midnight secrets

oh how i wish my lots of work would let me play with my moon friends and send teeny messages to tell them to come and rescue me and we would have fairy biscuits.
instead tilly~rose, pig and i ate some cookie and drew some christmas pictures. but the fun was not allowed to be had for very long, so we did it in secret. whispers and silent giggles.
16 and a half days untill we can wake up early to tweetering robin redbreasts' have bucks fizz with breakfast. and eat christmas treats all days. sing to the top our voices to our favourite christmas songs and carols. pull the ends of sparkly gold crackers until it bangs and out falls your paper hat.

16 and a half days until my trixie-lu jumps around in the unwanted gift paper and chasing red wooden baubles. how completely wonderous. i wish for all of us to have such an amazing time.
the cathedral clock strikes midnight, another hour passes. pig and i should really be snuggled under the covers keeping our toes warm. instead we watch serendipity and whisper little somethings to eachother. little secret somethings. like what gifts we have bought our friends, our family for christmas. we got a little excited and started whispering about magic snowflakes and little christmas outfits we should wear. and what would be nice and special for tilly~rose to do that evening. we completely forgot to snuggle to sleep. after realising the time that we should have put our heads down was two hours before, we switched the teeny lights off and dreamt.
i loved how doll-like this photograph turned out, by accident. i think it may be a little scary looking, i hope not. but pig said my eyes looked like black beads. so i said we can both have black beads for eyes.
once wednesday dissappears i shall be able to visit and write and smile and dance more often, although still some work, but more relaxing i hope.
plus i have been tagged with the happy tag...i have lost count, and i once did it before, but i plan to do it again... i promise in my next post. i do. i do.

oh my dear goodness me. i cannot believe it. it cannot be true. i surely do not deserve such amazingness. i feel really happy and bubbly inside and and and oh just so grateful. thank you to the wonderfully lovely and forever sweet shiny shimmering splendid. the beauty gave me this award, and i am quite sure i do not deserve such wonder. i feel over the moon. thank you.
the award comes with this beautiful piece of writing, that wells my eyes.
Blogs who receive this award are "exceedingly charming," says its authors.
The award is a fine one because it focuses not on the glory and fanfare of blogging,
but in the PROXIMITY to one another through this online-world.
"This blog invests and believes in the PROXIMITY-nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming.
These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends.
They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement!
Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut,
even more friendships are propagated.
Please give more attention to these writers!
Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more
and include this clever-written text into the body of their award."
how wonderfully beautiful of her. this actually makes me feel nice inside that that is what she thinks of me..... and i would love to be friends with everyone of you. infact i do think many of you as my friends.
let's have tea parties.
i will pass this wonder to my very favourite twinkly star rosy rosie
and the completely always lovely to me elle
and the beautiful and oh so kind the yellow elephant
and the pretty little sprinkleton
and my little fantastical story book jess
and the amazing and creative rags and scribbles
and the oh so forever beautiful and the cutest lily-sage
and the sweetest beyond sweetest and macaroon sharing renee
it was hard to just a pick eight, but i love how you are all so lovely and keeping me happy, and i hope i can do the same.


  1. As always some lovely photos. might I add that your wall art in the previous post is amazing? Fantastic even.

  2. i am early to comment again, how fun! this is another magical sparkly post. your christmas sounds so delightful and full of the goodness of home. though i am too far away to have a home holiday, knowing you are out there christmassing makes the world more christmassy for me too. does that make sense?
    anyway, keep growing your mermaid hair and taking doll-like pictures. you're the prettiest girl in the world, remember....

  3. I like the candle picture a lot! :)

  4. I love your photos and the pretty objects that you photograph. For Christmas, I wish for pretty things like the ones that feature in your posts... xx

  5. Aww you little darling! :) I can't wait... If you need to NOT send me anything until after christmas that is FINE by me. :) I'm actually kind of stressing out about it too... I've been working on it a little but nothing yet worth sending overseas...
    You can go ahead and send it and I'll send mine too. :)
    But it may be easier to wait until Christmas break when we can focus on it more...?

    Thanks for the award! Get on MSN soon! :) We should talk again!

  6. you are probably one of the most adorable people ever (and i mean than in a completely non-creepish way!!)

    i love all of your gorgeous chinawear...
    ALSO: you have been tagged! Enjoy

  7. i love your bedsheets!! and congratulations on the award =) it seems like they just keep coming for you.


  8. this little singing teddy bear is just adorable !

  9. I just want to say thank you for your lovely comment back.

    It was eminently cheering.


  10. wow~ An award for me? 0.o! I'm so surprise! Do I deserve it? You're so kind to me Lottie! Million Thanks to you sweetie~

    I love the dolly-pic of you!It makes me reminisce when I was a little girl.

    Don worry Lottie,in a blink of eye~ You'll found yourself at home warmly with your kittie and family~

    Ou,really can't wait till Christmas come!>.<

    Once again,thank you for your sweetness giving the award.You're amazing and the sweetest!

    -= Have A Magical Day! =-

  11. And yes,you're my sweetest friend Lottie!

  12. your comment was most lovely, and took the edge off what was a terribly hot day spent at work watching the clock edge ever slowly closer to 5. But your comment gave me a big smile!

    christmas is a lovely time. although it's not very environmentally conscientious i love it when all the presents have been opened and the wrapping paper covers the floor, my little brother and cousins playing in it.

    i too love christmas carol singing, lighting candles, popping crackers, the festive taste of mince pies, the warming lull of hot chocolate and tea at the end of the day... and the day before christmas is my birthday, which makes a doubly good time of cheer and happiness!

    you deserve that award. you are every bit as charming and wonderful as the description says.


  13. dearest little angel, i am indeed feeling better, thank you so much!! My tummy feels much happier now, thanks to your strawberry sherberts!! :)

    oh my goodness, if it hadnt been feeling better, then it would absolutely feel perfect, better than it ever has before, after recieveing such a special award from you!! my goodness, surely i dont deserve it??? you are absolutely right about the writing that goes with it too, it is a very very special award!! thank you ever so much!! you too are my favourite, and my bestest moon friend!!! :) you are you are!!! and you make me smile so much!!!!

    goodness, yes, christmas films with the boy made my sunday wonderful, with our poorly tummies, but we watched home alone and miracle on 34th street. they made me think of you, too, loveliest, and how much you would enjoy them. but we hardly noticed our tummy troubles. we were reminded of home and how close christmas is now, and how we would dearly love to be there!!

    dont worry about having much time to look at our whisper mail, i understand completely!! i will check mine later on today, and see if you have whispered more wonderful secrets to me, just between two very best moon friends, and if not, then i will hope that the work is not too hard for you, and check the next day instead!! so do not worry :)

    I am going home tomorrow, sweetest- just writing that has made butterflies flutter in my tummy. you too have not got long to wait. it is so very exciting. I wish i could also come and collect you and take you home immediately- away from your pile of work. litte angel lottie, dreaming away of christmas, as busy as the elves in the north pole.

    i hope you have a magical day, despite all the work, and that it is filled with stars and wonderfulness. I know tilly~rose and pig are making it a little bit easier. I wish for a special candle like yours, that tells me how long it is until christmas. instead i am crossing days off of my calendar, and it is getting oh so close to 25...

    i send you more wonderful secret snacks, to help you feel christmasy and happy as you work. Star bisciuts, star hot chocolate, and angelic angel delight, a lovely treat for two best moon friends to share, through giggles and whispers and moon dances in the snow

    p.s: you do look like a little doll in that picture. your eye looks so sparkly, you make the prettiest little doll, tucked up in bed

  14. i really like your blog!
    i've linked u, okay?

  15. You are an absolute darling and inspire me to be so much better. I love your photos and dreamy words.
    Thanks for a wonderful blog that I always look forward to reading. xx

  16. adorable photos you have dearest!!! and yes,you deserve such amazingness...yummm to the first picture :)

  17. i am new to your readership, but oh, lady english rose, your site is a superfluity of loveliness. so many people forget the greatest gift, the greatest friend: imagination. you haven't. not one bit. i love the soft colours & sparkly words & wishes floating everywhere & belief in faeries. thank you.

    i saw this recently and immediately thought of you. it seems perfect for your room.

  18. I really like your candle! I've never seen one like that before... Congratulations on the award; you deserve it dear!!!


  19. Gorgeous photos
    and damn, I can't believe how close Christmas is!

  20. Hallo sweet darling. How have you been? I do hope that all is well, though you do sound very busy, poor poor you.
    Soon enough though, you shall get your rest and be so merry and full of joy when, finally, you are able to get your little vacation you so greatly deserve.

    Oh and referring to the cheesecake factory, yes it is very lovely, especially the desserts. They have such yummy cakes, and not only cheesecakes, every kind with all kinds of chocolates and carrot cakes and everything. So yummy, all of it.
    Hmm... a dream of a giant cheesecake mountain you say? That must have been such a heaven like dream. hehe

    ooh, I thought it was over and I was so very sad that I could not have helped you, if even a little. But now, on my next post I will try to remember to do this for you.

    British accent? That is wonderful, I love them. I do not understand however what you mean by saying that they speak a little more common to you...
    Oh and yes, listening to two people that have very different accents is just so wonderful, but I am quite used to it because here there are so many different nationalities. It is rather amazing though, you are right.

    Oh and those cookies from your previous post look so lovely, and the big one is just delicious. Lucky girl.
    The drawings you made on the room's wall were also so pretty and nicely done. I used to love that movie. childhood times.

    Oh and you look so lovely on both posts, in your pictures. Yes, the one with the really black eyes and cute little pig are so very pretty and doll looking.

    Wow, looking at your pictures again, I noticed you have such pretty eyelashes and eyes. You are so very pretty, and your nail polish on the pictures is quite nice too.

    Tilly~Rose is so adorable, as is Pig.
    I am glad you had such a nice night and were able to talk about your plans for vacation time.

    Well, I must make my way over to other blogs, so I leave you...
    Hope you have a fairy nice day and many wonderful things happen to you.


  21. OH and the candle, it is such a beautiful decoration piece, which is also a calendar. hehe a twoffer.

    Now, I may leave you and hope you have the wonderfulest time, filled with many smiles and more giggles and whispers with your lovely deary friends, whom are so adorable.

  22. gah...sorry sorry sorry.
    I also forgot to say that you most definitly do deserve that award.
    You are an anmazing person and blogger and writer.
    You deserve it very much.
    Now I'm done. sorry

  23. gah...sorry sorry sorry.
    I also forgot to say that you most definitly do deserve that award.
    You are an anmazing person and blogger and writer.
    You deserve it very much.
    Now I'm done. sorry

  24. ooh thank you for your comment and the award. i'm touched, i really am. you are the sweetest! and pig as well. the photos are just lovely and oh, so magical. be watching them i'm starting to look forward to lay in my own bed dreaming about princes, fairies, stars, snow flakes and sugar.
    again, you are lovely!

  25. Oh. I can see why you got the award. You are so sweet. :) I love reading this blog and looking at your wonderful photographs. <3

  26. ahh so lovely! congrats on getting that precious award! you always write so beautifully...every word just sounds sweet, shimmery and magical. i hope you have a lovely day!

  27. lovely, pretty little photos. they remind me of a fairy tale or a bedtime story.

  28. Oh, do enjoy your Christmas, and even the time before it with precious Tilly~Rose and pig. I am quite envious of your flowered sheets; they are delightful!

  29. that cake looks so yumm! and the doll-like photo is amazing!<3
    Congrats on your special award too.i agree with the passage that explains the award :]
    Have an awesome day<3

  30. how lovely this post is! as always! Your comments made me jump for joy :) thank you for the award! i was absolutely thrilled!

    i think a little beard made of icing for my gingebread cookies would be divine! what a cute idea

    you pictures with pig are lovely
    have a beautiful day dear!


  31. What a gorgeous post, once again dear!
    You are such a wonderful person.


  32. I like your way with words, plus your blog is cute :)

  33. Aaaah! I can't believe I forgot to comment on this entry...
    It's wonderful as usual. I love your pictures and your little dreams.
    Whispers, secrets and silent giggles are the best :)
    I am so glad you seem to have a good time.
    I can't wait for Christmas!
    Speaking of which, I would very like to send you a little Christmas card. If you want you can send me your address at
    It's nothing very special, but I've never sent Christmas cards before and decided that this year would be the first :)

    Take care of yourself and of Tilly-Rose and pig


  34. Your little advent candle is lovely!

  35. all your photos always look very nice :)
    and I have passed this award onto you as well!

  36. Mmmm your tarts and your cakes seem always delicious !!


  37. That cookie looks delish.
    I love reading your blog, you are one of my favourites!
    I gave you a treat on my blog, come check it out!

  38. I know you already have received this award, but I am giving you a second one..just because.

    Dear little Tilly~Rose is looking awfully cute!



*Forever Love*