you little pumpkin sweets

oh you sweethearted souls. thank you ever so much for all your wonderfulness in helping me with my dissertation essay. every one of your answers were so lovely and heartwarming. and even comforted me. bringing back a few teeny memories.
you are wonderful.
i love to hear about all your special thoughts and seeing what makes you smile also.
things that have made me smile recently. christmas wishes. starry banana milk. chocolate squares dipped ever so lightly in cups of tea. christmas films and christmas tunes. tilly~rose and her sillyness. not being allowed to wear jeans with my friends. visiting a giant plastic boy. having secret conversations with a secret person. moon houses. whisper mail and fairy addresses. sprinkle and rosy rosy. paper. pink water. lost and found blue.green jumpers with gold sparkles. warm and toasty toes. pink rosy cheeks and nose. christmas countdown. being able to dream about the moon dancing and the starry headbands. you. thoughts of snow.


  1. I am excited for Thanksgiving...turkey & cranberries & sweet potatoes. Loving all the christmas lights that are popping up all over town. Pettin the kitten. Taking pictures & makin jewelry =)
    Happy Happy day! thank you for all the inspiration!xo

  2. Oh we share such a love for the holidays! I can't wait to be with all of my family again! I was wandering around the outdoor market the other day and spotted a ring shaped as a rose and immediately thought of you!

    Hope you are well, dear!

  3. I'm really excited for the holidays too! I'm vegan, so don't partake in the turkey of Thanksgiving, but def. take advantage of baking one of my favorite tastes in the world: pumpkin! So far, I've done: pumpkin curry soup, pumpkin muffins, cookies, bread, and of course a couple pies!

    I stumbled on your blog a few days ago, and have been backing checking for new entries every day since! They are always so enchanting and lovely..I sense a kindred spirit...

    see you around, darling!

    -Kirstin (LJ: nolongerlolita)

  4. glitter and glittery stars always make everything better

  5. Oh I have the same sweater! I think it's somewhere in my closet, MUST find it!

    And can I still help you with your essay?
    Something that has allways comfort me is the smell of Anaïs Anaïs by cacharel because it was my mum's favourite
    She died when I was six and when I have it on it takes me back to my childhood, to times when she was still here, I love to spray some on a cosy scarf in the winter and have a feeling of beeing protected against the world
    I also like to carry photos of my loved-ones in my wallet and look at them whenever I feel stressed, or think about happy days in the sun

    When I find the time (hopefully tomorow!) I will post some pictures in my blog

    have a wonderful evening!

  6. Lottie, Lottie, Lottie!
    Five days of no school for Thanksgiving! I'll DEFINATELY take pictures, I promise...
    But its pretty much like the movies... :)

    I'll be on MSN this week all day, my time. And I'm online now! (9:30PM your time!)

    And I'm going to do another post in a minute with a video of Chiclet and I.
    Love you bunches, doll!

  7. your posts always make me smile :)

  8. Such a lovely post again, dear!
    Full of happiness... <3

    Things that made me smile lately: my classmates, my little nephew making strange faces, my own idiot actions, my lovely mother making fun of herself, my adorable cats washing each other and then start fighting.....

    Life is beautiful.
    Yes, it is.

  9. counting down for christmas is definitely exciting!! i'm glad you are full of smiles these days =)


  10. very cute post. i love the last image.
    i have posted my comforts..but i dont think they are what you are looking for!!hehe :)

  11. I love your pictures!

    They're really cute and the colors always remind me of something sweet, like candy or cakes.

  12. Oh no! I miss your previous post and couldn't help! I was a little sick and did not look at the internet much. Do you still want/need some answers?

    Anyway, I love your list of things that you like. It makes me smile and feel warm and consider what are the things that make me smile too. I guess I need that I feel a little sad these days.
    I am happy to see that you are doing well :)

    Have a nice evening dear.

  13. Christmas films & tunes make me smile too! What Christmas films do you like best? I cannot wait to watch "Prancer" again! My Mum and I watch it at least once each year right before Christmastime :) Also, I've given you an award. More details are on my blog :)

  14. you have got to be one of the most loveliest of people alive. (:

    you're beautiful soul shines within each of your little posts. & you brighten OUR days, i'm sure!

    let's have tea on the moon & talk like old friends wearing lace gloves & frilly hats!

  15. christmas movies make me oh so VERY happy :) my favorites are home alone 1 and 2. and elf. i can watch them over and over.

    i am so happy you have so many wonderful things that have made you smile!

    im planing on doing a post of things that comfort me. i dont know if you need more ideas, but just letting you know one from me is coming :)


  16. I love pink rosy cheeks and noses. Especially little children with them, with their litte round faces and sparkling eyes when it's cold.
    I did a little post yesterday because I liked your question, and it's surprisingly similar to everyone else's!

  17. lovely picture of you with the sparkling stars!!!arent you the fairest :) all the things that makes you smile are simply adorable...this post made my day...sent me off straight to dreamland, oh dearie...you dont need a star, you are one!!!

  18. I totally enjoy reading your blog.
    it's my evening treats of sprakling joy.

    have a great, fun, enchanting week!


  19. oh dearest lottie, whisper mail and fairy adresses!! They have made me smile so much too!!! whisper whisper whisper... would rosy rosy be me, because if it is, my goodness am I just so very very happy I have made you smile!! twice :)

    You have made me smile millions, my lovely!!!

    A picture of the pink water instead of pink milk!! I have no milk either, unfortunately, and only had enough left for a teeny bit of pink water, so I had pink tea instead!!! yum yum yum...

    I love your lovely, cosy looking pictures with little starry stars, and my goodness, your passport photo at the bottom is just the prettiest I have ever ever seen, and the stars look so so good on you... you were definately meant for living on the moon with starry headbands, my wonderful moon friend!!

    I am just replying to your whisper mail, dearest, so soon you will recieve a new secret whisper from me, which I hope makes you smile :)

    hugs to you, little angel lottie!!

  20. thank you for the sweet comment. that starry banana milk looks lovely. and the pink/silver ring is pretty.
    i wish for christmas: couldn't you post some loveable outfits of yours. i believe they are magical!

  21. Hello, I'm a new reader. I love your blog ever so much.

    This post was very nice, the pictures make me want to get some hot cocoa ((Which I will, in a few moments)) and curl up in your world. Thank you for this post.

  22. I always love to read your blog and see what you have to say. In a total non-stalker way, of course.
    Starry banana milk. That sounds cool.

  23. You are just so so sweet! I am smiling a teeny bit now because you're just so sweet. Also I am starting to listen to christmas music, and starting to get excited about little secrets hidden all over the house waiting christmas morning. I'm also wishing it would snow and sparkle...

    Love for you, beautiful.


  24. You are just so so sweet! I am smiling a teeny bit now because you're just so sweet. Also I am starting to listen to christmas music, and starting to get excited about little secrets hidden all over the house waiting christmas morning. I'm also wishing it would snow and sparkle...

    Love for you, beautiful.


  25. this is such a lovely post!

    just a few things that make me happy:

    polaroids. thanksgiving dinners. holiday music. cuddling up in a nice warm plush blanket. blogging. etc etc :)

  26. Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I created one just yesterday so you should check it out! Thanks!

  27. Your blog is so so pretty((: All the wholesome goodness of stars and pink and sugar((:

    Love your blog! And esp all the images you have(: So apt!

  28. your blog is a thing of beauty and magic! thank you for sharing your pictures and thoughts with us.

    recently i haven't been at my happiest, but the things that do cheer me up include:
    pretty blogs, dreaming about the future, home-cooked meals, and yes, christmas countdown.

  29. awww am glad my comforts post helped :):)
    iv tagged youu btw! heehee.
    aww such lovely thoughts on christmas! lots of love xxxxxxx

  30. and i have a very very special secret:
    things that make me smile recently: you you you you you.
    everytime i see a star (i mean a star star, a star in stores in trees stars like that) every time i see one, i think of you ! and everytime i drink tea, i drink of you too.
    so that means i think a lot of you !

  31. i am in love with your wonderful, sweet world. i am creating my own, inspired by yours and all the others out there. i wish so you'd come by and give me a visit...

  32. i mentioned you...i hope its ok dearie :)

  33. Love that ring you're wearing!
    Also LOVE the Christmas song you chose for your profile ...it's actually my favourite one, especially when I was living away from home last year!!!!! I feel so happy and Christmassy every time I visit your page!!!!

  34. you are so lovely,

    just wanted to say hi.

    <3, angelica

  35. Bonsoir^-^

    you have a fairy ring ... so beautiful !


  36. aw your page is so cute :D may i ask how do you do all those cute things on your layout??
    and the sprinkles and stars! so pretty!


*Forever Love*