"please mr moon of the moon commitee?" "please do hurry"

there are such darlings out there with the most beautiful souls and the sweetest hearts. and i have met alot of those right here.
just a teeny post now. i will comment over breakfast. and i will do some tags in my next post.
i am finally feeling sleepy today. i made some hot milk and honey for my supper with a biscuit and one half. and playing with tilly~rose made me giggle. buying turkish delight for laura and mother made me whisper-giggle.. knowing it is a secret gift for each of their stockings.
i decided today was starry-eyed-thursday. which means rosie posie rosie has yet again been a starry inspiration. i will now associate her with all sorts of stars. we shall create a star award. am i allowed to do that? i think i might anyway.

star light. star bright. the first star i see tonight. i wish i may. i wish i might. have the wish i wish tonight.

sweetest dreams i wish for us all. we should all meet up and visit the moon council commitee and tell them to hurry with the house buliding. so we can whisper-giggle and string the sparkliest stars together to make our headbands. hope to see you there.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! this post has made me giggle and squeal and laugh and grin and dance all at once!! You are just the loveliest, and I am keeping that picture forever :D Then I will always smile!!

    It is indedd starry eyed thursday, you absolute angel!! Look what i did today on my post :) I think we are becoming twins who dress and make all the same!!! and live in our own starry world!! How absolutely delightful :)

    I am excited too to see what you reply to my last looong comment to you, so will keep this one short-ish- for me, anyway!!

    Sweet dreams and sleep well my lovely starry angel friend :) Great big ecstatic hug to you!!!

  2. So many lovely things bundled in this post! You had me grinning and starry eyed. You should do your star award, it is a wonderful wonderful idea.
    Have a nice day dear!

    p.s. Tilly-Rose is such a darling, I couldn't help, but cry in delight :)

  3. Oh,so so many pretty posts to read :) cheered me up lots!
    Tilly~Rose looks cute as ever!
    And pretty pictures of you, and pretty pink things.

  4. how very lucky is rosie posie!! i am sure she deserves the star =) by the way, tilly~rose really reminds me of babe. the one pictured on the right of your blog!


  5. Oh how adorable dearest dearest Charlotte!
    I flickr mailed you my msn too.
    such a sweetheart you are.
    you may be right about the camera...
    but i'll see how much it will cost...
    i don't have too much money.
    :) but i will try try try.
    i cannot wait for my package! im still doing yours...
    i'm on msn right now and might stay for awhile, but i have no idea what time it is over there...

    still trying to convince my mother to let me get the gerbils! you should take a picture of you and tilly~rose and write my mother a quick note about why i should get them! i showed her your blog and she thought it was adorable, as are YOU.

    sleep tight precious.

  6. you're so lovely!
    the stars are the most magnificent things in the universe. (:

  7. the two of you made me believe in the beautiful blogging friendship!!! i adore you both :) and to wear a star on your head, is simply gloriously gorgeous...have you ever wondered if maybe, you're actually a fairy of some sort???i think you are one of those fairies being sent on earth on a mission to make people giggles :D

  8. You make me smile every single time!

  9. And you are my sweet lovely angel :) oh you do make me smile sooooo huge!!!!

    I cant get over how amazing your lovely gift to me was and how starry we have become :) It is so wonderful!!!I love love love my special star from my special starry angel friend :D

    And lets fly to the moon :) I have an idea of how to do that... I think I will make some angel wings today, inspired by lovely you, and we can wear them with our star headbands. Then we shall fly to the moon!!!

    If the houses are not yet built, We can play and dance and sing with the stars untill they come!! And we will have so much fun that we wont even notice them being built, they will just appear, so we can snuggle up in our warm moon beds and dream away until the next star filled day :)

    oh our daydream world sounds just perfect :) so even though we have never ever met, we can meet and have a wonderful time in our little world we built through our wonderful chats every single day!! How lovely :) I would be over the moon aswell as tilly~rose if such wonderfulness was real!!

    It is a lovely picture isnt it?? I just thought it was too perfect not to put on my post!! I want to be the little girl who trails stars wherever she goes...

    Im glad my comments are cheery uppy for you, yours are simply amazing and make me smile and smile and smile, and then I think of them all day long and smile and smile!!!!

    You are just too lovely, if I am the princess star, you are the princss angel, in our moon world!!!

    Lots of big moon hugs to you and little tiny moon snuggles to tilly~rose!!!


    p.s: I would love you to send me stars, and I want to send you a gift, as you too deserve one!! May I??? here is my email address if you would like to!!

    p.p.s: roseanne is my actual name, but everyone calls me rosie. Your name is charlotte isnt it, but i seem to remember you saying something in one of your posts about how you would like to be called lottie?? Would you like me to call you lottie, as i think that is a sweet sweet name?? :)

  10. our daughter is named Lola Moon and we call her Lola Moon of the Moon Clan!

  11. May i come too?? Just the thought of tea parties on the moon makes me feel all bubbly. Although we would of course have to have cheese sandwiches, seeing as the moon is made of cheese.

  12. Hooray for a delightful new post! You are beautiful.

    Oh, you have music on your blog now!


  13. your lucky your fallen stars haven't turned to stardust, you obviously are magic.

  14. Ohhh littly tilly-rose on your cute plate, how sweet!!

    I love your posts :)

    Take care dear!

    Mademoiselle M.

  15. How sweet. tilly~rose is just adorable, and the plate with pink polkadots is fantastic...
    btw, your handwritin is nice, dearie
    <3 <3

  16. so pretty. the gold star and tilly~rose :) oh my! and your christmas music, so very lovely to listen to. i have to tell you, i started looking around my room wondering where the music was coming from, for a few minutes i was trying very hard to figure out where it was coming from. haha i started laughing when i realized you added music to your blog!! i was so used to not hearing any music on your page, but i love the music so calm and relaxing :)


  17. oh, this is ever so pretty!!

    i love your blog more and more each time i visit it :)

  18. You look so cuuute!! And all you post too!! I like your blog so much!

  19. you are so beautiful and your stars are darling!
    i will see you at the meeting on the moon <3 <3

  20. Oh dearie please don't ever worry about posting too many comments on my posts... I love each of them!

    You can go ahead and send the package if you wish and put the film in the Christmas package, or you can wait. :)
    It doesn't matter.

    You're a sweethearted dollface!
    Find out which time you are and tell me, ok?
    We'll have to arrange a time to get online...
    PS--I updated my blog music to Vintage Christmas tunes. OH I cannot wait!

  21. I'll get on in a second, hopefully.
    As for the film, I need Polaroid 600...

    Thanks dollie!

  22. hi!!! Yeah it's me when I was a little seweety and innocent girl :p
    I'm ine love with Sequins at this moment... I want to live in a Sequin world!!! :]

    Have a nive evening...

  23. I always love your artistic sweet posts. Such a cute award!

  24. Your photos are always beautiful,
    you inspire me! And god the halloween outfit from a few posts back is soooooooo beautiful/nice/lovely.

  25. aww. Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog.

    I like the sound of starry-eyed-thursday... ^_^

  26. Awww, I am definatly going to print it off and I will take care of it forever!! Angel Lottie :)

    I have made the angel wings, and put them on my blog for you to see them!! They are especially for you, dearest!! Angel wings for a lovely lovely angel :) Oh the moon beds sound just perfect!! I'm sure we would have such sweet dreams tucked up in them :) how lovely!!!

    Oh, I wish it were real too, I too think of it before I sleep, and when I wake up, and I think about what wonders we would find and do in our lovely pretend world!! Our pretend world and chats daily are making me so very very happy.

    I am so glad that I can make my lovely starry angel friend smile and be happy too!! You too are so very lovely and special, how sad it is we didnt met as friends in real life, but how happy I am I met you at all!!! You are just the most wonderfullest person and I hope we can always have our chats forever and ever!!

    I voted for Diana on Xfactor today, who sang so beautifully!! She always makes me think of you now, and hope you are watching and enjoying as much as I am :) I voted too, once like we said, and wished very hard, and she went through!!!! And I squealed with delight!!!!

    oh dear, I dont know why my email wont work!! I have another you can try though, which is That one should work. My other is th one I use more, but can be funny sometimes. I hope hope hope that one worked and I recieve an email from you soon!!! And I will definately email you back sweetest :)

    I am off to bed now as it is very late, but I will hopefully dream of our world full of moons and stars, and I will pretend I am on a wonderfull moon bed!!! I hope you and tilly~rose have the sweet dreams tonight, my two lovelies :)

    Hugs to you, angel lottie, and nose snuggles to ever-so-cute tilly~rose!! Thank her very much for the strawberry drop (i will pretend to eat it so as not to dissapoint her, but secretly stick it into my notebook where all my special things go!)


  27. wow~ I can't open my eyes~ >.<

  28. Yep, that was my plan to stitch the hem underneath, although its quite difficult as there is three layers to the dress!

    Oooh yes yesterday I went into town and got myself yummy food, and a pretty little mug. Are you feeling better about things then? Eeek, I think I'm seeing him next week, I miss him so much and I can't not be friends with him(also I want to go shopping in birmingham). He has such a stupid way of dealing with things, just shutting off from everybody, where as I write him letters. I know one thing, I can't look at his phone!!!
    Don't you think it's a little tougher being single towards christmas?! especially watching love actually, the holiday, and all the nice films like that.
    Hope your having a lovely sunday, I'm about to bake cakes, and I wish I could send one on to you. x

  29. so pretty. your entries always make me dance.

  30. you are so sweet for sending hugs and feel better stars.
    the thought of going with you to the moon and seeing tily~rose has made me smile and feel much much better. Thank you dear!!
    the moon is such a magical place.
    there is only laughter and smiles. and talks of lovley sparkly happiness!


  31. Bonsoir^-^

    woooow it's always magic on your blog !!!


  32. u should really keep blogging!


*Forever Love*