one strawberry dream and a cup of pink water

oh hello there my little moon friends. the work mountain was extremely hard to climb... i slipped and slipped. and forgot some things. one deadline done. one half done. and the other is for next friday. however... home to the cottage is on thursday for me, so i suppose wednesday morning will be the deadline for me. ooh so close i think.
my week other than that was filled with pretty things like this...

one very scrumptious doughnut. a couple of mince pies. a lot a lot of christmas songs. charlie and lola. starry post and fairy mail. christmas gift shopping. buying tea and milk. being smilie and shrill. joyful and dance-y. cardigans with bows. wearing snowflakes in my hair.
making heart shaped shortbread. strawberry drops for tilly~rose. freezing cold breath floating away. apple and cheese sandwiches. holes in my mittens. gingerbread snow-woman. talking to mother on the phone about homemade christmas cake and decorating the cottage and buying the turkey and buying the tree. christmas parties. sparkly tinsel. more christmas songs. dancing. pink water. cinnamon edinburgh rock. homemade cardigans. whisper mail. long lost dresses. snuggles with pig. drawing and drawing. christmas films.
buying new books to fill christmas adventures in and new stories and pictures and gift paper. a sparkly pink deer decoration, which i wish was real in real life. sparkly gold star decorations tied to necklaces. strawberry creams. special post. chocolate stars.
christmas countdowns and too excited to finish the mountain of work and wish to pack right away so it will seem so much closer.
and i now must do the 'six things that make me happy' tag. which i have been meaning to do for such a very long time.
1. christmas christmas christmas. counting down the days to christmas has been going on for so long now, and i cannot wait. ...please snow.
2. rosy rosie. my moon best friend. mountains of work has been made much happier by quickly checking whisper mail and it bringing such perfection to my teethy grin. with her stories and loveliness and i cannot wait for the moon ball and star biscuits.
she is wonderful.
3. christmas gift shopping. buying the wrapping paper. the sparkly ribbons. tags. chocolates. stocking treats. i look forward ever so much to the look upon their faces.
4. spilt glitter pots. giggles and giggles. a magical and sparkly explosion it was. like fairy fireworks. i will organise one similar for the moon ball.
5. handing in a massive part of the work mountain. weights off my shoulders and smiles upon damp cheeks.
6. being happy and smilie. you are all amazing. you really are. and many many smiles i have had recently from you, my new friends. thank you forever lots.

*i wish i was...

the completely lovely, and most beautiful name, erin meagan gave me the previous award also, as well as creative jane who has just made a super sweet kitty skirt.
and thank you so very much everyone for your fantastical and sweethearted comments. you are my jar, ever so tightly done up, of sunshine happiness and smiles.


  1. I've been wondering... where do you buy your nailpolish? It's such a wonderful shade of pink!
    And I wish I knew a magic spell that makes christmass come closer!

  2. ah i hope you enjoyed your donut and snowflake as much as i enjoyed my heart biscuit!
    i am loving the cute photos of you wih your 'christmas head gear'
    love it!

  3. oh magic, magic, magic!

    I love your world.

  4. oh hello again, sweet one. thank you thank you for visiting my blog which is like a little sister to your blog, because it looks up to you and wishes to be like you. christmas is coming so quickly and you are looking prettier and prettier every day as it gets nearer. you with your snowflakes and bows and sparkles! i adore coming here to see you...

  5. I need that deer for my magical tree of pinkness.

  6. ah it all sounds so wonderful! I do love the snowflake in your hair.

  7. That doughnut looks fabulous! I want it!
    I also want a cardigan with a bow!
    Ah, I love your blog.

  8. your blog is magical, fantastical, brilliant.
    Oh I do love it so.

  9. Hi dearie! First of all, thanks for a fun conversation tonite, it was good to talk to you again. Secondly, I cannot wait for our tea party... I'm so excited. I bought doilies to use for your invite tonite... Oh yippee!

    Also, I just wanted to let you know that I changed the rules a little bit for your secret fairy wishes tag because I made a seperate blog just for it! Here ya go! Hope you get this before you complete the tag... :)

    Make a bunch of secret fairy wishes, hopes, desires, or bits of advice and scatter them somewhere magical...
    Take lots of pictures and/or video and post it to your blog, telling us all about your fun.
    Tag at LEAST 3 other bloggers.
    Go to and comment to tell us you did it! We'll feature you and you could earn a prize!
    Put this lovely banner in your sidebar!
    **Note: You don't have to be tagged to participate, but you do have to tag others if you participate and you must participate if you're tagged!


  10. Suovely lovely warm fuzzy photos. Where is the sparkly pink deer decoration from? It's divine!

  11. tha fact that you have added rosie to your "top 6" is just adorable, oh so sweet! and that home journal is pretty, where did you get it?
    and the pink deer - i just want to eat it at once! and i know i say it every single time, your blog is the sweetest and so lovely. and so are you, dear!

  12. You always brighten my day and bring a little ray of shining elegance and sweetness into it. I hope all goes well with preparations to go home for Christmas! Deadlines can be so troublesome.

  13. Thank you Lottie!*Big Wide Grin* :D

    I'm so thankful to have this wonderful Christmas present.I'm absolutely having a wonderful time!Thank you for sharing my happiness! *hugs*

    I love your sparkly gold star with necklaces. It's so christmassy and pretty!The pink snowflake is lovely~ I'm full of Christmas excitement now~ >.<

    Oh,I just can't wait till Christmas!

    xXCountdown 11 days to Christmas!Xx

  14. I love the pink sparkly deer<333 Christmas just became so much sweeter!

  15. I need a new cardigan, & perhaps a bow too! I'm so jealous that you've nearly climbed the work mountain and that you are nearly there. I still haven't picked my essay questions. :S But when it's done I can vamoose from your Kent & get back home to Christmas. Keep climbing the mountain! X

  16. So sweet...
    You make me wanna cook some cinnamon biscuits!

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  18. hello sweetheart,
    another lovely post full of pretty things and christmassyness. i love it all and it reminds me how of how very excited i am to be going home soon to a decorated house and an excited family!
    my presentation went very well and the pink party was so much fun. i took many photos which i will share when i am done with work and birthday party preparations!
    i'm at kent uni, so just in canterbury term time and surrey in the holidays. i do love it here though, it provides far more fun than the sleepy little village that i spend my holidays in.
    hope your last few days of uni go well and you get all your work finished, it's a feeling i can sympathise greatly with!
    lots of love xxxx

  19. i simply adore your blog!
    it is so pretty and magical.

    i hope you have a wonderfully sweet christmas! i'm rather excited about it.

    love of love and faerie kisses.


  20. hello my dearest bestest moon best friend,

    you too make me ever so happy!!!! oh yes oh yes oh yes... i will whisper mail you in a moment, and thank you properly. you have made my day wonderful, as i recieved my fairy mail. Oh my goodness!!!! and the star... in your pictures... i have that star and that makes me so very happy also :) :) as it was given to me from you, dearest!!!

    you will be home before you know it. honest. you will suddenly find yourself at home, as i have and feel you have walked into the most beautiful dream.

    now i shall whisper mail you...

    stars stars stars stars stars stars!!! and lots of smiles to go with them.


  21. oh dearest! my hopes that you finish up this work-work very soon! & isn't that the silliest? i bought a new pair of boots as well! how are yours? have you gotten the chance to wear them out yet? & how is dear tilly?

    i must again thank you for the wonderful award. you sent me many happy smiles & i was beyond ecstatic. i truly cannot believe i was fortunate enough to find such a lovely friend. you deserve thousands upon thousands of awards, darling!

    anyway, you & me alike. this christmas. oh my! so exciting. however, i cannot help but fear it is slipping away. for over here, once christmas day has passed... so has winter. the heat creeps in & i am devastated when it does. i wish i too could live on the moon! sans gravity, oh wow. :)

    while this is very long & probably just tiring & drawn out, i would like to wish you a very merry weekend!

  22. cute little pictures. they always make me feel like i am in a fairy-tale :)

  23. that heart shaped shortbread looks awesome :)

  24. You are the embodiment of the Christmas Spirit! So busy celebrating and loving and having fun and loving some more.
    thank you for sharing all of your little adventures with us. It is truly wonderful and magical.


    p.s. Thank you for your comment on my blog. No place is too far for my Christmas Cards to reach! Do send me your address and I will send you one. They are quite small and nothing very special, but it would make me infinitely happy.

  25. Oh my gosh, you are too cute for words!


  26. your sweet words and pretty pictures make me so happy :)

  27. Long time i didnt visit your blog !! i really love the pictures you take ...seriously realy good job!

    A bientot!


  28. ... i really love your blog ! and the atmosphere!


*Forever Love*