pink custard and praline filled piglets

i have an icy pink nose from the cold drafts. wearing my winter coat to uni. an autumn coloured skirt. i should shop for mittens.
i didn't find any paul and joe make-up in the shop i went to, but tomorrow has a better outlook. i feel the positivity. i did manage to buy my father his bird book for his birthday. and birthday cards. and pink and white praline piglets. and facepaint. and a dorothy tin for a secret.
then i ate some pink custard.

and tomorrow i will make a bat garland for the halloween party. i will make my white dress for my ghost outfit. wrap some presents. tie them with ribbons. draw a picture. eat a piglet. do some work in my paris sketchbook.


  1. aw i love all the little piggies! <3

  2. tomorrow is another day, as scarlett o'hara so aptly told us. :D
    thankyou for your sweet comment.
    i love the sound of that raspberry juice and sparkly cupcakes. just the sort of thing to get me through exam blues.

    the pink custard looks yummy, as do the little praline pigs. where oh where do you source such lovely tidbits? we're having people over for afternoon tea today, mum is out shopping for it now. maybe there'll be something yummy on the plate for me.

    your day tomorrow sounds like fun. the bat garland is the coolest idea! i'm wearing a garland of daisies as i go as marie antoinette circa her petits trianons phase. i'm so excited for my billowing white dress, lace fan, cutesy little baby blue heels and a sheer overshirt... i hope everyone else at the party gets into it. (although i'm sure they will, one of my friends is going as dita von teese. how cool!)


  3. Awww those pigs are so cute! I almost wouldn't want to eat them!

  4. Yummy! such cute little piggies!
    sounds like a lovely week for you, i even thought of going as a ghost this year, but ive decided to be marie antoinette...making my dress is alot harder than i thought, but im excited to finish it up so that i can wear it on the 31st! hope u have a happy halloween!


  5. even your spoon is adorable! hope you finish everything in time! i've got to get to work on my outfit too!

  6. haha i wouldn't mind having an icy pink nose!

    please take photos of your bat garland!! i bet it's going to be awesome, the same with your outfit.

  7. Aw, gorgeous little piggies! I used to love eating pink sugar mice when I was small, but I always felt guilty eating them - they were so cute. Their downfall, of course, was that they were also so delicious. ;)

    Andrea xx

  8. Cute piggies, they look so tasty!

  9. luv luv luv these gorgeous photos!!


  10. You can buy paul & joe make up from if you know what you're after x

  11. thankyouuu very much ^_^
    it worked, teehee ! :]

    woah your praline pigs loook AMAAZING!
    where do youuu find these or the recipes ?? :)

    love love LOVE your blog ^_^
    loads of love,hugs,prettiness,xxxx

  12. thortons does amazing chocy pics, and im a big fan of the m&s percy pigs ! yum yum yum all the way home xx

  13. aaww the little pigs are so cute! and the pink custard looks lovely!
    great blog xx

  14. Those pigs are so so adorable! And the pink custard looks lovely, such a prettier colour than just normal custard!
    I thought about going as a ghost! But then I decided on a pumpkin outfit. Please take photos of your outfit though I bet it will be amazing!

  15. those pigs are adorable.

    I haven't had pink custard in years :(

  16. aah de pigs are soo adorable hihi. and yes i have a deadline coming up week, then i have to represent/show all my works i maked to the teachers! and i'm not finished yet, so i have to work hard this week then it should be done on monday (:.
    ooh and youre going to a halloweenparty? unfortunately we don't celebrate it overhere, it's sad haha!, and i'm curious at your selfmade white dress :)

  17. your pigs are so cute..and they look very yummy. :)

  18. ooh, what is in your paris sketchbook? that sounds intriguing =)
    I love the pink gingham spoon in the custard!

  19. The pigs are the cutest. I need new mittens too, which reminds me I have a really nice white furry pair. They make me feel like a snowman. Food is so much nicer pink. I love your spoon, anything gingham, polkadot, heart shapes is so me.
    So looking forward to halloween!

  20. the pigs in marzipan (?) is cute and i'm ipressed that you don't have eaten the yet! if they where mine, they would have been gone a long time ago...and the spoon is sweet!

  21. i have intense food envy! those little piglets look so tasty. as an aside, I love your blog which is such a treat to the eye and I have linked to you on my blog. I hope you don't mind. Please shout out if you do. I will definitely be stopping my again!

  22. Nooo dont eat the poor little piggy! Looking ever so sweet today darling! xxxx

  23. I was just looking through your past blogs, and found your cinderella horse and carriage necklace!! Is it the one from tatty devine?? Because only a little while ago I was on the phone to my mum, after finding the necklace on their website, asking her or it for christmas!!

    It is lovely, and looked so pretty on you :)

    Hope I get it too!!

    Love your piggies by the way, very cute :)


  24. Oh lovely! I want some praline piglets! I'm excited to see your ghost costume. I have changed my mind about marie antoinette, and first was going to be the queen of hearts, then changed to being a gypsie, then to a fairy, then to a showgirl. Now I have no idea what I will be-seeing as I have about 4 costumes to choose from, I guess it'll just depend on my mood tomorrow.

    I hope you're well dear!!


  25. Mmmm the praline pigs seem to be really delicious !^-^


  26. i love your photos - what kind of camera do you use - i think you might have been asked before? and where do you find such cute japanese erasers in england ? i've searched everywhere?


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