up up and away in those cherry blue skies

oh oh. a long time i have been. and such lovely. sweet. sweet. comments i have smiled upon.
thank you pretty hearts and sweeties.
so much has happened. hallowe'en fun at the cottage...
black jelly. flickery-lit pumpkins. chocolate eyes. black iced cupcakes. spider webs. fireworks. pink sparklers. cream soda. glow-in-the-dark skeletons. children dressed as pumpkins. vampires. captain jack sparrow. witches. pirates. devils and edward scissorhands. but me...
a ghost. a ghost of old time past. icy white skin. thick black. black lashes. dusty grey white hair. spider web and sparkle.
other adventures included...
lost and found turkish delight, at the back of the cupboard. buying early christmas presents. birthday massages for mother and i. teacups filled with tea.. filled with cappuchino. mint chocolates. miss potter. paris rose drawings in my paris sketchbook. strawberry cheesecake. hsm3. old friends. best friends. mint ice-cream. giving birthday presents. hugs. a kiss. paul and joe make-up. silliness.

remember remember the 5th of november. mother's birthday, and i had to travel back to the uni flat in the wee hours of that very morning. missing them dearly. but friends hugged me all the way to the giant park of funfair rides. candyfloss. toffee apples. hot doughnuts. and fireworks.and today's grey skies were filled with a praline piglet. buttons from paris. a surprise message from a new soul in my life. cherry cola. a large stamp. i finally treated myself to some paul and joe make-up. a floral nude coloured lipstick. a coral pink nail varnish in a beautiful glass bottle. but not only are they so pretty. the packaging is also adorable.
and oh my goodness... last and forever no way least. that beautiful soul of a sweetheart capture the castle gave me a spectacularly sweet blog award. she is a special cutie, you should all go check out her wonderful-ness. i give you the same award back dear!


  1. mmm, I love turkish delights....
    Those buttons look so darling.

  2. oh such a beautiful post...
    your new make up is amazing, i cant believe i have not seen it yet!


  3. oh my goodness - where do you find such cute, pink, japanese stationery (erasers and such) in england? i can't find these anywhere - they're lovely. ^Y^

  4. God I love your blog. It's like coming to a completely different world (much needed, since right now I have to work on my financial markets project for uni...).
    I cannot believe I discovered you just like 2 months ago ;)

  5. As I am completely in love with your blog, seeing you have posted a new post today made me smile a big huge smile!!

    What a wonderful halloween costume, drawings, sweet treats (as always!!) and the makeup!!! oh, how i wish i had money!!! It looks so beautiful :)

    Also I have recently discovered something that may interest you- you may already know- but there is a new film of Alice in Wonderland being made!! I am very excited by this (especially as its being made by Tim Burton) and I managed to find some beautiful pictures of Alice, which I have posted on my blog!!

    The bad news is its not out until 2010 , but it should be amazing, and I thought it would probably be your sort of thing!! :)

    Have a lovely day!! x

  6. yum, i love the pink & the lights. <3

    looks like you had an amazing halloween with lots of friends yummy treats and goodies :)
    i hope u dont mind if i link you, i love ur blog!


  8. Oh I love this dear!
    I was a ghost for halloween, too!
    But I must say, you look much less menacing than I did. I was a rather creepy ghost.looks like fun though!

    Hope you are well!

  9. you look amazing as a ghost! wow
    and those other pictures are very pretty too

  10. woahh~you scared me! :P Fantastic make-up and the spider web nice too =) Love the packaging of Paul&Joe makeup.Look like your 'mission accomplised'. I'm still hunting for my prom night dress.. >.<

  11. WOW. such crazy eyelashes. and I WANT THOSE TURKISH DELIGHTS!

  12. ur hair looked sweet ! and loving those lashes ! i used to wear falses every day bt then my real ones fell out :( xx

  13. i love love love your blog! so sweet indeed, it always makes me smile! :)
    chrissy x

  14. I love your ghost costume, very creative and artistic! Also, you've made me want Turkish Delight now, damn you! ;D

  15. This post has made me so so happy, I'm really having a bad day, but now I shall be more positive. Thankyou dear.
    You look lovely as a ghost....I had that same cobweb with spiders, it gets stuck everywhere!
    So many lovely pictures :)

  16. How lovely your day seams! The eyelashes are pretty scary, and with the grey hair...OMG! Your costume was amazing!

  17. I am so glad you like the cards. Disneyworld was really a dream come true!

    Your photos are all lovely and give the impression of a very enjoyable Halloween and time with family.

  18. oh yay! a post, finally!

    it looks like you had an amazing halloween! and you look so pretty as a ghost =) loooove those lashes! i have always been so curious about them.

    ps. i have tagged you in my blog. not sure if i have already said that but iyeah.


  19. thank you everyone for your comments, and being so patient in replying. bless you.

    anja - i am so happy to help you de stress or simply just escape from uni work. i know how you feel.
    so i will try very hard to help you further. :) xxx

  20. thank you! it was the first time
    my hair sat fine, it's always fluffy and I don't like it.
    nice post, by the way.

  21. oh thank-you so very much for my little comment! i adore your blog and these pictures are so sweet, i love the fireworks the most, they look like fairies and stars! your halloween outfit is very sweet, your tiny spider was so sweet in your cobweb coloured hair!

  22. Oh yum, turkish delight.
    And the photographs are so beautiful.
    Where are your eyelashes from? Amazing.

  23. Your very welcome!! Glad your as excited as I am!!! :) I also linked you, hope you dont mind :)

    And I agree, Johnny Depp is brilliant, and I love charlie and the chocolate factory :)


  24. oh thankyou.xx your blog is so beautiful. magical and so sweet, i loved your halloween outfit and your eyelashes. your photography is lovely too! everything is
    i love it so. your magic.
    thankyou for linking me too.
    sweet :) xx.

  25. another beautiful post by my favourite blogger ^_^
    how are youu m'dearrr?
    where did youu purchase your loveeely paul & joe make-up from??
    did youuuu have a gooood halloweeeen???
    love all your pictures from it, you`re sooo pretttyyyy!
    lots of looove,xxxx

  26. Mmmm, turkish delight. It reminds me of the BBC version of The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe. The fireworks pictures are lovely and the fairground ones are beautifully colourful.

  27. you looked amazing, i want to do that next year. love the humongous lashes.

    gorgeous faris wheel pictures, just gorgeous. i want a huge print on my wall.

  28. oh wow every photo is magic!

    thanks for the comment, lets make playdough things together and disregard strange looks we get.

    SMIN X

  29. Your Halloween outfit is really ghostly and cool yet cute at the same time, i like it :)

  30. simply lovely my dear. the costume of beauty, complete with the thickest lashes i have ever seen and the beautiful puff of a dress... the party sounds like such a dream, black iced cupcakes, sparklers, pumpkins, black jelly. If only my own halloween had been this amazing!

    and then the best find of turish delight, tea, mint chocolate, miss potter, drawing and strawberry cheesecake. I'm not too sure that you are not in heaven right now! i love your drawings, they are simly lovely.

    the funfair looks like, well, so much fun! i was at a fair yesterday too, and got myself a huge stick of fairy-floss, just because i wanted it. how yummy and sticky. the pick of the carousel is just beautiful, the lights are stunning.

    your make up looks beautiful! the packages are so cute, and i love the lipstick. i have a YSL lipstick in a similar colour, and is so pretty on.

    you are most welcome for hte award my darling... it just took me a little while to find it on my computer haha. but i'm glad that you like it.

    but right now, what i feel the most is pure pure green jealousy for your lovely halloween weekend. it sounds absolutely fabulous, and i am most unbelievably envious of your sweet time right now. although i finished my exams and am now free from school, which is a most lovely of feelings. I'm off to the opera now, how fun!

    much love! hope you day was/is wonderful!


  31. Oh my - how wonderful!!! I must say those false eyelashes are spectacular :) I really want some Paul and Joe cosmetics now too!

  32. Aww, what an adorable little ghost!
    Thanks for the link swap and your kind comments...
    Looks like you had a fun halloween!

  33. Thank you for your comforting comment.

    You're such a caring rosie princess! You make me feeling better.=)It's nice to know there's someone supporting me.

    Beside, reading your blog is a big comfort!

  34. I'll have to post a polaroid or two of the event, even if it is a week late! Anddd I've given you and award because you are ever so sweet and inspirational.


  35. wonderful blog, its dreamy and pretty :)

  36. wonderful blog, its dreamy and pretty :)

  37. Lovely post, I really adore your blog, and all of your yummy treats.. Not the mention your divine new make-up!! I must look out for it, I never really noticed before... Where do you buy your Paul & Joe cosmetics? I wish you and your mummy a belated happy birthday!

    Take care dear!

    Mademoiselle M.

  38. Love this post.
    You look creepy but incredibley stylish in those pic's.

  39. helloo
    thank you muchly for the comment - my first shift at work didnt go badly at all. in fact... i rather enjoyed it =) excellent post, i love the costume (esp the eyelashes - woww) & have a lovely weekend while it lasts.. Sxx

  40. Oh lovely! You make me want to dress up as a ghost! I love everything about your costume. And all of these photos are just so perfect and sweet. Thank you always for your sweet comments, also. I hope you are doing wonderfully!!


  41. your costume looks great!

    your pics always look so dreamy!

  42. your costume was great! i love the hair

  43. hapy halloween, i hope you had a good one, it looks like you did=)
    i love the fireworks pictures!


*Forever Love*