happy and magical 2009 we welcome

due to illness my plans to go back to the haggerty house with samuel and stay with the cousins got cancelled. so he went instead. i stayed at home. with pig. tilly~rose too. my older brother and his girlfriend were there and also my sister stayed with my nephews. we played board games and giggled and sniggled at silly answers my sister wrote down. we had bubbles at 12. i had a teeny bit of bubbles. they had more. fireworks popping and banging all around outside the window. pinks and greens and sparkly golds.
i wished for a woodland tea party. but it was too cold. i would have worn this with my new mittens that mother bought. we would have had cake and biscuits and tea to keep our insides warm.
instead we popped outside. out the front door. our icy icy breath warming our surroundings. we had gold sparkly sparklers. swirly and twirly we spelt our names with the teeny starry trail. magical sticks excited our souls. this was far too fun than celebrating the new year other wise.
only smiles and magical excited giggles came from my heart this particular night. i spent it quite perfectly. now all is needed are the most perfect new years resolutions for 2009. i will promise to keep them. in fact i think they will just come far too naturally this year.
these have been thoughtfully picked out. especially for myself.
♥ i will be extremely and completely happy this year. like i used to be back then when those things were almost perfect.
♥ i will smile a considerable amount from those things i had forgotten that made me happy... family and friends and being creative.
♥ i will make more delightfully yummy things so i can have the perfect excuse to host a tea party. tea parties in my magical place.
♥ i will travel to the moon with my moon best friend and all my other moon friends and we will catch those stars and make our special headbands.
♥ i will write more stories and share with you some amazing adventures.
♥ i will not cry over silly souls that are no longer apart of my soul or my adventures. those who once broke my heart a teeny bit. those who are no longer allowed to make my eyes well and my cheeks dampen. nor will i meet anyone who may do the same.
♥ and most importantly i will have the most amazingly magical and pretty year i have had so far. and i am completely too very happy and delighted to be sharing it with you. and tilly~rose. and obviously pig. smiles forever because of you.


  1. Happy New Year!

    Wish you have a great year!

    and get well soon so you can have more fun with your moon friends! ^^


  2. Ooh, you're sick? So sad. I'm on MSN now... So sorry I missed you! I love your resolutions oh so much, more than you know. Can I be your moon friend?
    Kisses.. Have you recieved my package yet? Happy 2009 New Years!

  3. happy 2009! sounds like a great start ^_^

  4. happy 2009, well it sure seems like it has started well and hopefully it goes well until the end.
    i like your resolutions alot.

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  6. have a merry new year, darling. And keep loving and smiling more giantly...:)

  7. yay, 2008 is over! haha, just kidding. I loved 2008, it rocked. I guess this comment was kind of pointless, but still. You're awesome, never give up hope! okay, bye!

  8. I like your resolutions! good ideas! You and pig and tilly~rose rock =) We lauched fireworks here too....and I wore a feather headress you would've liked=)

  9. get well soon! with such a fabulous mask, how could you not? it looks like your new year was lovely nonetheless though.

    happy 2009.
    can't wait to see what it brings, and your resolutions are extremely thoughtful. i could use a few of them in my life too.


  10. I had a tea party, but it was an Alice In Wonderland tea party! We didn't have real tea in our tea pots though, we had to pretend. :(

    I love your mask, continue being fabulous into 2009!

  11. Happy new year darling! It looks like you had an awesome day on new years eve. I love all your new years resolutions as well:D Especially the ones about being happy. I too, will make 2009 the most happy ever! Lots of love to you!

  12. Get well soon!
    You look really dazzling as usual:))

    And stay cheerful like that always!

  13. awww hope you get better. you look gorgeous even though you're sick, anyway.

  14. I am wishing for a magical 2009 too, and I have a feeling it will be...for everyone! I love the mittens with the cutest little bow attached :)

  15. I adore these photos, every bit as magical as you x

  16. Happy New Year!!!
    Your Blog is so nice,pretty, no the perfect word for your blog is: beautiful
    i have linked you

  17. Wishing you a very Happy New Year! Looking forward to reading about sparkly things on your blog :)

  18. Have a beautiful year of two thousand and nine! I hope it truly is as family and fun filled as you hope, and with the discovery of real happiness.

  19. I love your blog so much! How did you do the header and what template are you using? I really love it. Thanks!

  20. Where did you get that lovely mask? So pretty. I was wishing for one just the other day to take into a photobooth.

    I hope you feel better & poorly times go away.

    I am glad you had a lovely christmas & a sparkly new year.


  21. happy new year lovely! these pics are incredible x

  22. lovely, wonderful post!
    so pretty :)
    happy new year

  23. Oh dear Lottie, I do hope you feel better! Lovely post, your resolutions are simply magical!

  24. I absolutely adore those fingerless gloves!! Where did they come from!? I'm so big into fingerless gloves atm!

    Also, I really love that mask! I was actually just telling my friend Jazz how I wanted to make some cool masquerade papier mache masks just for myself! You have a wicked cute blog! Do you want to exchange blog links with me? :)

    xx. Mav

  25. What a wonderful time you seem to have had!

    I love love fireworks. We didn't have any this year, but just looking at yours makes me happy :)

    You have amazing resolutions and I wish you all the best in keeping them. Especially about being happy. It is oh so important, so important that sometimes we forget.

    I wish I could go to the moon too. I think I would braid my hair and put stars in them, and every time I would move they would twinkle and somewhere on Earth somebody would make a wish.

    Happy new year, dear.


  26. Happy new year!
    I hope your
    come true.
    You deserve them too.
    I love your sparklers.

  27. oh my sweetheart lottie moon bestest bestest friend... such silliness... i left you a comment on your last post and i just looked and it had not saved!!!! oh dear. that was days and days ago, and it didnt work!!! oh dear. it was a wonderful post, sweetest, i loved your photos and adventures, and me and you as biscuits!!! :) perfect!!

    thank you for your comment on my post, my lovely lottie!! i think i have seen the sleeping beauty cup like my new belle one, how wonderful!!! shall we drink our pink tea from them on the moon, at our tea party?? whilst eating our angel and star biscuits??? and my goodness, our matching pirate chocolate too!!! what a wonderful party we shall have. i will wear my new starry skirt, and you can wear the outfit you are wearing here, that you would have worn for your woodland tea party. wonderful. i absolutely love it!!!! so so much. and we must must have sparklers. I love these pictures of you, looking ever so cute with your sparklers. you look magical, lottie, you do you do!!!

    what wonderful new years resolutions also. i wrote mine down after thinking carefiully in my little note book. and i have some very similar to yours. i too had one about you, sweetie, moon best friends forever. and ever and ever. as we have both resolved to continue with our adventures and friendship, we must. we must we must. we can make a moon best friend promise to do so!!! :)

    and no more tears this year lottie, over those who are not worth them. just smiles and smiles with loved ones. all year round. and glitter and sparkles and loveliness!!!

    starry hugs and new years wishes and smiles to you and of course little pig and tilly ~rose. who curly wishes to send little furry curly snuggles too. lots of them.

  28. aw, beautiful photos, story and resolutions!
    i love your blog, it always make me happy!!
    happy 2009

  29. your blog is absolutley adorable! and your wording makes it even more speacial! i love it it makes it seem like your world is a fairy tale!

  30. Wonderful!!! what a lovely Xmas celebrations....and a Sparking New Year Eve....enjoyed spending time....

  31. I think I'm going to try to do the same.

  32. I hope you have a wonderful
    2009 with fun and ofcourse
    new and beautiful posts.

  33. happy new year! adorable photos, pet

  34. Most lovely Lottie,

    your pictures and words are always so inspiring. I hope you have a beautiful and wondrous New Year.
    And, I have tagged your magical blog in my most recent post.

    Much love!

  35. Everything about your blog is amazing! I have given you award!

  36. This looks like such fun!
    I hope you are having a lovely new year, dear!
    Also I wanted to let you know that I have given you an award.


  37. your resolutions are wonderful
    i adore your mittens <3

  38. Happy New Year! I hope you're feeling better :)
    Sweet mittens! & I love the pictures with the sparkler!

  39. Hope you have a lovely new year that brings you every happiness! Your blog and your lovely tales, photos and posts are simply wonderful!

  40. Happy new year ! What delightful photos!

  41. Hi! I'm new to Blogger but I somehow stumbled across your blog and love it! Your photographs are divine, you have so many lovely things. I have a pig from my childhood very similar to your Pig, although mine is called Piggy (we were obviously very imaginitive children ;). Also, I think I may steal your hammy's name for my first child, when the day comes, is that okay with you?
    Happy New Year!

  42. I just came across your blog - its gorgeous! really enjoyed it, esp as i've not found a great deal of UK blogs around yet!! xx

  43. Dear lovely friend Lottie,

    You are positively wonderful, and adorable and so loveable. My absentness, and my not replying to your ever so sweet comments is so horrifying and I am so very sorry for keeping away. I have been so very busy, but I made myself sit down and comment on your lovely post.

    Those pictures are so gorgeous, you are so gorgeous.

    I am so glad you had so much fun and were able to spend some time with your older brother and more family time. Bubbles, meaning champagne?

    Comments left by you are such a surprise, they leave me smiling on and on, and I too adore your comments.
    You are very welcome for my comments, it is simply too wonderful, your blog I mean, to not comment and to not be enchanted with you.

    Yes, the blocks are lovely indeed. It was a bit dumb of me not to notice what made part of the calendar and what didn’t. sorry
    Ooh, so the haggerty house is your cousin’s house. Much better and less confusion now. Hehe
    Basin fairy, how wonderful that is.

    Yes yes, I have watched or more like heard about the Charlie and Lola, they are so very cute. I actually played the games they have, like the maze or the music one. It is quite pleasing to do so, it makes me feel like a little one again. Missing those days so much lately.

    Well, I have been having a wonderful time, thank you for asking.

    So glad to hear you have been having such a precious time too, with all those treats and the lovely family bonding time, no? Board games with family and friends is always the best. So much fun to do so, while everyone is happy and not getting too competitive, that is.

    No snow?! How sad, I am sorry, maybe I should have wished with you, and then you would have gotten your wish. So sorry, next time remind me to wish with you, then it will happened.

    If you wish, when I go to Wyoming, I could send you a box of imaginary snow through the comment box, but then it would be such a wet comment, but it is the sentiment that counts, right?

    Well then, your autie and your friend look quite happy in the snowy pictures, which is great.

    Yum yum, mince pie with milk. But no, I have had no mince pie or any sort of treats lately. I yearn for some now, which always seems to happen when I read your blog. Weird, I know.

    These goals you have picked are all so wonderful.
    Smiling should be so easy to such a lovely and wonderful person as yourself, but I do understand that someone made you cry far too much, but I do hope that you are able to stick to the no more crying over them rule. You are far too good for anyone, too lovely and precious.

    Oh excuses to host a tea party, which is a lovely goal indeed. May I go to the moon with you or is that only for your besties? Because I would very much love to catch stars and make our own headbands, though seeing as how I am not as creative as you or Rosie, mine would be pretty ugly. But could I come along to the moon and have a wonderful tea party with the loveliest darlings I have met? ♥

    I am so happy and delighted that you would be willing to spend this wonderful year with me, and it should be an amazing goal for you to have the greatest of times. Which I hope, with every bit of my heart, that you do. Maybe if I wish hard enough it will truly come true, do you think so? Such a lovely little darling should never be sad, and should always smile and be merry because you are positively wonderful and simply a beautiful person, inside and out.
    Those pictures of you proved so, because you are so pretty. The butterfly in your hair is just such a great little detail, and those gloves do look so nice, I wish I had found some such as those.

    Oh my, that ‘little’ mask of feathers is so nice, where ever did you find such a stunning piece? How wonderful it would be to go to a masquerade, of course that is if I were able to find a lovely guy who would be a gentlemen throughout the night, don’t you agree?

    the shirt is so very pretty, holding sparklers while wearing such a sparkly shirt yourself. Oh and I oculd almost make out your shoes, I think, in the last picture but the sparkler made it blurry. Too bad, though I am sure they were also very pretty.

    Well honey dear, I am sure you have been spending this weeks of time off to the best, with your family, but seein as how you mentioned something about you being sick or feeling ill, I hope that you will get better or already are.

    Oh and give my hellos to Tilly~rose, who is also such a cute little darling, along with pig of course.

    Well, I am off to finish this many commenting I have going on.
    Have the bestests of weeks, and I am so very sorry for the lateness of this comment. Oh and also happy belated New Years. Hehe


  44. your photos take me to an inspiratonal place. i like thoughtful writing, too. your blog us all smooth and happy and tasteful. makes me smile.

  45. such lovely pictures - i love that feathery mask and the sparklers - looks like such fun!

    Your goals for this year are beautiful, I hope you accomplish them all!

  46. I will give you a big sparkly star (a real one, ill pluck it from the sky for realz!)if you give me you intensely cute mask. I was trawling the shops for on like it all day :-(

    Love and sparkles xxx


*Forever Love*