uh oh. something terrible has happened to my blog. i will promise that i will sort it out tomorrow.


  1. oh did you change your background?
    i was thinking something is different =)


  2. hope everything is ok....nice new template!

  3. I love the light new background, and I don't see anything wrong with it at all!

  4. The fairy queen sprinkles bravery and lucks to lottie....

  5. terrible?!

    no, but i can hardly pass a day without hearing about how you're doing! :(

    but my, i am merely fifteen & attend school. *sigh

    all the same i would love to study fashion design. (:

  6. what is terrible? the background has gone missing but it's nothing to fret over, your blog is still as lovely as ever. And because of this, I have tagged you!

    Hope everything is alright, dear.

  7. hope all is well sweet dearest!!!

  8. Oh, that's so great! I'm already looking forward to seeing your pictures from there . <3

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  10. Oh sweet Lottie, stop worrying.
    First off, thank you for writing about my gerbils... Each comment helps! Also, I'm patient: whenever you get the package out is FINE! I promise...

    And aww sweetie, why don't you go to the doctor? they can give you medicine for sleep problems... I know, because I have horrible sleep issues, but they gave me a muscle relaxer that *somehow* has to do with sleeping... Now I sleep every night! (I do sound like a commercial, don't I?)

    Ok, now at the risk of freaking you out, the only way that I know how to help you with the background is to look at the html itself. I promise if you flickr-mail me your password, I'll fix it super-quick and have it back to normal, and then you can change the password or whatever. :) Thats how I did Chiclet and I's blogs.. I pinky-swear I won't hack your account, dearest...
    But if you aren't comfortable with that, I can try and figure it out via email. :)
    PS... PLEASE get an Aim account so we can have conversations? Instead of just back-and-forth comments? :) Think about it...

  11. I changed my background template ages ago from the pyzam place and I ended up losing all my links and stuff because if one changes templates to another template it deletes things like that.
    I do not know if this applies to your blog but it was just in case it happens x

  12. whoops-a-daisy, I hadnt seen your new posts and put this comment accidntly into an old one!!

    "which place do you mean, Stoke on trent or Reading?? I like both really, but I'm still getting used to stoke. I love Reading, although most people dont. But its home and I know so much about it that I know all the nice places and pretty parts :) Nottingham Trent isnt that far from stoke really, is it?? I love Kent!! I have been there on holiday a few times, and it is so pretty :)

    I cant wait for christmas either, but have no money, so havent done any christmas shopping, I''m making all my presents this year :) It should be quite fun, but I will worry about whether everyone will like them!!

    And you are quite welcome to send me an envolope full of stars!! And I think it is both a silly and cool idea, but silly in the most wonderful sort of way!!! I will be finding and thinking of things to send you constantly now, I have lots of ideas!! It would be so fun :)

    And that is such a sweet theory, I think I will believe that, that they were in the middle of urn around. What a lovely idea!! :) makes me less sad!

    Thats so exciting that Dianas winning!! And I think once each this week is a good idea, as your right, my purse will not afford that yet. And I will smile and smile bcause I will know that ther is my vot and your vot, and lots of wishing from us both, so she will win!!

    You are so lovely, and just before I read that I had made you grin and giggle, I was already grinning and giggling away!! We are the grinning and giggling star and angel and Diana lovers!! Your comments are really so wonderful :)

    I am already excited and smiling about hearing from you, and all the wonderful things you have to say next!!


    I am so sorry to hear you are feeling sad and unable to sleep, I always feel so lonely when I lay awake at night unable to drift away to the land of nod. I will wish very hard on every star in the sky tonight that you have sweet dreams right through to sunrise, and maybe it will come true...

    Boys arent good at phone calls. I have got to the stage with mine that I tell him he has to phone me because it is very horrible when he doesnt. But still, when hes away, he forgets. I think its something that is genetically programmed into them. Its not you, sweetheart, honest!! You are far to lovely to not call on purpose. Remember, you are an absolute angel and I am sending you lots of big star hugs and sparkley cups of tea, along with all the pretty little ideas I have had of what I would send you, whilst your lovely star idea fills my thoughts all day long :) The star headband is such a wonderful idea in your last post too, I want one now. I am wearing a star dress today too!! Starry starry stars...

    Sorry this is two comments in one, my mistake!! I always have so much to say to wonderful you. I hope you are smiling soon, my lovely :)


  13. we at least you didn't delete you prescious blog accidentally like I did a week ago.

  14. what happened sweety?
    I can't see anything that has changed?

    Love for you!


*Forever Love*