to the stars we must go

a day for sleeping in. drinking tea. eating sweets. and going to the cinema. i still can not sleep. i need father to brush my eye lids with my teeny animals that soothed me to sleep. and he would sing me to sleep with the sleeping beauty tune. or my mother could brush my hair softly. oh so very softly.
i need A to read me a bedtime story. and brush my eyelashes so delicately. i want him to call. why won't he call.

i need to be brave. i wish i was. and strong. tomorrow i will do lots of pretty work. i will get lots of sleep tomorrow night also. i will wish for the moon to bulid houses for us to visit. for just you and me. we can talk of fairies and secret friends that are teeny. let's all go. we can watch the stars every single night time and day time. and string them together to make starry headbands.


  1. I think you are already being brave. I also need stories sometimes, to be read to me at night, by moonlight and fireflies.

    I wish you to feel better and to live in those houses built by the Moon.

  2. starry headbands sound really pretty. imagine them twinkling so bright!

    and those sweets look so yummy...mmm

    i hope you get sleep. i feel the same way, sometimes we need some love and pampering in our lives...
    don't worry, sleep is a thing of the past for me is getting pretty annoying actually...

    well, have a great day, and i wish that you have sleep-filled nights to come!

    <3 lise

  3. i love your pink coaster.
    so pretty and lovely!
    i need to get myself a coaster..


  4. When I was little I thought the stars were hanging on the sky with strings!And I wish to live on the moon so that I can see the stars closer!I was so naive huh..=^.^=

    your story is lovely and make me feel so comfortable~ *yawn* -o- star,moon,bedtime stories..lovely!

    p/s: I'd replied your question on my secret chateau.^^

  5. Your so poetic... Charlotte-y Charlotte, don't worry.
    Here, click this image and read what it says... I think it will help you with your background problems... I can make a background for you too. :)

    Enjoy sweetheart.. Hope it helps!
    Sprinkley Sprinkle

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  7. Goodness i don't think the link worked...

    (all in one link, no spaces! i had to enter in the middle for it to fit...)

  8. i love liqorice...they have pretty contrasting colours, and yummm!!! the moon and the stars, you and me we all can dreams :) sweet words of yours...

  9. mmmm liquorice allsorts. yum yum yum!
    you my dear are very brave. who among us would not want a bedtime story or our eyelashes brushed delicately every now and then?

    i'd love to string the stars together into a starry headband. They are like diamonds tonight, so big! i can see them from my window. how beautiful.

    i'm going away for 10 days tomorrow, just wanted to send some love and say see you then!

  10. this is my note from me to you. hehe, though its not so secret I suppouse.

    I really like that jacket in the other post, very out there but so very pretty and you can probably work it better than most.
    Oh and the ring, real pretty with a touch of gorgeous.

    I hope that little whisper of yours gets louder and louder as the days go by and that then when you think about it, you shall notice that it is not just a whisper in the back of your head but the truth of the words in your life...meaning I hope all gets well and A calls you. a=?
    Have a sweet dreamy night, which I'm sure you're out of by now. so I'm sorry for the late wishing you good sleep. te-he
    Oh and must you re do your blog? It is so pretty as is, but I guess it'll be even prettier after, no?yes.

  11. Aww those candies are so fanciful!

  12. stringing together stars to make a starry headband sounds like a good plan.

  13. Hi lovely. I am sending you a hug from across the world, I hope it gets to you safely.


  14. I can't sleep well either, why is sleep running away from everyone these days?


*Forever Love*