silent whisper

i have been tagged by the wonderfullest wild keiki.
'the seven things about yourself' tag.

1 i am feeling rather happy recently, and that is mainly because of you lovely bloggers, especially,
{sprinkle}tiaras atop our pastel hair
rosie posie rosie
stardust sparkle
wild keiki
end of march

2 i love my new special friend, tilly~rose. we share secrets and whisper-giggle together.3 i am a christmas tree decoration. i love it so much. i am counting down the days, (32 days) every single day. i have bought nearly all my gifts. and want to dress up as a reindeer. and i have watched every christmas film i own. and dance to christmas songs every time i hear one or press play.4 i cannot wait to go to the moon with everyone and live in our moon houses with all the stars and all the sparkle-ness. and our moon beds.5 snow snow snow. how i cannot wait to go home and wish for snow. on the 22nd of december i will be visiting 'the haggerty house' for a snow spell which involves garden dance and loads of talcum powder. we will wish for snow over christmas. we hope it works for everyone.
6 i cannot go through a day without a cup of tea. and i always want to treat my insides with a little treat. whether sweets. chocolate piglets. or cake. today it was biscuits.7 i write stories. about the adventures of trixie-lu and tilly~rose. about little poppy and her giant tomato. about all sorts of secretive things. i also like to write and stick things in my diary for keeps.and making birthday cards for special friends. family. and little teeny fairy friends.
my weekend has been silly. nice. and giggly. silly dress-up. an old-esque film about love and when you think you know what it is...and it turns out perhaps you do not. because some people do not know how to love, not properly. because they do not know what it feels like. they just think they do.
but you just have to let that person go. and fall in love for real with the next person. heartbreaking. but truth.

i will try to dream of nothing but moon dances with all of you special moon friends who will travel up. up. up until we reach the stars for our hair.i value every single comment that gets posted. and they make me so happy. smilie. and sometimes giggly. i just want to end this post with a thank you. thank you for being so lovely. thank you to everyone who has cheered me up when i felt a little 'rainy'. i truly am feeling much better being friends with such wonderful, imaginative, cute, enchanting, sweethearted souls. so thank you forever. i hope to bring somewhat of happiness or a smile to you in return. xxx

ps. thank you rosie posie rosie and the yellow elephant for the kreativ award. you deserve them so much more.
(images three and four are from flickr)


  1. I share your love of tea also :) I want one now...

    I hope you are getting some sleep now

  2. Your mouse is adorable...and I have to admit that I, too, am swooning for Christmas right now!

  3. oh, you are a doll. (:
    so sweet & kind! you make christmas all the more exciting! :D

    i hope you have a happy holiday, tea, tilly & all!

  4. With each new post I adore your blog more and more!
    It inspires me to no end!

  5. aaw, you're so sweet! and i just got to say, every time i see little tilly~rose i smile, she is the sweetest! she reminds me of my beloved Pippi, a brown and orange guineapig. she was beautiful, and when i played the piano she made sweet noices (her way of singing) i miss her...

  6. You are getting me into the Christmas spirit! We are putting up the tree here this Friday (the day after Thanksgiving in the states). I am really excited and went ornament shopping yesterday=)

    Are you going to get your little mouse a stocking??

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better! Don't ever let boys bring you down. Love that deer pic in the snow and the giant cresent moon in the canoe!xo

  7. You are so very lovely lottie my angel friend :)

    It sound like you are having a truely wonderful weekend and are feeling much better about boy things, and you will find love, sweetheart, you are just too special not too!! I am so glad to hear your happier, and that maybe I had a teeny bit to do with it is just lovely.

    I am so excited about when I next hear from you! I have put another email address (that should work!!) and a comment in your last post and cant wait to hear back, as you make me smile smile smile!!!

    hugs to you my lovely, big moon hugs!! And tiny moon snuggles to the adorable tilly~rose

    ps. the christmas songs on your blog have made me dance around the room!!! and your snow dance sounds like such a lovely idea, I hope it works!!

  8. I just wanted to let you know I really like reading your blog. I love all your photos and the little things about yourself. I also give myself a little treat everyday. :)

  9. i just love your little mousie!

  10. Ooh lottie, dear! I love your tshirt in the last two pictures, and those little cards are adorable!
    Glad I could lighten your mood.
    Want to MSN tomorrow at 9:30 your time, 3:30 my time?

    I loveee your music right now. I'm going to go work on your package right now... And finish editing a video that Chiclet and I filmed.
    I didn't make the play, but thats ok. We're going to paint sets!


  11. oh i do love your blog, it is a fave. especially to read this post while listening to my all time fave christmas album x

  12. hello beautiful girl. i love getting glimpses into your sweet and wonderful world. you make me miss Christmas so much since i am so far away from home this year. but seeing your posts gives me good holiday dreams and makes me smile! you are a joy to read, english rose!

  13. aaw. this is a cute post. i am supposed to do this tag too but still haven't had the time to do it yet..

    i really do like these kind of tags.. it makes you know more about your fellow blogger buddies =)

    i hope you had a great weekend!


  14. Oh,Oh! I'm on the list! I'm there! I am so so excited and flattered!
    I am really glad that, somehow, I made you feel better and/or happier. You do too, dear. I feel very privileged to be able to share, even just a little, things that I like and love with wonderful people like you.

    I want to see those houses on the moon as well. I want to see the stars.


  15. Oh, i cannot wait until it snows...and i cannot wait until christmas... December is such a lovely time, and it's only a month untiil christmas eve today!

    And of course moon cheese is sparkly!! Maybe that's why it is moon cheese. The moon couldn't very well be made out of cheddar, much to unromantic and not sparkly in the least...

  16. arent you precious!!! love your list...

  17. That picture of the moon in a fishing boat is so utterly beautiful to me. It's like all the different ways I like to imagine the moon on clear watery nights. My friend did a lovely painting of the sun and moon intertwined and blowing bubbles together. It was very nice.

  18. i've been following your blog for months and months now. oh, how you make me smile :) i look forward to your posts the most. it's nice to see that other people are as dreamy as me

  19. What a beautiful blog you have.

    I am on my third cup of Earl Grey today.. :)

  20. i love your room, it is so romatic and sweet.

  21. Beautiful. You and your blog always make me smile no matter how desolate I may feel.

  22. I'm so pleased that you're feeling happier now...I do love reading your blog, it's perfect to read with a nice cup of milky tea :)

  23. aww lovely post :Di love your blog soo much:D

  24. You always make the prettiest cards ever!!! Your diary also looks like heaven.
    I think I shall be doing a post to do with your home comforts, hopefully I'll get the chance tomorrow or the day after :) x

  25. Your blog is such a delight! So glad I've found you.

  26. I feel like I've stepped into a winter wonderland on your blog, it's just wonderful. I sing Driving Home For Christmas all of the time now. It annoys my Mother.
    Anyhow, I wanted to make sure that this was you,
    as I do recall it being someone else that me and my friend were suspicious of.

  27. You are just the sweetest ever. Ever ever ever. I do love to hear about your wonderful days. You make me want to live on the moon, and wear pretty soft dresses, and eat yummy sweets and drink lots and lots of tea.

    Give tilly~rose a snuggle for me!

    x's and o's and moon-powders

  28. this is so adorable. i think if your blog was published as a book, i would hold it at the edges so delicatly.

    i am extremely jealous of you + your new found friend, tilly~rose, she is the most sweetest hamster i have ever seen. what type of breed is she?

    you've got me feeling all happy + christmas-y now, and i thank you. your blog is a delightful way to spend a sunday's afternoon reading away.

    hugs to yourself + tilly~rose from me.

    love charlotte xx

  29. love that card you made!
    i might use doilies in the scrapbok im making now

  30. I just thought you should know that I think your blog is absolutely lovely :)
    the christmas songs are adorable, and so is tilly~rose.

    stay great :)

  31. also, i linked you on my blog because I think your fantastic.
    check it out :)

  32. I love the little mouse! And the talk of the moon..... I live in the moon too! Godbless x


*Forever Love*