sniffle sniffle runny nose

i've been tucked away in my cosy little bedroom for the past three days. i've been given a cold by the freezing weather in paris! thank you very much! sniffles. and raw sore noses. it isn't very nice. but i shouldn't be mad... i guess i should have bought a hat and scarf to take with me. today was lovely. the weather was relatively warm and it was very sunny. i decided to catch some fresh air and meet my bestfriend. her daughter is quite the cutest little girl you've ever seen! not surprising really, her mother is beautiful. once a model. it was so much fun anyway. i can't wait to see them again. and she has the same name as me. cute.i woke this morning quite early so popped on the tv and watched finding neverland. one of my favourite films. it makes me smile. and little peter is adorable in this. i want a fairy friend like tinker, although i did have one, but maybe she's still visiting the mermaids. i hope she comes back soon!

oh, my brother and i persuaded mother to host a hallowe'en party at our cottage! i'm so thrilled! and it's dress up only! i cannot wait! i was going to dress up as a zombie bride and the boyfriend the groom, but maybe something prettier... any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
*i sent everyone an envelope filled with sparkles and stars. hope you received them.*


  1. Ah the pictures are beautiful! I still dont knw what to wear on halloween! :(

  2. hope you get better soon =]
    maybe you could be a fairy or zombie ballerina.

  3. Hope you're feeling better.
    More pretty pictures. Oooh I'm trying to think up a halloween costume too, last year i was a very pink ventrilaquist doll type thing.
    And my bruise too got blacker, its finally going yellow/green, attractive.

  4. aww...feel better!
    and ooo halloween! you should be...a fairy or a pixie.
    a cute idea that my friend once came up with was being the color pink. she dressed up in only pink, wore a pink wig, and caked herself with pink blush and glitter...very adorable.
    i am actually being a dark fairy or a goth for halloween this year.

  5. I love Finding Neverland. One of the sweetest movies there is.

    Feel better soon :)

  6. oh no poor you! spending time tucked up in bed is a great way to counter act the effects of a cold though, and your halloween party sounds marvellous! i would definitely go as a zombie bride, that sounds so cool. or maybe the sugarplum fairy and the boyf could go as nutcracker/soldier. ahahaha .. :] get better soon!

  7. I hope you feel better soon! The Halloween party sounds like it will be wonderful. Unfortunately it isn't really celebrated in Australia.

  8. feel better soon, i loved the photographs

  9. oh dear! I hope you feel better soon. I took monday and tuesday off because if I hadn't, I'd be sick in bed just like you.

    and I've been a zombie before. It's super fun, but most definitely not pretty.

  10. Lovely pics!
    And a Hallowe'en party – fantastic! I'm still trying to convince my friends to have one :)

  11. Beautiful pictures.
    It's a pitty that we don't celebrate halloween here,
    because then is my birthday!

  12. Ooohh.. Then take care of yourself! I bought "finding Neverland" last week but I didn't have free time to watch it - Hope I'll be able to stop and see it this week-end!

  13. oh I'm so jealous of your Halloween party! I am going to visit some friends, which should be fun, but won't be nearly as charming as your party I am sure- because instead of happening in a cottage in England it's happening in a college house in a college town in Eugene...Anyway, I'm not sure what to dress up as either- I was thinking of being sherlock holmes, but then decided that I want to be prettier, so then I was thinking of a gypsy, and now I am thinking of Marie Antoinette, but I still haven't decided.

    I hope you're well my dear!

    x's and o's

  14. Hope you're feeling better! The best trick is to drink a lot of camomille tea and eat apples. That works for me. Finding Neverland is one of my favourites as well!
    I like old clothes on Halloween! Not scary ones, but pretty ones...

  15. I like what you've done with the notebook, it's very pretty. I hope you're feeling better now.

  16. Hope your feeling better. Your notebook is so very cute.

  17. Beautiful and mysterious pictures! You are so pretty and creative..

    *Thanks for your lovely comment
    Have a nice day!


*Forever Love*