sparkly tea

oh my goodness. i have been too busy for words. the third and final year is already taking a toll on my blog adventures. only been back for a week and a half and already i've had my first deadline.
so finally i am back and feel refreshed and ready.
and i promise only sweet things for you all.

i have been watching miss potter only. over and over again. it is now truly my favourite film in the whole world. i love the story. i love beatrix. and i love tom thumb and hunca munca. mrs tiggy winkle. and i can't wait to write halloween stories even more now.i have again found a love for kirsten dunst. she is a beauty. a pale faced wonder.i have been tagged by that beauty we call capture the castle. it's called the happy tag.
the rules are; mention the person who nominated you. list 6 unimportant things that make you happy. tag 5 blogs. state the rules. notify them with a teeny comment on their blog that they have been nominated.

1. my beautiful cottage home back in the countryside when i can see the sun and the moon. the stars and the clouds. with my family.
2. my mother's delightful homemade treats.
3. true love and snuggled up with that someone who cares about me.
4. writing stories about wonderful adventures. and secret notes in pockets.
5. talking to my auntie about winter carnivals in her back garden. snow spells. and our shop boutique that we will fill with stories..homemade gifts..tea..and cakes.

6. and right now, every saturday i curl up with pig and a cup of tea and goosepimple over the voice of diana vickers. she has the most prettiest sound and the cutest style. her tousled hair. beads. bare feet give the perfect impression of her wonderful singing.
i tag the happy tag to...
the queen of girly and pretty things sweet dreams till sunbeams find me...

the quirky inside the cabinet of wonder
the girly girl and cutie raspberry jam and maple syrup
the sweet inspirational daydream lily
the wonderfully beautiful soir-de-fete

*sweet dreams* and i promise to comment back to you all tomorrow. it's 00'45am.


  1. when i logged on and saw that you had updated i was squealing, i couldn't wait to see what lovely thing you were to write about today!

    oh deadlines... i have three exams in two days next week! and three of the hardest ones too (extension english, ancient history, studies of religion...) i'm trying to cram and study but i'm getting distracted by good movies and better food and the rain.. it's beating onto my window as i type this and i just love the sound that rain makes. it's very soothing.

    miss potter is a gorgeous lovely movie. when i was a kid i was petrified of mrs tiggy winkle, but now i love her. did you ever watch the beatrix potter tv show that had the theme song 'perfect day'... it was so cute. *sigh*. i miss childhood sometimes. But then, i remember that it doesn't really matter that i'm a grown up and i can be a child whenever i want. as i write this i have a little plate of fairy bread next to me... take that grown up rules!! :D

    thankyou for doing the tag. :D although you chose much better ones than i did... true love, well, that does make me happy, but it seemed to have slipped my mind when doing my post... ah well, there will be plenty more tags to come, and plenty more time to write about true love...

    hope you had a good sleep!


  2. Oh wait until you see the post I'm about to write! I have a box full of things that sparkle and shine, and this reminds me of it.

    Hope you are well, dear.

  3. i must agree about kristen dunst. there's just something about her.
    can't wait for more posts!


  4. Oh wow deadlines already! What university are you at? Have fun!

  5. wow so your very busy on your university now? I have it also on school, hihi it gives so much stress sometimes =p. I really love the sweetness of your blog and your pictures, I just love to stare at it all the day long hihi. x

  6. Kirsten Dunst is wonderfully lovely. As is this post, and your blog- it makes me want to dress up in pretty things always. I hope you are doing wonderfully even though you are so busy!


  7. i absolutely love kirsten dunst. :]
    my account got hacked a few days ago! so much drama...blogger managed to save my profile and things but not my blog :( i'm starting a new one in about a month though...i have my mock gcses and work experience soon so things are a little hectic. I hope you'll look out for it!
    l xx

  8. oh lovely post.
    miss potter is such a wonderful film!
    and yes, kirsten is amazing! and so beautiful!

  9. :) I love reading your blog. I've been subscribed for a while. It's so cute!

  10. aww thank you so much for the tag. i can't wait to do it!
    beautiful post!
    glitter and stars just for you! :)

  11. Miss Potter has to be one of my faveourite films too, its amazing, as is she!!

    LOVE Diana Vickers, she is my absolute favourit and I too got goosepimples listening to her!!

    Also, love your sparkle picture!! So simple yet so cute!!!

    Rosie x

  12. *just a little note from me to you*

    i am loving all of these photos :)
    my, you do have talent :)

  13. I love Beatrix Potters stories and how they made them into cartoons and used to show them on tv here. They are so charming and just very very good.

  14. I love this post! And thank you for tagging me ♥

  15. ooh, i love beatrix potter too. i never saw the movie ms. potter though i should. my favorite stories are "the tale of 2 bad mice" and of course "ms. tiggywinkle".......i used to have a huge book of all of them and a vhs tape of ballet versions of the beatrix potter tales! i wish i still did!
    ps thanks for your comment on my blog..hope you enjoy looking at my etsy shop=)

  16. lovely post :)
    I've never seen Miss Potter, even though I really really REALLY want to. One day I must.
    Beatrix Potter's books are such a delight!

    have a sweet weekend

  17. So glad I have found a other xfactor fan on blogs! I love it this year, my favourite are Diana and Laura, they are amazing. I have a feeling Cheryl will have the winning category this year!

    Oh I love Beatrix Potter, I still have all of the books from when I was younger and my favourite is Jemima Puddleduck :) The film is amazing, too.

    I have loads of deadlines at the moment too! Good luck with yours :)

  18. sparkly tea. i just drank hot chocolate. outside the red leaves are sparkling with dew. it is so delightful!

  19. hey just found ur blog and love it . i too love diana vickers , her style, her hair , i love a good cuppa, just milk no sugar and i too and from the scenic place that is our fair country ! take care xx

  20. your posts always make me smile inside!

  21. I remember that third year feeling from last year. You will get through it. Miss Potter is such a lovely film, doesn't your heart just leap when she gets that letter about her fiance being ill? That was the saddest moment. I am also loving Diana's voice. She is the best by far and I really hope she wins.

  22. Your posts always cheer me up :)
    I need to see Miss Potter again. It's so nice to just snuggle up in bed and watch a nice film in this freezing weather.
    I totally love Diana too, whenever she sings I feel like crying for some reason! Do you have your halloween outfit sorted yet?
    Thanks for the cardi tip, I'll have a browse there soon.
    We spoke last night, and he feels really bad, and knows hes been a fool, so it made me feel much better. But today the girl tagged him in a facebook picture. Not good!

  23. miss potter is such a lovely film!
    i had the whole collection of the books when i was little and a cup like yours too! i wonder were it is now..x

  24. These pictures are beautiful! Perhaps I will have to watch "Miss Potter" some time... :)


  25. It's so strange, but Kirsten Dunst is a source of constant delight for me...

  26. hiyaaaaaaaarrr =]
    i just wanna saay your blog is truely inspirational and gorgeous - like yourself ;)
    i love ur beautiful pictures and soothing words , youu are soo pretty and lovely! keeep up the amaaazinggg work!
    lots of sparkles ,xxxxxx

  27. I've been in miss Potter's house! :D

  28. Beautiful pictures as always. Your blog is so lovely :)
    ahh i havent seen the film :| but I will make sure I do seeing as everyone is raving about it!

  29. i have been wanting to see miss potter for the longest time!

  30. hey girl, i just wanted to let you know that i gave you the kreativ blog award on my blog! xo

  31. I have always loved Kirsten! I dont get why so many people dont:/

  32. Ah Diana was amazing on last nights xfactor! Can't believe Scott went though!
    Oh and btw I tagged you :)

  33. I love the movie Miss Potter, and I tagged you too. Your the tagging sensation of the week!

  34. i just stumbled onto your blog today and i spent about 40 minutes reading your old posts and looking at the pictures (instead of reading my economics homework). your posts are inspiring and the photos are amazing! i can't wait for new and exciting posts to come!

  35. Your pictures are really amazing!!!
    I discovered your blog today, and the whole day I'm looking at your pictures and reading the texts.
    You have a lovely blog!

  36. WOAH! what an awesome blog - i absolutley adore it, it's excellent! can't wait to see more



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