lost in a love spell gone wrong

i have been tagged a couple of times, so here they are.
i was tagged by the pretty
girl with brown eyes. it's the 'getting to know me' tag.
1. Were you named after anyone? no, but my middle name heather, is my mother's name. and my older brother has my father's name as his middle name. really cute idea.
2. Do you still have your tonsils? yes i do. i rarely get colds and things so i'm very lucky.
3. Would you bungee jump? i don't think i would. just fly.
4. What is your favorite cereal? honey shreddies.
5. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? no.
6. What is your favorite ice cream? strawberry. ooh and mint.
7. What is the first thing you notice about people? their smile. their shoes.
8. What is your least favorite thing about yourself? my negativity, i need more self belief, although i am getting better with that.
9. What was the last thing you ate? sweets.. with a cup of tea.
10. What are you listening to right now? corinne bailey rae 'just like a star'
11. Last movie you watched? notting hill.
12. What did you dream about last night? my parents falling in love with eachother.
13. What book are you reading? life's too short to frost a cupcake.
14. Summer or winter? winter winter winter. the fire. cappuchino. christmas. rosy cheeks.
15. Do you have any special talents? not particularly. i think i'm a fairly good drawer. and i like making things and sending to my friends.
* i tag
the sweetest candy coloured floss at the fair
left hand endeavor
the prettiest little gem at the bottom of the jewellery box
pretty in pink the fairest of them all
sweet dreams till sunbeams find me..
the supremely creative notebook doodles tagged me too...
'seven random things about me'
i love to write teeny stories and one day hope to see them sitting there on sale in a shop.
2. when i was younger my first friend's mother used to call me lottie. and i've always secretly wished that someone else would call me that.
3. i have always wanted to have a real wish that would come true. and i would wish that i could be young again just so i could play my little polly pocket sets all day, the original teeny ones.4. my favourite book is the secret garden. i used to have it read to me before bed when i was little.
5. when i was younger my father used to sing the sleeping beauty tune to me. and it always will be my very favourite disney film because of that.
6. i have secret hopes that A would ring and sing to the top of his voice that he loves my heart forever.
7. when it's cold i get the rosiest cheeks and when it's really warm i get it too. and i like it because i don't need to wear blusher.
* * i found that tag too completely hard. but i have to tag some of you now... i tag
the quirkiest quirk in the paintbox inside the cabinet of wonder
the prettiest sparkle in the treasure chest {sprinkle} tiaras atop our pastel hair
the fantastical fantasy in the enchanted fairytale wild keiki
the ultra cutest of cute hearts in the mushroom house pixie cups

* *
i also received an award from a favourite of mine wild keiki. thank you so much my smile source.

i will give this lovely gift back to wild keiki. and to the living daydreamer and inspirational daydream lily. and another favourite of mine the most down to earth beauty you could ever think up kiss my sass.

ps *
i got my paul & joe make-up from here, thank you to the lovely and oh so kind hard to chase but good to catch.
pps * and the camera i use is a pink fuji finepix z3.


  1. This post has made me hungry for sweeties and tea, and now I want to find my old polly pockets and play with them :) One of my favourite christmas presents I ever got was a polly pocket world, a little town for all of them to play in, with thir own house and gardens full of flowers!!

    Lovely pictures!!


  2. I used to LOVE polly pockets! Thanks for the tag! Posting now...
    And by the way, I never wear blush either.. My cheeks are always red. We are like little twin bloggers!

  3. Hello lottie~ >.< hehe..(do you mind?)

    Love christmas atmosphere~
    and Disney tunes are nice too.^^

  4. thank you for the sweet comments. they very much so made me smile and make my day :)
    i did not know to make a wish after catching a snowflake...i will make sure to catch a snowflake the next time it snows! and make lovely wishes.


    ps. i had lots of fun reading your post :)

  5. aww, I love reading your sweet responses.
    mmm... strawberry ice cream...

  6. aaw you did an excellent job on these tags!

    i get rosie cheeks when it's cold and hot too! kind of weird but very true =)

    i hope your dream of writing and getting published will come true. i would certainly buy your book! especially if it has your drawings on them. you are really good at drawing! i especially like those roses from the previous post!


  7. Thank you so much!! What a wonderful start to the day your comment has given me!! :D
    And after seeing your lovely post again, I think I may go and make myself a cup of tea...
    Have a lovly day!! x

  8. what a lovely post! I used to be crazy about polly pocket as well, I remember having the cutest heart shaped 'house' with little furry bunnies in it ♥

  9. Every single one of your posts inspires me to spend my day dreaming of secret gardens, drawning pink pirates and eating a lot of colourful candy!
    you are a loveley girlie-girl!

  10. Tea & Sweets, sounds good to me :)

  11. thanks for the tag, i will get on it straight away.
    beautiful photos as always.

  12. you sound like a lovely person, miss.

  13. adorable answers. and now I want sweets!

  14. Mmm, those sweets look yummy! I've just had my dinner though, so I'll just have a cup of tea instead.

  15. hey :)
    aww cheers, i might ask for the nail varnish for christmas ^_^
    thankyouuu sooo much for tagging mee!!
    oo i love the world of blogging soo much!
    iv learnt soo much!
    thanksssss ^_^
    i feel awful cos i need to tag you, but if i tagged you back it would be pointless heeehee!
    love love love this post,
    amazing as ever!
    lots of hugs and love,
    which youu diserve dearly!

  16. lovely, as always! i subscribe to your blog through bloglovin! i read every entry, but i don't always comment. Your blog is very simple, but magical at the same time.

  17. hi! i just discovered your lovely blog. i think the posts are exquisite yet simple. i added you in my blogroll,hope that's fine with you.

  18. polly pockets!!! the original ones! i remember playing with those all day!

  19. I am craving tea right now. At home I have it all day long but when we are away I need its comfort all the more and it's harder to get to. The sun is so shiny right now but it's still chilly enough to get rosy cheeks. it's beautiful. now I'm off to ask my aunt for some tea. Keep well! It is such a delight to read your blog.

  20. salut =) a beeautiful post, i love it, & i love all your posts! i get rosy cheeks too when im hot & cold but not in a cute way, because my nose goes bright red as well & its always redder than my cheeks :s ohh well, your blog is truly wonderful, thank you. Sxx

  21. Thank you so so much for that comment, it actually made me a bit emotional. And after reading your post I knew I had to fill my day with pretty little things. So I did.
    Oh polly pockets were the best, do you remember cupcake dolls too? and they smelt like cupcakes.
    I think I need more self belief too, I'm sure we will get there though. No.6 on the last one, i wish the someone would fell that much for me too, i want my life to be like a romantic film :)
    Eee i met a boy last night, so it's cheered me up lots. Hope you had a nice weekend.
    also thank you for the award sweet.

  22. how are you liking the book? I got christmas break coming up soon, and I'm excited to stay in, drink tea, and do lots of reading for fun instead of for school, so I'm trying to find lovely books to read!

  23. i get rosy cheeks as well!
    once, my Aunt asked me if i had a fever.
    i adore reading your posts. there's something old fashioned about them, and it's lovely.

  24. love your image, how cute are the candies :) i adore notting hill, when it came out i went to watch it for 5 times, in the cinema...
    and winter, what a joyful season...i'll pass summer if i'm given the chance ;)

  25. I hope you're not sick of getting awards, because I just gave you one on my blog! Hope you like it :)

  26. love the little pretty dish of candy ... have a lovely day!

  27. Wow, your posts are always so delicious looking, I love the sweeties and tea picture :-) You have a beautiful blog!

  28. Polly pockets! I used to have them too! Now they're so stupid and big and slutty. Aw, I wish I kept mine. I had a polly pocket tree hut, and a church, and an ice skating rink, and a spa :) I think my mother gave them away

  29. goodness! i am so grateful to finally contact you! i just got a blog, but i have been admiring your heart-felt messages for sooooo long:] i think you are simply wonderful. sprinkle, my best friend in the ENTIRE world, helped me set up a blog of my own. your photography is so enjoyable, the shots and colors, beautiful:] thank you for the glitter-filled smiles and cookie-sweet feelings. i understand if you cannot respond, im sure youre very busy with school and art. i just wanted you to know how big of a fan i am!!
    eskamo kisses!

  30. two things, dollface. :) first, I flickr-mailed you back. twice. :)

    secondly, my bestest friend chiclet got a blog! I made the layout for her this morning... :)

    cheers and strawberry lashes,

  31. Very sweety !!

    And, I love your flower ring.


  32. I love your blog, it's so cute. I especially love the treats and pictures that you post :) I'm going to add you to my favorite blog list on my blog hehe* :)


*Forever Love*