oh faeries of the north east south and west. it is nearly time.

oh how i have completely nearly finished my christmas gift shopping. with my work mountain being forgotten about...just for today... i explored the busy streets. the crammed narrow boutiques and the teeny shops. and found exactly what was needed to fill the gaps in each of my parents stockings. buying the most adorable little faery dress-up chest for my teeny cousin made me wish and wish that i was four just like her. it was filled with a glitter sprinkled tutu. fairy sparkly wings. sequined wand. and flowerey headband.
oh christmas faeries... only eleven days until christmas cheer and wonder.

just a little teeny christmas wishlist. although i only completely wish for sugar mice. the lion the witch and the wardrobe book. a dolls house for tilly~rose. turkish delight. and a magic disney faery castle that i can live in and keep my teeny darling bunny friend in so we can share secrets when we are there for tea parties with the disney queen.
my teeny tilly~rose wishes for a faery dress-up outfit too. but until then, she sends her love and shares her strawberry drops with you.


  1. I can just picture Tilly-Rose in her faery dress-up outfit. Too sweet! Lovely Christmas wishes to you both.

  2. What an absolutely lovely, fabulous wishlist.

    How I do love the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. If only my wardrobe led to fabulous far-away lands with snow and magical lampposts.

    And do I spy a pair of pointe shoes? I must say, they are much nicer to look at then they are to wear.

    May I come live in your magic disney faery castle, please, I think it must be almost as good as Narnia.

  3. oh my, dearest! you sound like you've had a rather productive day. lucky you!
    tilly looks beautiful. (: tell her i said hello, will you?
    i cannot wait until i see what YOU get for christmas, m'dear!

    anyways, have a darling day. (:

  4. awww, a fairy costume would be so cute! if you ever do get one, you must post pictures! lmao!

  5. I just spent my first evening with my little rabbit friend and you made me giggle with your idea of fairy costume. I don't think my little heart could stand so much cuteness.

    Oh, Narnia, how I love you so! I've never had Turkish delights before, is it good?

    You are so productive it puts me to shame!


  6. I'm sending your package Monday. There are tiny gifts for you, and especially a little magic thing for Tilly~Rose. I think she'll love it. I sure do...

    I had a magical day of wrapping up gifts and eating little candies and watching The Holiday, and yesterday I bought some gifts for my fairy friends and a purple shiny balloon for my room...

    I cannot wait to see your secret fairy wishes. Merry Christmas to you!

  7. oh my goodness. i have just listened to the song on your blog.. and it's truly adorable!!!!

    i hope you have a fantastic weekend =)


  8. mmmm turkish delight. i am wishing for a little piece of that too, along with a cup of ice cold milk and a cute plate to put it on. now that would be a lovely christmas.

    tilly-rose is really getting big! she's so adorable. makes me wish i had a pet of my own. you always manage to get pics of her too, scurrying about. i'm sure she moves very quickly and you have to get in there fast haha! how fun.

    your christmas shopping sounds perfect. i'm sure your cousin will love that, i got my little cousin a similar thing last year, and she wouldn;t take it off all day. She just ran around, her hair flying behind her, wand waving in the air haha. It does make you wish you were 4 again, doesn't it?

    hope you are well and that your weekend has been productive. christmas is coming! I'm so excited!

  9. I remember when i had a hamster (named Caramel), i always wanted to eat his yoghurt drops...
    Your christmas wisthilist looks all pink and sparkly and yummy.
    And i always feel guilty when eating sugar mice...they look so adorable.

  10. i forgot to mention that i gave you an award on my blog! i hope you will like it =)


  11. aww beautiful. i wish i had a lovely dress up chest!! aww that reminds me i still have my secret santa gift to buy. the budgets £10 any ideas? i love your blog ever so much. i cant cope without your lovely adventures and cute photography! lots of early christmas wishes to your beautiful soul! xxxxx

  12. I like your wishlist alot.

    Oh i want a Narnia book, infact i wouldnt mind actually going into Narnia. That would be the best thing ever! I think that will be my Christmas wish, To go into Narnia.

    Tilly~rose is oh so kind, and i hope she gets her faery dress up outfit.

  13. Ou,Lottie..>.< Your cute little message make me smile and giggle.You're so eager to go home already.Just hold on a little more,the fairy queen will wind the time forward and make sure you go back to your lovely cottage soon and safe.

    Oh,tilly-rose is so sweet!Thank you tilly-rose!You're always cute and sweet.Much much love for tilly-rose~ >.<

    Thank you Lottie! You're so lovely as always!

    I need to prepare my Christmas presents too..*bubble bubble my christmas present list* ^^

    xX 3 days countdown for Lottie hometime!Xx

  14. Sweet little tilly-rose :)

  15. sweetness!!!and what a wonderful wishlist :)

  16. hello little lottie,

    thank you ever so much for you comment, im glad seeing your star on my tree made you smile :) its certainly making me smile, and think 'oh my goodness' everytime i see it, to think it was given to me so kindly from a wonder like you!!

    You christmas wish list is just lovely, i wish for all of those things too!!! just beautiful. I wish for a fairy dress up set. how i long to be a fairy. i want a glittery tutu... perhaps i will make one...

    tilly~rose looks oh so sweet!!! i cannot wait till you recieve your fairy mail now, and i wish wish wish and hope that you will like it. and you, tilly~rose and pig can all enjoy what is inside!! :)

    Goodness i could not believe it when i read about how your facebook has pictures of you with a lego clown, as i had just put my pictures of me and lego father christmas on my facebook. i had a quick sneeky look for you... and there you where, with the most wonderful lego clown!!! Im sure he makes a wonderful boyfriend :)
    my dear, i also added you on facebook. do not feel you have to accept me though, if you do not wish to. we have plenty of wonderful fun over our blogs, whisper mail and fairy mail. but the button was there and i pressed it, longing to see the other pictures... :)

    I sent your new whipsre mail last night, however am afraid to say the end was slightly rushed, as i mentioned, my little brother was in my ear chattering and asking and wondering... i had promised to read him a bed time story you see. so had to quickly finish and rush upstairs with him, and tucked him in and read him a story... and fell asleep in his bed. oops!! but we had a lovely nights sleep.

    the snow flakes and tinsel in you hair in your last post make you look like a lovely pretty snow angel, and what a wonderful idea to put the star on a necklace.. when the sad day comes to take the christmas down, i may do the same with mine, so i can enjoy it all year!!

    have a wonderful day, you are another day closer to going home, which makes me feel so very excited for you!!! and your fairy mail will be arriving soon, i hope hope hope!!

    angel and star dances and songs, in glittery tutus and star necklaces

  17. Ooh adorable !
    I want all these stuffes !!


  18. I hope you are having a beautiful weekend filled with the sweetest of sweet things.

  19. i really enjoy the title of your blog, and i love your fairy photos.

  20. lol. Love your hamster. (Or is she a gerbil? I used to have gerbils.)
    Faery dress up. :) Big smiles.

  21. I love your wishlist!
    I honestly don't know what I'm getting, as I have asked for nothing really this year...just for my lovely future Husband to donate some money in my name to the Human Society, or WWF...we have more than enough things, and this season, we have our whole family around us!
    We are really lucky.

    I just adore Tilly Rose, she is too cute, but she must take after you. heehee.


  22. hello again pretty girl! it made me so so happy to get a comment from you! oh so happy. i love your amazing sweet words and i want to come to the moon with you and eat strawberry cookies and starry banana milk and drink tea and play with darling tilly-rose. oh how i would love to visit you in your magic world.
    smiles for chirstmas. you are a delight. i wish you everything everything you ever desire...

  23. AAAHHH hi lovely! I have so missed you! I think that tea parties in Scotland this summer are a must, absolutely a must. We can have moon-cookies, and drink pretty cups of tea, and wear the sparkliest things. Also, thank you for the award, and you are just the sweetest thing ever.

    Love for you dear!


  24. What's your polyvore name? I'll look you up, by the way I love your set. I'm glad Tilly~Rose is happy : )

  25. you should rename your blog 'the music box' because that's what it's like :)

  26. Aw, Tilly~Rose looks so cute! I love those lip glosses that look like desserts too!=)I can't believe it's only 11 days to go!!

  27. Hi! I just gave you a blog award! Check my blog to check it out :)

  28. can i have your email to add to the list of people who can read my blog? because i think i may make my blog private again
    love captainbelle

  29. i love ur posts . im currently eating some percy pigs from M&S

  30. Lottie,I gave you a little treats in my Christmas Wonderland. ^^

    xXLove Christmas!Xx

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  32. Glad to know it makes you relax. ^^ But I didn't mean to make you hungry. XD (lol)

    I want give tilly-rose a fluffy hug~ Lovely little tilly-rose!

    xxLet spread the Christmas spirit all over the world!Xx


  33. aww tilly-rose is so adorable ♥
    i had a hamster years ago(his name was piglet :])and i want one now too.walnut lives with my parents so i thought i should have my own walnut,well maybe a little bit smaller :D it must be good to have a tiny sweet company :]
    Lots of cherry love for you and for the ever sweet tilly-rose ♥

  34. aw, that's the coolest/cutest wish list ever!

  35. awwhhh cute tilly-rose!
    Your wishlist is lovely

  36. It's so exciting! Christmasssss! Hope you get all you wish for, dear. :)

    Wow, a snow spell! How would one of those go? I hope it snows in Kent & Suffolk. I remember a year or two it snowed in Cornwall where some of my cousins live. Was so jealous. Surely it's our turn now!

  37. Oh dear, I am so very sprry for not hacing commented on your previous posts and this one. I have been busy and can't get to it but I am so very ashamed.

    Now getting on to your posts, your wishlist is so very nice and pretty. I also want those books and just saw both Narnia movies, so the turkish delight mention reminded me of how Edmund betrayed his siblings for that. Just thought I'd share that little thought with you.

    Oh, a little doll house for Tilly~Rose would be so lovely.

    The caslte is such a lovely thought, and it would be magical, to have a fairy disney castle filled with such lovely girlies such as yourself to fill it with laughter and sweet things, and many tea parties with the queen. That would be most lovely and pretty indeed.

    Sugar mice? is it some kind fo cookie maybe??

    The little dress you got for your cousin sounds so very pretty. I too wish often I could be a young little girlie, at the age of four, were all is pretty and sweet and we were all naive little things. Lovely times. oh and imagine, a tutu dress accompanied by a wand haedband and sings, it sounds so nice. You mist take a picture because I am dying to see it, if you could I mean.

    Why Tilly~Rose is so very nice to share her strawberry drops with us, what a sweetheart.

    Now regarding your "One strawberry dream and a cup of pink water" post, I am so glad you finished and half finished some of your deadlines. I hope it is decreasing with time so you can have the wonderful week you very greatly deserve.
    Hmm, what a ummy looking doughnut with pie friends. Chrlie and Lola??

    Oh, cardigans with bows, and that snowflake seems so very lovely on such a pretty face like yours. The bow is so very cute, with the little stars.

    You cook such yummy looking cookies. Apple and cheese snadwich? you put the apples and cheese inside the bread? or you eat the apples seperatly? weird mix

    Ooh gingerbread snow-woman, how nice. And yay, you are getting your tree and going home. You must be so very happy and excited.
    You had some parties? That is very nice, must have cheered you up tons.
    Whsiper mail? Oh how lovely. And drawing too? you have had one wonderful week, if you ignore the homework, or so it sounds.
    Lucky lucky pretty girl.

    The notebooks seems so lovely, as does the pink deer. Oh and the star on the necklace is so pretty, it must look beautiful on you. You and your fairy friends and magic must love the neckalce. It fits you well, seeing as how you are a moon friend, right?

    Oh, that is so nice that Rosie Posie helps you forget and makes you happier. She is such a wonder friend, what more could you expect from such a lovely darling girl?

    Oh, you also make me happy dear, and I am so glad you get happy too because of us. You are a wonderful friend, one I have come to cheerish and be so glad to have met.

    Hehe that clarice Bean pin is so cute. Oh and the sheets, or well I think their bed sheets, behind it are so pretty and nice and flowery it makes me wish I had some like it.

    You are so very sweet.
    I must leave because I am in some major pain so I have to go, and sorry for the bad comment but my pain doesn't let me think too straight.

    I hope you have a wonderful week and that Thrusday comes around quickly so you may have many smiles and be sorrounded by all your loved ones.


  38. The dress on your wishlist is darling. And I love the Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.
    !! Music from How The Grinch Stole Christmas is playing on your blog!! I love it

  39. The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe is so special. All of Narnia is beautiful. Every single one of C.S. Lewis' books holds such invaluable learning and truth and hope.

    Oh, dear Tilly~Rose. My siblings' mice just had babies...again, so we now have about 11 little soft creatures running about together. My word!

  40. oh my your wish list is so beautifuL! the point shoes and deer necklace look so darling. you are so sweet

  41. oops! i forgot to tell you that i've given you a little award. i believe you've gotten it before, but you deserve it!

  42. please tell the darling Madame Tilly Rose that she is too cute!!
    and your polyvore wishlest is simply gorgeous... i want to move right in and live in your pretty pretty world!

  43. please tell the darling Madame Tilly Rose that she is too cute!!
    and your polyvore wishlest is simply gorgeous... i want to move right in and live in your pretty pretty world!

  44. Oh I remember reading that book when I was younger! It truly is magical. I will be able to finish my christmas shopping this weekend! Last night it snowed a lot in new york. It's so exciting, with all the lights. Everything is enchanting.

    Hope you are well, dear!

  45. your posts are soo cute and whimsical - i love them!

  46. I hope you get everything you wish for lovely. Reko dress? They make so much pretty dresses I just must have.
    I bet your having a lovely time back home in the cottage!
    I love seeing tilly~rose, cute as ever.
    I hope all is fantastic x

  47. your wish list looks beautiful! I spy a little deer necklace that looks fabulous :)

  48. ok ive been thinking of making this promise for some time cos i dont wanna fail to keep it but..

    what if i send u a box of real turkish delights? the store which produced the delights as they are today is open since 1777, was initially making delights for the sultan. i know there are some versions there and they may give a slight idea, but surely cannot really match the real deal:) i wish i could make it till the xmas day but its quite impossible. yet, they might be the first delights of the new year.

    just e-mail me your address or leave a comment, and i'll make my best to send them as soon as possible. i guess it takes up to 7-10 days by mail.

    oh and if there's any specific flavour you want, please check the site:

    i love the mastic, pistachio, coffee, mint and rose ones.


*Forever Love*