oh what fun it was to ride on a one horse open sleigh

christmas at the cottage was wonderfully magic. full of joy and laughter and love. angels and treats and gifts and music and smiles. wishes and hope and giggles with grins.
here are a few quick moments of such magic.
tilly~rose adored her first christmas. she was awake almost until lunch time. when i let her play with brother bear samuel and i. she looks like a mouse here. adorable little one nicola bought her some treats. she loves her for so.
i received such beautiful and wonderful and pretty gifts from my loved ones. movies and purses and jewellery and sweet pigs and lacy tops and sweet sparkly gloves and pirate chocolate and leathery grown-up bags with bows and cupcake books and beatrix potter's journal with flaps and pops. and other extraordinarily thoughtful and adorable gifts that i truly am so very surprised and thankful for.
christmas dinner with family and crackers and gold paper crowns and grown-up wine was lovely. it was small and food was piled high and i ate every bit and scrape. my tummy would pop but i wanted more. i settled for tea and a mince pie a little after. whilst watching christmassy things. my family loved and loved the gifts i wrapped for them. they were so very thankful of all their individual piles of neatly wrapped shapes that i carefully thought out especially for each of them.
tilly~rose and pig had the most wonderfullest time. i stood outside the bedroom door at a point after tea and heard them whispering about the fun they would have if they too lived on the moon. i cannot wait to tell her... my moon best friend. as they spoke of curly too. i think they will want it as a secret, but i wished and wished to hear more about it.
boxing day for me and my brothers was another christmas. but a christmas with father bear. sandwiches and biscuits and cranberry truffles and nibbles and peanuts and silly but special food. laughter and silliness and christmassy things and gifts.
father spoilt tilly~rose with the most lovliest things. her hugest hugest cage which is completely truly huge. and treats and treats and treats. a new ball for her to crash into, although she has been pirouetting in it instead. and some woodberry and dandelion and apple and vegetable treats.
i also was very spoilt. with turkish delight. sugar mice. dreamtime tea. sleeping beauty. sweet piglets in a pot. a fairy book with flaps and secrets and whispers. teeny sweet treats recipes for me to make for you at our tea parties. pirate chocolate. chocolate and chocolate. and my favouritist... my disney faery castle that i wished and wished for. remember? the one with the queen and the tea parties we said we'd have? it is much much more wonderful in real life.
the christmassy days after has been full of family parties. glittery eyes. old friends coming to stay. tilly~rose snuggles and pig. chocolate for breakfast. christmassy films. secret notes. tears. laughter. singing. family visits for another week. fun planning for the upcoming weeks. hot ribena for my sore sore throat. and medicine for my achy achy ill bug body.
emptying special surprise brown envelopes and tall tall tubes and filling glass vases for rainy days. for smiles.
i wished that everyones christmas was magical and perfect. i hope hope hope it came completely true. i though of you all. all around the world eating and unwrapping and laughing and smiling at all different times. once i am much much better i will post more and complete my tags and make my award.
christmassy hugs still. have a perfect start of the new year also. our resolutions should be to stay happy and keep sharing our faerytale adventures and trips to the moon and tea parties altogether.
sweet dreams dear ones.


  1. I spy sugar mice!
    I never managed to hunt down a pink deer like yours.

  2. Lottie~ Look like you have a fun and wonderful Christmas.I feel so sad that Christmas is over. I'm looking forward for the next Christmas already. ^^

    You have a sore throat? Drink a glass of lime juice would help. Drink more water okay? Take good good care. *huggie*

    Please send my fluffly hugs to cute little tilly-rose.

    XxHappy New Year 2009xX

  3. Lottie!! Your Christmas was just as sparkly and marvelous as I hoped it would be for you! I hate that Christmas is just one day, don't you think that the festivites should continue for weeks?

    I hope you do feel better, I hate being ill during the holidays.

    My happiest and most magical wishes go to tilly~rose and pig, may they have many moon adventures!

    Happy New Year dear girl!

  4. What a wonderful Christmas! Such lovely gifts ans smiles! I am glad you had such a good time.


    p.s Penelope whispered to me that she really wants to be friend with Tilly Rose, if Tilly Rose forgives her being lost sometimes :)

  5. :] your pictures are really pretty :] happy christmas!
    please click the link or put it into thee url box :D --> http://s40.photobucket.com/albums/e217/ladedadedada/?action=view&current=PAP_0071-1.jpg&t=1230609327007

  6. I'm glad you had such a lovely Christmas :)
    And ooo, I spy a sweet little Cath Kidston coin purse! I lovelovelove that stuff, but I've refrained from ordering anything because of the exchange rates & shipping costs to the USA :(

  7. What a sweet, sweet fairytale Christmas! I am so happy for you - it is such a perfectly "you" Christmas and I'm glad you had such a wonderful celebration. You are delightful.

    I got the most special teeny house from Holland to go with my collection of miniscule houses from everywhere I've been. It was the simplest gift ever but I was so excited!


  8. Your gifts look simply fabulous! tilly~rose is such a cutie!

  9. oh how lovely and wonderful and sweet and precious, your christmas was!

    i love the sight of all the presents by the christmas tree and the fireplace.and the fairy book is so pretty too!

    i hope you have a great new year too!

  10. uhh, so many gifts wow. your head-band looks amazing,.

  11. oh, i'm so glad your christmas was spectacular! but silly you! you already knew it would be! & my! tilly sure did get her little slice of joy, didn't she? cage & all! haha!

    darling, your eyelashes are so thick! your hair is so shiny! you really are a beaut! happy happy christmas, m'dear!

    & i cannot wait to hear of the pretty lacy tops you received! you do know i am quite fond of lace!

  12. You deserved a magic christmas...And turkish delight.
    I may steal your idea of filling jars for rainy days, i shall keep a little christmas happiness in a box.
    P.s so tilly~rose can talk...

  13. christmas wouldn't be christmas without eating chocolate for breakfast. my nibble of choice is smarties. pink ones.
    alas, i have no photographic evidence of such a wonderful event, because and the boyfriend had munched them all by boxing day evening.

    looks like you had a wonderful christmas my love.
    i'm glad. :]

  14. love your blog soooo much

    and u urself are so sweet

    merry christmas


  15. oh sweet dear tea drinking rose. this christmas post is exactly perfect. exactly as i knew it would be. what beautiful sweet and sparkly and full of meaning presents and treats and goodnesses. now i will dream of you and of our tea parties. of cupcakes and your long eye lashes that seem to reach to the moon. and little friends like tilly-rose who love us so. and all that is sweet and warm. thank you for this loveliness.

  16. What a lovely Christmas filled with faery magic and sugar pigs. Feel better soon Lottie!

  17. Get well soon!
    And seems like you've had a great crimbo this year:))

    Stay happy always, definitely!

  18. Lottie! Seems that we haven't spoken in sooo long... I'm so happy you had such a good Christmastime! :) It looks like Tilly~Rose quite enjoyed making new friends and meeting her extended family... Just look at her, she's glowing! And you too!
    Your gifts look so magical! I love them so so much. And oh my, pig and tilly~rose should take a little vacation to the moon, and bring us all back mooncakes and fairy dust... Yes indeed.
    What is boxing day?
    And ooh what yummy food... I'd very much like to see a picture of your Disney Fairy Castle! And that vase looks magical... Are those chocolate candies?
    That is DEFINATELY my New Year's Resolution... I really love blogging, thank you for making me do it... I get to share with my magical friends and make new fantastic buddies. Going to be on MSN today... :)
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years darling sweetie.

  19. dear you!

    how sweet this post were! christmas at your place looks perfect and very enchanting indeed. i sincerely hope your holdiay has been the best of all, and i'm wishing you a wonderful, lovely, magic, dreaming, enchanting and mysterous new year!

    your headband is lovely. i have looked for a similar one for ages, but haven't found on yet unfortunately. till~rose is just a cutiepie! and your christmas tree is magic!

    so, dear lottie! Have wonderful year, and i hope to be reading a lot more in the year to come.

    sweet dreams¨

  20. Seems like you had a most awesome Christmas!<333 I love your headband, it looks very amazing! And tilly-rose is so lucky to also get lots of treats for Christmas! I hope you will have an awesome new year too and yes, I do like your new year's resolutions!

  21. Aww sweet, looks like you had a fabulous christmas. Tilly-rose looks adorable! Have a lovely new year's eve.

  22. I'm so glad you had a fairytale christmas my sweet x

  23. Wow~what fun it looks like you had! So glad to hear that you had a wonderful holiday! That book looks really interesting! I love big pop-up books like that=)
    Also luvin' the pic of you with tilly. Nice tights! Hope you have a magical new years eve, girlie!! xoxo

  24. Looks like you had a nice christmas. As magic as a childrens book.

  25. glad to see you had a lovely christmas. all these things look so enchanting. i love pop-up books!

  26. aww, tilly~rose is quite big now.
    Your christmas days looked splendid & lovely, & I hope you have a new years thats just as nice!

  27. Lovely lovely christmas time, pretty pictures as ever. Im happy that you are having sucha lovely time. So many lovely gifts, and delicious food.
    Oh, i did hit right insted of centre, so thankyou for the help on that one!
    In time you will meet someone who really deserves you, but at least for the moment you are no longer sad over him. Mine is feeling nice, but I do still have my worries,the thought of all the things before makes me feel so sad, but I do believe that thats all in the past now.
    Have a lovely new year sweet!!!!x

  28. What a wonderful Christmas you had, Lottie! I hope these memories will be warming your heart in 2009!
    Happy New Year!

  29. what wonderful images! Your christmas tree looks so beautiful.

    Happy new year!!

  30. cute book!
    And I wish you a
    happy/lovely and beautiful
    year! xx

  31. Lovely presents, particularly the Cath Kidston purse. I too got some of her goodies.

  32. Really beautiful!!!

    Happy New Year...

  33. You home looks lovely!!! I wish you a very Happy New Year!

    Take care!

    Mademoiselle M.

  34. Awh you had such a pretty Christmas!!!!!

  35. Wishing you a super new year and hope all your dreams come true! Looks like you had a great Christmas with your family too. You received some beautiful goodies but I have the most fairy envy over your new book... it looks fab! Hoping you post some more photos. Kisses Kitty

  36. Wishing you a super new year and hope all your dreams come true! Looks like you had a great Christmas with your family too. You received some beautiful goodies but I have the most fairy envy over your new book... it looks fab! Hoping you post some more photos. Kisses Kitty

  37. such a beautiful christmas for such a beautiful person!
    i am glad tilly-rose loved her present!
    the jar full of blue smarties...that is so cute..i think the letter is even more amazing though...i thought that stuff only happened in the movies.

  38. you are so so lovely. those sweets look delicious. i am happy that you had a wonderful christmas, your gifts sound and look so pretty. and two christmases! one on boxing day! you lucky girl.

    it is sweet to hear about tilly~rose and pig sharing whispers about the moon.

    i hope your new years was just as magical as your christmas. i wish you a charming and beautiful and healthy 2009.


  39. Very lovely blog.....
    It is sweet and naif with a little bit of magic.....

    See you next time.

  40. OMG I LOVE Party Rings LOL and i have a (er well had) a Christmas Candle. I loved it because I can't have an advent calender (:

  41. oh how all those pictures are so magical and wonderful and full of happy sleepiness!

  42. you have the most beautiful hair color! and always the cutest pictures! i love your blog! !!!!

  43. Oh little L!
    I'd very much to have a nice chat with you, sometime soon on MSN, and share our new years resolutions and tea party pictures... I'm going to post mine soon. I made your invite too. :)
    And I used the program Poladroid to make a polaroid-like image on you and your feather mask...
    If it comes out too big let me know and I'll make it smaller. :)
    Happy Wednesday, with strawberries and whipped cream on top...

  44. I love your flower headband! You got cute presents. Lovely photos :)


*Forever Love*