sleigh bells ringing. are you listen'?

christmas is finally here. with less then one hour away from christmas day here in england. i should sleep so santa will visit and eat his mince pie and drink his milk. but i want to have plenty of fun with my brother before dreams.

my time away at the haggerty house included snow wishes with dusty dusty flour. all over our noses. and some....all over themselves everywhere. but i have great floury snowy photographs of their fun.
teary-achy-tummy laughter with cousins playing games. fighting the invisible goblins with firework bombs and water bombs and sorts. croissants with butter and jam and tea for breakfast. the basin faery and the magic blue ball.
teeny four year old poppy taking pictures and playing with the basin faery. dear tilly~rose whom i missed whilst being at the haggerty house while she was home at the cottage with mother. strawberry drops and snuggles and nose kisses. playtime with teacups and orange see-through balls and crashes. lunch with emmeline and victoria at the cottage with homemade gifts and penguin finger puppets and gold bows tied in my hair and hearts of love for you. my friends here on blogger. who have given such wonderful compliments and words and love and christmas wishes.brooches made with love from my moon bestfriend and worn with love and awe and specialness and wonder. and matching home made t-shirts. and snow coloured nails. and giggles and grins from surprise brown envelopes with notes and a gift. on the third flower pot. and dances around the car three times. grins and grins from the surprise and the gift. and the note. a package full with love and blue blue blue smarties. my old friend. whom never forgets. whom i'll forever love i think.
and a day of mother baking baking baking. mince pies. sausage rolls. marzipan on the christmas cake. baguettes and sorts. but most importantly. the tree biscuit decorations. santa and reindeers and bells and pointy stars and trees and bestly bestly... angels and stars. lotties and rosies.

do join me for christmas at the cottage. mother has baked for you and me and her.
tilly~rose and trixie-lu wishes for you also. i have told mother all about you and rosie and sprinkle. she is happy and delighted of such wonders and happiness.

i was tagged.... but i am sure this post is too too very too long as is it. i will do it next time. thank you poppets.

have a wonderful christmas my special sweethearted souls. with christmas song singing and dancing and unwrapping special gifts and eating delightful dinner and treats and watching special television and films.
i will think of you ♥ as always.


  1. merry christmas to you too.
    your lovely posts have filled me with lots of christmas joy (:
    i love your nail polish, it is the perfect colour!

  2. Merry Christmas Lottie!!!
    I love your cheery, whimsical posts, they fill me with joy.
    Your hairbow is lovely!

  3. Yes dear... Merry merry Christmas... It looks so magical over there in all of your pictures. Tell me when you get your package from me, I was dearly hoping it would arrive before Christmastime... Its 11:23PM here... My goodness! I must go to bed... I miss the magic, it feels a little bit like its missing? But you know what? I'm going to make my own. I'm hanging up my stocking and leaving out reindeer food (read my blog post!) in the backyard, and wishing to the stars that I'll fall in love with Christmas all over again... Snow kisses and cute mittens, dearest Lottie. Thanks for your friendship and much more to come!

  4. your blog is just so sweet... i love it! i love your bows and your hearts.

  5. Love the snow pictures...and the teacup!!! Merry Christmas!!

  6. Every time I read this blog, I get more and more amazed at the magic.

    <3 please never stop. Never stop blogging or being magic.

    Merry Christmas, and have a HAppy ENw Year!

  7. hello darling precious christmas girl! what a beautiful holiday post! when you say those lovely words to all of us out here i really do feel you are talking just to me. and then i feel so excited and happy and like i really will come and eat mince pies and croissants with jam and drink mugs and mugs of tea. i love your beautiful photos of christmas playing and magic and love. and tilly-rose so sweet in a cup!
    thinking of you, so dear.

  8. awh thank you!
    Sweet photos and the
    brooch is lovely.
    Merry christmas to you 2

    & i put you in my list
    with links :)

  9. Merry Christmas Lottie and tilly-rose! ^^

    Tilly-rose is so cute in that little cup.I love it!How nice you can play with snow.*envy* Hehe~ I have a lovely Christmas today.It's wonderful. ^^ I hope you have a cozy and wonderful Christmas too!

    I'm going to have my Christmas dinner later. *Starving* ^^

    Once again,Happy Christmas to you and cute little tilly-rose too!

    xXMuch Much Magical Christmas!Xx

  10. Merry merry Christmas, as we Americans say! Keep dancing in your snow wishes - Christmas in the desert is so different!
    Have a wee look at the rose cake from our made me think of you as I made it!

    with love,

  11. merry christmas!
    the way you write makes me think of sparkles and fairy rain. and i love seeing all your baking creations! yum yum yum.
    xo maisie #1

  12. your bow is SO cute. you are such an adorable person!

  13. Have a merry Christmas!
    Your cookies seem as if they are too pretty to be eaten.

    Stay lovely always:))

  14. merry christmas to you too!
    mmm...those cookies! yum!

    oh, and i gave your blog an award...
    you totally deserve it!

  15. happy christmas! it looks like you are having so much fun! tilly~rose looks so sweet nestled in a teacup! have a wonderful day today!

  16. Happy Christmas to you, love!

    I hope it will be the most magical, wonderful, fantastic, sweet and enchanted christmas of your life!
    your post is like an enchanted sweet!i just want to put it in my mouth and eat it - that's how sweet and lovely it is!

    Merry christmas, dear! You are the sweetest of sweetest, and oh, so lovable!

  17. Oh my dear! Merry merry christmas. I think that christmas is over for you in England, but here in Oregon I still have the entire evening full of baking and cooking and eating and sitting with my family and friends. I am so very happy your christmas eve was wonderful, I hope your christmas day was too.

    With lots and lots of love, and sparkles, and holiday fairies,

  18. Merry Christmas darling~ I love the cookie angel with white wonderful glaze. I wish Christmas could last forever, at least it lasts until 6. january here... Lots of love to you and your amazing wonderful posts!

  19. Merry Christmas (a bit late) darling! Your angel cookies are magic.

  20. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    Despite the fact Christmas Day is over in England, this post kept me in the mood of Santa and reindeer and pretty flashy lights.

    Have a lovely Boxing Day!


  21. happy holidays, lovie!!
    my gift to you:

  22. thank you for the loveley comment about the dress,
    and yes I did wear it for christmass
    And I'm very proud because I didn't spill something on it (I allways spill something on white clothes! it's a curse)
    you are utterly adorable, you are an inspirition to me!
    happy holidays!

  23. I hope you had the most magical christmas possible,
    you are so incredibly beautiful, from the inside out.

  24. I hope you had the most magical christmas possible,
    you are so incredibly beautiful, from the inside out.

  25. oh sweetheart, my little angel, my lottie, you look simply beautiful with your little brooch on i made :) im so glad you like it!!! a special little gift for you

    thank you for you cheery cheery christassy sweet lovely note on my blog... i dearly wish you could have come, and drunk starry tea in the starry caffe, and make snow angels on the enchanted florr, and giggle and giggle all day

    i have just read your last whisper mail also. my goodness, what a treat, there was a rosy cheeked smile on my face the entire time!!! i shall reply as soon as possible. promise.
    and you little pictures from you lovcely brother... thank him ever so much for me, what a treat they were!!! little lotties and rosies... how delightful!!!! lots of giggles and awwws!!!

    i hope you had the most wonderful christmas possible, sweetheart. with lots of smiles and smiles and giggles and giggles, and paper hat wearing and board game playing. the snow wishes look amazing. what a wonderful idea. i want to do that too!!!!

    you are wonderful, sweetest little angel, my moon best friend

  26. Hello sweet darling,
    I am very sorry to have not commented yet, I keep thinking I have and then today I had to come and check to see if I did or not, so here is my comment to your wonderful little snowy post.

    When I was a little girl I used to always want those block number calendars, like your green one. Never was I lucky enough to get one, sadly.
    The background in the picture though is lovely. Is it a shelf or the wall? The strawberry looking flowers with the vines sorrounding what I now realize is the shelf are so cute.

    Yum, mince pie with milk. How delicious it must be, and then with the cold, even better if you eat something warm. Sorry, day dremaing.

    What is a haggerty house though?
    Is that you under the snow, with the little hat and redish scarf or are you the one holding the bag?

    Oh yum, croissants with butter, one of the simplests and yet so delicious breakfast one can have. Especially if it is paired with coffee. No?

    Aw, how cute. Is that your dolly? It is most adorable when lil kids take pictures and they are all confused by the buttons and hehe she covered it with her finger. how funny.

    Aw, you had to be away from Tilly~Rose? poor you and her too of course.
    Ahaha the picture in the tea cup is so cute.

    Oh my, you do look so pretty in these pictures. The bow is also very cute, and I love how you are always making your own little things, very creative girl you are, with wonderful taste.
    Your ring, by the way, is also very beautiful.
    Why, you are so kind. Many hearts for you too dear. MANY! You are the most sweetest and wonderful.

    The ring in the picture with the hbrooch is also gorgeous, as is the color of your nails.
    Oh and how adorable is Rosie Posie? Giving you such a cute brooch with an even cuter message.

    An envelope in the flower pot? Those flowers must be very smart to be able to leave you a letter, or to do anything other than look beautiful for that matter.

    Dancing? Why did you dance areoung the car? Are you just really happy that it is clean? I am just kidding with you. =]

    That picture of you before the cookies one is most beautiful. Your hair shines so prettily, it is adorable and you are the cutests.
    Though I must say the cookies are putting up a competition because I do not know which is cuter, the star or the angels.

    I think they are a wonderful description of you, since you are an angel from the stars, who has many darling moon friends, no?
    I wish my mother would back me such wonderful looking cookies and the mince pie too.

    Yes, just right how you explained the stars and angels. It is you and Rosie, both being the most wonderful darlings.

    I would love to join you and your mother, it would be wonderful to meet an angel who has a mother that can bake such wonderful little treats. I am envious.
    Yay for Tilly~rose and trixie-lu, for inviting me also.
    You are such a wonderful person, mentioning your blogger friends to your family, and being so sweet as to invite us, too bad you live so far away. If not I would be there and rejoice with you and all the other girlies.

    Have the loveliest week of all, which I am sure you already had because of all the gifts and joy you have recived.
    This was a very lovely post by the way, filled with so many kind words.


  27. wow, I love your blog!
    that flour fight looks amazingly fun!!
    beautiful photos!

    could we trade links please?
    and hope you had an amazing christmas!

  28. lovely pictures! creepy doll. lovely little mouse!

    <3 the last picture.

    happy holidays!

  29. dearest, i've missed you & you look like you've had an ecstatic time on christmas!

    i adore the photos of you & the golden bow in your hair!

  30. I gave you an award!
    have a nice day!

  31. Chloƫ/Fabulous-blog28 December 2008 at 16:46

    Wow! Your blog is doing so well! Your pictures are so magical, as always!

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

    this is a link to a little "feature" type thing, you may have to scroll down to find the entry :]
    i love your blog, i used to visit it during my free hours at school.

  34. christmas has already past, but i hope you had a good one, well it looks like you definately did!

  35. Aw! Thanks ever so much for the sweet love note, darling. Your pictures and words sprinkled with fairydust make me miss England all the more...:(
    And please, I would like to know about your school life, as I am looking at going to design school myself. Is it worth it?
    Regardless, I sincerely hope you had a happy Christmas, and I think that you're so charming.
    ~Raina, also known as Sariana

  36. (*laughs*) And I love that brooch!...makes me want to get busy with my own. <3


*Forever Love*