hellos and goodbyes.

work has taken over all time i could possibly find and put in my pocket. work. work. work. and no play. not at all. unless you call designing childrenswear play. which i suppose somewhat you could.
i have missed being here. missed moon tea parties. and christmas celebrations with you, drinking egg nog or hot milk and honey. or mint hot chocolates. with homemade mince pies and singing to christmas songs. and snuggling infront of fires watching christmas films like elf. home alone. the santa clause. miracle on 34th street. serendipity. and the grinch.
oh how i completely can not wait to go home. i really can not. please someone fast forward to the 18th of december. please.
until then, i have been away doing sweet and fun things inbetween fun childrenswear designing. went home to draw and decorate little ralphie's nursery, although i could not help paint, sobs, too much work.
saw my kitty, trixie-lu. hugs from mother. saw A, over and completely. had amazing fun with best friends and glittered faces. new kisses. auntie cuddles with ralph. learning 'doe a deer'...on the vintage piano. advent calendars from mother for samuel and i.
back up here for uni adventures. i missed tilly~rose such a massive amount, and she is so teeny compared to my fluffy trixie-lu.

making peach coloured butter iced cupcakes and pink fairy biscuits for the fashion cake stall. nibbling at some that were left over on my plate.
1st of december, lighting the first bit of the candle... counting down the days. 18. counting the minutes and seconds inbetween 'last christmas' and 'winter wonderland'. my excitement is just bubbling inside me. it is wonderous. and it snowed after this day. it was perfection. wishing on a white christmas.

winning a giant christmas cookie at the cake stall raffle made me smile and giggle. i was the very first person to buy a ticket. how very completely strange and funny.
homemade pink lemonade. homemade peppermint creams for a dear old friend. pig. smiles. tears. a beginning. an end. christmas sing-a-longs. wrapping gifts. putting gifts under the teeny coloured-light-ed tree. lots more work. tilly~rose snuggles. whisper mail. the flea market at animal crossing. a green horse dress.....wishes. chocolate stars and wispa's. cherry cola. rosy cheeks and noses. spilt tea. peanut butter. christmas countdowns. walks in the cold frosty air. cold breath. diana. stars. mints. fairy wrapping paper.
oh diana vickers! she has gone. her voice, next saturday will not be there. my heart has sunk to the very bottom. a little yelp i let out. i wanted her to win. i wished so very hard with fingers crossed and sorts. oh tears for diana. i hope she will present my fond ears with her beautiful and wonderous voice extremely soon.
your beautiful comments have made me smile lots over this weird and work filled week. so i thank you lots sweet petals. and those of you who have nicely commented about helping with my research, you are more than welcome to still help, the draft is not due in until later on this month. so feel free, and i am so very grateful that you still wish to help. lovely yous.
oh and a quick 'one-worded' tag from my favourite moon friend, princess star...rosie posie rosie.
Where is your mobile phone? desk
Where is your significant other? undiscovered
Your hair colour? multi-tonal
Your mother? beautiful
Your father? the best
Your favourite thing? pig
Your dream last night? peculiar
Your dream goal? happy
The room you're in? bedroom
Your hobby? writing
Your fear? lonliness
Where do you want to be in 6 years? neverland
Where were you last night? here
What you're not? perfect
One of your wish-list items? dress
Where you grew up? kent
The last thing you did? tea
What are you wearing? pyjamas
Your TV? off
Your pets? friends
Your computer? christmassy
Your mood? christmassy
Missing someone? yes
Your car? none
Something you're not wearing? socks
Favourite shop? topshop
Your summer? gone
Love someone? yes
Your favourite colour? peach
When is the last time you laughed? today
When is the last time you cried? yesterday.

i want to tag you all, because this i tell you is a teeny challenge. i find it so hard to use only one word
oh my very goodness... green thoughts has made this award for me. oh my goodness? is this in my dreamland? how beautifully amazing of you! surely i cannot deserve such a gift. you are the sweetest ever in the whole wide world and milky way.

i should sleep, so i promise to comment over breakfast.
dream of christmas eve awaiting the next day. with snow falling down your window pane. silent carol singing whispering in your ear. your family's faces the next day when they receive your gifts.
night my wonders. my reasons for smiles.


  1. i love to read your posts, they are intriguing. Your photographs are gorgeous, also.

  2. oh you are the very very best, darling! i lasted nearly a week without your wonderful insight & was quite depressed!

    anyhow, i do hope you've had a lovely time with your 'work' it sounds quite time-consuming. (:

    what a truly lovely post! & your lashes are very long, dear! &THOSE EYES! we must see more of your beautiful face!

  3. hello again, beautiful girl! i've missed you and your world of wonder. but i understand you are busy busy. just know i have the biggest blog crush there ever was on you.
    the next eighteen days will fly by...

  4. Sweetest lottie,

    we must be brave over diana. It is so so sad, but we must keep our chins up for her. we will hear her voice again.

    ou answers to the tag are so very sweet. And all of the lovely delights from your trip home are beautiful, I absolutely love the paintings on the wall!! I wish to have a room decorated like that.

    Lucky you to win sucha prize in the raffle!! It looks delicious :) as do all of your other treats.

    It is lovely to see tilly rose and pig in your post. Send them little snuggles from me. and christmas wishes.

    Thank you ever so much for your kind comment :) and you secret whisper to me... i have sent another straight back to you!!

    you too are indeed my favourite moon friend, sweetest angel on top of the christmas tree

  5. I miss you Lottie!So happy to read your new post.I love Christmas and you totally drunk me into christmas atmosphere!

    I love your drawing on the wall. Especially the Bambi!

    I'll do the tag.=)And indeed, your blog is magically make my day bright and warm~

  6. P.S Thanks for snapping a photo of Tilly-rose. It's so tiny and cute. >.<

  7. Oh you are just the sweetest. I love this entire post. I hope that time goes so speedily for you until december 18th, and then I hope time slows down so so so much so that it seems that you are at home and it is christmas for just ages!

    Love for you my dear!


  8. hello!
    I love your blog and your sweet words and your beautiful face.

    so glad you wrote another post. Those cute biscuits make me hungry.

    Thanks for your magical words that makes us happy.

    hope you have a great day!

  9. Heyyy
    Just wanted to say i love your blog! It cheers me up and makes me feel more and more excited for christmas :)

    And i was also devastated Diana went- i hope she makes a new album soon!


  10. ooooh the way you describe your days is magical!
    you are magical!

  11. tilly~rose looks very expressive in the picture...are you sure she can't talk?
    Christmas fairs and raffles and carrols and adverts are making me so happy and festive, and you are multiplying that a little!!
    And i'm so sad Diana has gone...she was my favorite, with her fairy looks and angel voice.

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  13. your painting designs are soo beautiful , i love disney! :) and your cupcakes are looking so yummy hihi. x

  14. Of course you deserve the award!
    You have the most magical blog I've ever seen. Be proud!^^
    Every time I visit your blog, it makes me smile, it makes my day =)

    Oh, and your cupcakes seem so delicious! Just like the Christmas cookie does.

    Love xxx

  15. oh, it's so good to see a new post. I have missed you and your wonderful writings and photos!

    Those walls look gorgeous. I think I would love to have Bambi and Pooh bear on my walls.

    Oh, and lucky you for winning the giant christmas cookie!! Is it as delicious as it looks??

    And yes, I'll make sure to take many many photos when I go home :)


  16. The painting of Pandora in the award is so beautiful - some of that artists other digital pieces I think you would adore! I can't remember who it is though. It was so lovely to hear an update from you; it is always refreshing and sweet to read. I hope the days and minutes that are slow go by like Christmas wind and that all is glowing soon.
    love, Cait

  17. everything is so pretty and yummy!
    it is so nice to see Tilly-rose again! i can see why she brings you smiles she is so so adorable.
    the drawings in the nursery are very cute.
    i wish for someone to fast forward to the 18th of december as well. so i can be home to!

    i hope you have had a lovely weekend dear

  18. you really are one of the best bloggers ever!<3 i just love to stare at your blog.and congrats for your award.its perfect for your magically sweet blog.
    and all photos are just too lovely.
    and you're really good at drawing.
    and and and thanks for being such a sweetheart :]
    Lots of Love

  19. p.s
    Yep, you can get her prints from Etsy, and she ships to France, so i assume she'll ship to England.
    Thank you for your comment! Made me giggle.

  20. you are too adorable! and all those sweets look so delicious. i can't wait to do some christmas baking once i get home <3

  21. oh my. you are soo soo beautiful :)
    i love your blog soo so much ^-^
    hope all is well.
    oh i am soo upset diana went too. i cried :( lets hope she is signed up! :)
    many magical christmas wishes for youu.
    i shall try the "one word" tag. :)
    lotsof love , hugs an sparkles!

  22. All of the cakey treats look delicious, and the drawings you've done for the nursery are adorable!

    I'm afraid I wished lots for Diana to leave... Her singing voice seemed so contrived and put on, but she did always look good! =]

  23. goodness, sweetheart, there was so much to write about with secret whispers, diana and a beautiful new post, i forgot to thank you dearly for your get well wishes!!

    Thank you ever so much for strawberry sherberts, and dearest, they worked wonders!! I feel so much better, so thank you thank you thank you!!!

    I look forward to your next comment, and seccret secrets whisper whisper...

    toasted mashmellows on a warm fire, to make our cheeks glow and make us feel snuggley!!
    hugs forever, my dear little angel xxx

  24. Oh you are lovely, dear. I wish I had an advent candle! & did you draw those disneys on the wall yourself? I so wish I could draw. I'm quite looking forward to when I next do baking. My love has requested mince pies this time for our rendez-vous in London on wednesday. Those peppermint creams looked divine. & the pink lemonade. :)

    & I'm at Kent uni in Canterbury. Studying history. I have two hideous essays to do before the 19th & I return to Suffolk. Is there anywhere pretty you'd recommend in Kent for an adventure? I really would like to go to Scotney Castle or break into Sussex!

  25. I havent been on your blog for so long and oh I've missed all the sparkles and pink.


  26. childrenswear design must be fun, no?
    your pictures are fantastic, so pretty!
    and i cannot wait till i make my own cupcakes with peach coloured icing!

  27. Ou,thank you~ tilly-rose is just so cute!

    I just redecorate my blog a bit so I can share the Christmas atmosphere with my friends. =)

    And yes,the tag was so tricky~ I squeeze my brain to think the one word answer for those questions.

    Glad to hear from you again,Lottie!

    xX Mucho Magical Snow Xx

  28. For some reason, when I use my LJ name, it never works...oh well.

    I've missed your blogs for the past week too!
    That picture of you? You are too beautiful!

    Good luck with your finals, dear!

  29. its ture, your blog is magical!
    i just want to eat cupcakes now!
    i'm goint to do the tag :)

    chrissy x

  30. thank you so much for your was such a comfort. i love the pictures of you and and your little tilly~rose baby=)
    She really does look like an adorable little christmas mouse=)
    i like your puffy sleeved top with the flowers!

  31. Oh it was so sad when poor Diana was voted off the show!!! I was devestated and was teary-eyed for ages after!! Her voice is so lovely and haunting ...I can't wait until someone snaps her up and I get to buy her new album!

  32. It seems like you are having good times. How happy I am for you!. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Reading you this morning made me feel a little better, since I've been a little hard time...but it's okay.
    Thank you again and I hope you have a most wonderful week!


  33. i love all the cookies and cupcakes. so very cute!

    i hope you had a great weekend!!


  34. yummm...cupcakes, are soooo pretty... sweet darl, i gave you an award :)

  35. The paintings/drawings
    are sooo cute! And your top
    with flowers is beautiful,
    every post from you is dreamy!


  36. hey darling,
    got your message. i know the feeling of craving to go home. i can't wait to go back to wales and curl up infront of the fire with my kitty-cat.
    in regards to the lil message on my blog...
    i dunno if i can put my finger on anything in specific. maybe just general content of the blog. how do you go about getting ideas for things to post.
    and how do you go about promoting your blog? i know its only early days but i feel like i'm just talking to myself half the time. are you signed up to any blog rolls or anything? i dont really know how the whole blog promo thing works.
    hope you had a good weekend.

  37. Lovely cakes. I'm gutted too about Diana.

  38. This is all so sweet...i wish you could draw lovely pictures on my walls. Yes, the x factor was so so sad! Next week won't be the same at all.
    Things are good thankyou :) It's been ages since we've had a little chit chat! Boy wise, I dont actually know whats going on. Things are nice though. How are you sweet???
    It sounds like you have been doing so many special festive things, magical.
    The 18th will come sooner then you think im sure.
    Lots of love and sparkle x

  39. those cupcakes look divine! I also really like that pretty floral blouse.

  40. oh, you sound like you are having such a fun holiday!

  41. lovely, lovely.
    ahhh can you please tell me which nail polish you use? i must find a pink that lovely!

  42. Animal Crossing is the best, isn't it?! The flea markets are definitely a lot of fun.

  43. what an adorable page!


*Forever Love*