a strangeness in the midst

so today. a new day full of different feelings. different emotion. something strange. good strange or bad strange i am not too sure of. perhaps in the middle strange.
something old has gone forever and i cannot wish anymore for it to come back. because i know it will never happen. and it crushes my heart when i think.

please. anyway. this was wednesday. smiles.
and tilly~rose again. no more for a while i promise, but doesn't she look darling? like a little piglet. cute.
...and i will think nothing else forever. and possibly ever.
yesterday evening, i felt rather much like this...
... however. today i felt a little more like this. so everything looks like it is getting better. charlotte will be back soon. and she will attend with smiles and love. a different kind of love.
it is all ok now. i have tilly~rose and pig to keep my secrets and worries. they can make me smile and light. they won't give me big hugs. but they will give me teeny tiny furry snuggles. which right now i can almost indefinitely accept.


  1. the custard cream drawing is so cute!
    i hope you are well!
    enjoy your weekend.


  2. Lovely. Simply enchanting.
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. I think I will forever love children's programmes too. The English ones are the best. Oh yes, Charlie and Lola are so incredibly sweet!

    I'm glad you have tilly~rose to cheer you up. Have a lovely weekend sweet heart.

    *big hugs*

  4. Aww, sweetie. If I were on your side of the world I would give you a big hug and come bring you vintage records and glitter soup...
    Love you millions, feel happier soon...
    "I just wanna be ok, be ok, be ok, I just wanna be ok today..."
    (Look up Be Ok by Ingrid Michaelson)


  5. I love the picture of the girl sitting in the field writing in the book, it's beautiful :D

    visit my blog!

  6. that last photo is so cheerful and fancyfree. i hope you discover things are a good strange.

  7. Wow, the pictures and quotes are amazing. Keep up the good work!

  8. I wish I could post something that makes you happy, but I think a virtual hug is the best thing I can do!
    Oh and tell Tilly-rose she is the most adorable thing!

  9. Ohhh I'm glad that darling little tilly-rose is there to cheer you up :) Have a nice week-end! And take care...

    Mademoiselle M.

  10. Oh no, I'm so sorry. It is all so hard. Even moving on and meeting someone else, I'm still stuck on him, I miss him every day. The only thing I can say is fill your day with pretty things that make you smile, it's hard to feel happy, but it is also good to feel sad for a while, let it all it. *big hug*
    I love seeing the pictures of tilly rose, so so sweet. And your pretty pictures and drawings.
    I hope you have a much nicer day today sweet x

  11. Oh, no, don't stop showing pictures of darling tilly~rose. Pink hamsters are more than a little amazing.
    I hope you feel better today, tea parties and jazz music always cheer me up, in case you don't...
    P.s She DOES look uncannily like a piglet!

  12. Thanks! There's ALMOST nothing better than furry snuggles I think!

  13. tilly~rose is so so sweet! <3 i hope you have a good weekend darlingg

  14. Beautiful drawings,
    and Tilly~rose is just precious.

  15. you are tooo creative! and I hope you feel better about the strangeness.

  16. your blog is so lovely! i really like all of your photos of sweets & pretty things! tilly~rose is adorable :) i had a hamster once, but that was a long time ago. i've linked to your blog, if that is alright. mine isn't as charming as yours though! take care & have a great weekend! :)

  17. oh, i often feel like cecilia too. sitting among the leaves of grass & writing in my journal. (: lovely.

    & BOY is the tilly adorable.

  18. what a cute little mouse.

    why has everyone felt so down lately?

  19. Hi there.

    I really like your blog.
    Would love to become one of your followers.. but, being the blog newbie/nitwit that I am, I don't know how. I've scrolled up and down your blog countless times haha. Point me in the right direction?

    A new fan. :)

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  21. Little Tilly~Rose is so cute! And Rose is my middle name :)

  22. tilly-rose is adorable!

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend dear!

  23. tilly's getting more adorable by the day :) and love all these images!!!

  24. Wow sweety, another post full of love and beauty! How much i love your blog....

    Thank you SO much for your amazingly sweet comment on my blog, you don't know how much it means to me!



  25. hello from laos! we're in a horrible hostel here... but we're stealing internet, so it's ok. you're lovely lovely as always. especially the second picture of you.

  26. I love your blog!
    so original!

  27. Every time I go into you blog, I'm getting filled by a strange, but wonderful feeling! I love your blog, the flowers, the details,the girlie stuff - I'm just happy while I'm here! Thank you so much!

  28. my animals always make me feel better when i am sad. i hope you feel stronger soon :)

  29. hi again :) just wanted to let you know i've added a link to your blog on mine, hope that's alright! <3

  30. there can never bee too much of tilly-rose, i will never get tired of seeing her little peach ears and cute face. she is adorable! i don't blame you for wanting to fill the blog with pictures of her, i would. :D

    i am glad you are feeling better, and like zooey deschanel (?) feeling like kicking your feet into the air. that is how i feel right now. after a hurried and frantic week i feel rather relaxed and calm. sometimes it can be so hard to let go. but then with the help of a light little hampster i'm sure you can do it.

    you are right, the world is a delight, as are you. i will never tire of reading your posts and thoughts. i'm sending you a huge hug with this comment!

  31. tilly~rose is far too adorable for words, as you are as well!! Thank you so very much for the award... you and your blog are truly incredible, and are one of my favorite daily reads :)

  32. Marvelous^-^
    This animal is funny.


  33. Thank you for brightening my day with your comment sweetheart :) You are so very lovely!!

    And I did enjoy xfactor very much, because Diana was back!! Yay!! But oh dear, it was sad to see her so sad, and she has the most wonderful voice for someone so ill!! The poor darling, I do hope she is better and happier next week.

    I do hope you are very very happy now, I feel exactly the same kind of i-dont-know strange too sometimes, its so very confusing!! but you have two adorable friends to make you smile, and I am sending you a big hug, with lots off sparkles and smiles and pretty things in the hope that you will feel much better :)


  34. hello
    I going across the blog looking for people whose blog show a theme of fantasy, i like yours very much it would be very nice for you to come and join us aour family.

  35. you are magic

  36. absolutley enchanting stuff - I just love it!


  37. I hope you are feeling better now lovely. If you have not seen this, I think you will completely love it
    You know, I still cannot move on, I'm so stuck on him, and that boy I met really likes me, it feels horrible.

  38. what a cute mouse!
    i used to have mice but i had to give them away because my brother was allergic to them :(


*Forever Love*