tilly~rose and pink doughnuts

i strolled to the pet shop just around the next corner. i popped in to buy some apple nuts and some strawberry drops for dear little tilly~rose.
the teeny oh so pale peachy. white striped. pink and grey earred little cutie is called tilly~rose.
last night she learnt how the wheel rolled around in circles. speedy. speedy she was all through the night. but i did not mind as i could not sleep from terrible head pains. and icy icy toes.
i am so terribly tired. please i wish to be five so that i can be read a bedtime story. a story of such happiness. magic. and wonder. to be able to sleep would make me bouncy and cheery the next day.

i know i treated myself with my little bundle of joy. tilly~rose. but i could not resist such a wonderfully coloured doughnut. sitting there with it's pink icing and fairy white sprinkles i could not help myself imagining it with a nice hot cup of tea for supper. it was lovely.
the absolutely beautifully kind hearted soul
much love gave me this gift. which is exactly what i have for her blog.. much love. i can't believe that such lovely people are giving me awards. i feel that i don't deserve such wonderfulness. everyone's blog is pure perfection, and i want to give every single award ever to every single blogger! you have all been so truly amazing. and i am not pretending. but every single comment that i read makes my cheeks flush a happy pink. my smile grow quite big. and my heart jumps up and down like a yo-yo. so i truly am so very thankful.

i must return such a favour now, this is my worst part because i just wish i could give it to you all.
the yellow elephant
rags and scribbles
friends and lovers
wild keiki
una bella vita
pixie dust and rose petals
look for stars
capture the castle
because... i think you are excellent. everyone is excellent.
a new discovery. a fresh yellow sprinkle in the jar. she has glittered sugar in her bowl. glittered sugar of happiness. quirkiness. old songs of sweetness. and her bestest friend chiclet.
she goes by the name sprinkle... her blog
{sprinkle} tiaras atop our pastel hair. from her blog wallpaper. shirley temple sing-alongs. amazingly cute photography of a carousel. the love she has for her bestest friend. to her cute but quirky etsy shop.
i truly recommend such a sweethearted blog.
also another blog you may want to stumble across on a rainy day. have you seen my shoes? silly little fun we created.
i will now get into my fleeced pyjamas. boil the kettle for a hot water bottle. make a cup of hot milk and honey. kiss tilly~rose goodnight. and fall asleep thinking of christmas and holly wreaths.


  1. AHHH! You are SUCH a SWEETHEART! Charlotte, you are love. Thank you so muchos! I cant wait to do a feature on you too!

  2. aw youve do some many lovely posts since I last looked! Yay! Love you blog and your mouse is beautiful :) xxxxxxx

  3. thankyou!! I love your hamster, that is such a cute name too!

  4. oh, your appreciation means so.. so... SO much to me :)

    tilly~rose is such a cute name, and she is definitely a cutie.

    oh, and sometimes I wish I was 5 again too... I was living in the UK when I was 5... and I remember Postman Pat made me very happy.

  5. oh thank you so much lovely!!

  6. adorable. (:

    i love the heart at your beanie. (:

  7. The perfect name. She is just so SWEET.
    P.s Thank you for your incredibly adorable comment, it made me smile.

  8. thanks for visiting me. your blog is inspiring me to no end. who knew there was a whole world of magical girls out there blogging!

  9. lilyrose is a little cutiepie and that donut looks delicious! I think I'm gonna buy myself a pink donut too!

  10. Tilly~Rose is such a lovely name!! and I wish to be 5 again ALL the time :)Things were just much nicer then :)
    Take care wonderful blogger!!

  11. I only read your lovely sweet comment after I sent the one above :) whoops!!

    I absolutely agree with you, I couldnt watch it either!! It just wasnt the same on Saurday without her, so she MUST stay. Laura was my second favourite, and it was so sad to see her go and look so upset :( but hopefully on saturday Diana will be back, and we can hear her voice and smile again!!

    Thank you again for your lovely comment, and I cant wait to see more adventures of you and tilly~rose!!

  12. Tilly~Rose is absolutely darling, it's nice to have a little pet that you can divulge secrets to and share special moments with, sometimes humans just don't understand.

  13. What a gorgeous post, dear!
    I always love your post, they're always so full of love, joy and beauty...

    What a little sweetheart...and i love the way you look with the 'hat' (forgot the word..).

    Just BEAUTIFUL!!


  14. tilly-rose. such a cute name!
    it suits her very well, indeed =)


  15. that hampster is absolutely gorgeous. such a little cute thing! i am in raptures right now. and she sounds so clever, doing little spinny things. and tilly rose is such an adorable name for such an adorable hampster.

    your beanie is very cute and your be-sprinkled doughnut is making me a little peckish.

    thankyou so incredibly much for such a sweet award! you think that we make you blush.. well right now i think you have made me blush. what better present to arrive back from a beach sojourn from with... a lovely E for Excellent award. I am now feeling much chuffed, and very humbled.

    much love indeed!

  16. oooh you make me want a cute little hamster! i used to have one when i was younger that had a pinkish tint to it so we called her pinky.

  17. Ahw, your hamster is so cute:) My friend has one too. There faces always look friendly and sweet. Nice post!

  18. Hello, just strolling by and saw what a lovely blog you have.

    Cute name for a hamster, though I;ve always been afraid I wouldn't feed them enough or that it would run away so I stuck it out with a dog instead. hehe
    I was glancing around at your previous posts and yes, the paul and jon makeup looks rather nice. Netts would be australian money?
    Oh and the buttons, I collect them too, and they are very nice. I like the white with what i think are flower vines, those are cute. The pink big ones are also very cute.
    I love the background for your blog by the way.
    That is pretty much it on the ramdom comments.


  19. what a charming name :) your beanie with a heart is adorable...and you officially makes me crave doughnut with sprinkles, yummm!!!

  20. Your hamster is adorable and her name is so, so pretty. I used to have a hamster that was a similar colour!

    I absolutely love doughuts. I can not resist them when I see them in bakerys!

    I love your hat, the heart really stands out!

  21. such a sweet hamster, for a sweet blogger!

  22. tilly~rose, such a cute name for a cute little hamster!
    a delicious doughnut and warm cup of tea, sounds so wonderful! especially for dinner. and theres nothing cuter than your pink sprinkled one!

    thank you for the lovely award! it brought a sweet smile to my face!
    my teacup and plate are form anthropologie. one of my favorite shops! they have so many different teacups, all so beautiful.


  23. Oh my goodness tilley-rose is a pure bundle of cutness fluffness!
    I remember buying strawberry drops for my dear departed hamster Flora, I must admit they did look good enough to eat, although I did manage to control myself!
    Oh this has made me really want another hamster...

  24. Thank you thank you thank you for the sweet award! You are amazing. Also, your tilly~rose is the sweetest thing! She is so cuddly and adorable!

    I hope you are wonderful love.

    x's, o's and sparkles

  25. I love the way you talk, you make ordinary things sound dream-like!

  26. thank you so much for the gift. it means a lot coming from you, as your blog is delicious!

    tilly rose is adorable and so is your beanie :)

  27. awww tilly rose is so cute! and that donut looks absolutely delicious ♥

  28. Tilly~Rose is a sweet name, and she looks so soft and snuggleable.

  29. Ohhh such a sweet and magical little creature, what a charming name :)

    Mademoiselle M.

  30. Ohhh thank you so much dear.
    You are always so kind to me and my blog and I always adore the lovely things you have to say about it.
    You deserve this award right back, because I am ever enchanted by your world.
    I love you bowl of glitter, it fascinates me the most!

    Hope you are well,

  31. I'm glad that you're happy lottie.. and thank you for you bringing me comfort and happiness too! =) Smile always!

  32. What a perfect name for her. Aww.
    And I love your hat!

  33. She is such a lovely little thing! And what a pretty name. Your hat is so cute too.

  34. so sweet. i love your hat, love.
    your room is SO CLEAN.

  35. Tilly-rose is so adorable, and your donut looks absolutely delicious. I wish the donut shop across the street didnt close so early -- they're donuts make for wonderful breakfast though. Maybe I'll go there tomorrow morning.


*Forever Love*