends on friday, then went to see a scary film, which wasn't scary. i had nachos. i had sweets. i bought some leggings which i am in love with. my tamagotchi keeps bleeping at me. and such wonderful comments have kept my spirits so high that i've smiled everyday. i now have two hours before a lecture to comment back to all of you special, pretty bloggers
i wish for some pretty paul and joe make up. after my lecture i will visit the shops and buy both my parents their birthday gifts and may browse the make-up section in the department store while i am there. a little treat perhaps to make up for the weird weekend.


  1. Hello,

    Chin up! Hope that you'll feel a little less sad soon :)
    The Paul & Joe make-up looks lovely, I should really keep an eye out for it...

    Take care!

    See you,

    Mademoiselle M.


  2. congratulations! and what a cute hampster at first i thought he was a mouse which is what i wish for. so cute! (:

  3. Your hamster is so adorable!:)
    Hope you're well.

  4. you have a tamagotchi? that's so cute.
    i used to have one ageeees ago =) i have been seeing them in shops and always kind of secretly want them.

    i hope you'll feel better.

    love, sb

  5. hey thanks for the tag, ive done it ! woop . and how amazing is diana looking these days , id like to think its not just her stylist, that she has a lot of input too !

  6. The hamster is so fuzzy and warm looking. I'm staying with my cousin and she has two gerbils and the most darling job (that coming from a cat person the rest of the time). I do hope things look up for you! I admire how you still always have something to smile about.

  7. Chin up sweet pea.

    I hope you treat yourself to makeup. The Paul and Joe stuff is beautiful,
    I wonder where to get it though? If you find it, be sure to tell me!

  8. thankyouuuu millions for tagging me !
    when i read ur blog i felt a huge grin across my face. :) thankyouuu ever so much :D
    + thankyouu for your comment on my blog, i love youu blog soo much :D
    this is very silly but am notn sure how i dothe tag thing ??
    lol,il try and figure it out! :)
    THANKYOUU again!
    lots of loveeee , xxxxxxxx

  9. It's in the lake district in England. I found a link for you:


  10. Oh, and I was there last summer, with my parents. :]

  11. Absolutely no problem. I'm just happy to help. ^^

  12. Thanks so much for adding my blog to your list!!

    I hope you feel better=(

    That makeup is soo should buy yourself a little gift to cheer up.xo

  13. hot tea with milk and honey = amazingness.

  14. Yes, I know what you mean. Maybe it's because we are so open with our emotions and stuff? It is nice though.
    Ohh your outfit does sound very good, I still don't really know what I'm going to be!

    Aw, I hope you are feeling better lovely. Surround your self with pretty things, and try not to be sad, even though it is so so hard.

    Thats so cute about wanting to be an ice-cream lady! That would be the best.
    Lenny is the cutest!

  15. Thank you so much for the award! It is greatly appreciated - especially coming from you :)

    I hope you feel a bit cheerier soon. These things always pass xo

  16. oh darling! your comments put a smile on my dial (as cheesy as that saying is) as do your posts. they put a little bit of lovely into my boring average life. :D.

    i'm sorry about your weekend... but it sounds like besides that there were some truly lovely things that happened! think about those instead of other things, and it will keep your chin up! It's just like that song from the King and I. Whistle a happy tune.. whenever i feel down i think about lovely things that have happened recently, and whistle a happy tune, and it helps the pain a little. this too shall pass.

    that paul and joe make up looks absolutely gorgeous, seriously. the packaging is adorable! i know people like sleek packaging like chanel and YSL but i think fun cases and packages like the paul and joe flowers are much more interesting and enjoyable. how much fun putting lipstick on from a flower-embellished case would be!

    thankyou so much for the award. i actually made one for you the other day, the 'your blog is sweet' award haha. now seems as good a time as any to award it! i'll just have a look for it on my computer, and post it on my blog for you. your blog is sweet, as are you, and you probably get this all the time, but it is the blog that inspired me to start my own in the first place. so getting an award from you is a real honour!

    i am eagerly awaiting your next post filled with lovely thoughts. i am sending you virtual raspberry cupcakes, turkish delight, cups of hot chocolate and white chocolate and cranberry cookies (my mum just cooked a batch of those and they look yummy)... keep smiling!

  17. I used to collect rubbers aswell! I always thought they were so cute, especially the ones that were scented.

  18. oh I've had a weird weekend, too! And I've missed your stories and photos, they're always so magical. Thank you for your kind words, dear. And I hope that your week has had a good start.


  19. thankyouuu very much for the help wth tagging :)
    but how do youu actually tag people?? hehehe
    do youuu just write the people youu want to tag and copy their link?? oooh and how dya make the link a work not the whole link?? lol cos when i try it i cant get it to not be the whole link ...
    hhe sooo many questions! hehe!
    lots of loovee, keep ging with the AMAZING BLOG! love and HUGS,xxxxxx

  20. oh your pictures are always sooooo dreamy......... xfrancis

  21. Thank you so so much for tagging me and your kind words :) Im a bit addicted to your wonderful, magical blog, so that made my day :)

    Im sorry to hear your so sad :( You should definately treat yourself to some of that pretty make up, and listen to Diana Vickers' beautifful voice to make you smile!! I agree, she is wonderful and I get goosebumps evrytime she starts singing!!

    I have done the tag on my blog anyway, which was fun :) Thanks again!!



  22. I want that lipstick, I just love the packaging it's in. Your comment was lovely, though it's sad that your cat was driven away. My cats don't really get on either, I'd be devastated if that happened to mine. Pets are a great distraction from sadness, aren't they, even if you do have to give them back.

  23. Thank you! aaawh the hampsters
    are sooo cuteeeee :]

  24. Paul & Joe make-up is so dreamy, I have found myself searching eBay for it, I think it may be the pretty packaging that gets me!
    And Lenny (what a great name!) is looking rather cute-hamsters are definitely the world most sweetest pets....
    Hope you get to treat yourself to some P&J!

  25. Hamsters love hugs too, you're a match made in heaven!

  26. Aw, I'm sorry about your kitty. Mine is enormous haha he makes me laugh whenever I look at him

  27. What a lovely post, dear! <3
    So nice to read a little more about you...

    Lovely pictures again!


  28. your posts are inspirational as always, I posted a little bit about you in my blog today, I hope you don;t mind!

  29. Thank you for your sweet comments. I hope you get to buy some of that cute make up.

    Today I saw little cupcake lip balms and really wanted to get them but they were too expensive.

  30. i love watching rain chase after itself too~ and you would have been a great sweets shop owner~ if they stood a chance of being sold!
    nice to learn a little about you within your pretty little blog...
    x ashley


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