ps. your comments have all been lovely. and you have cheered me up quite alot.
and i am sorry for being slow with commenting back ♥


  1. the storyteller's diary11 February 2009 at 21:37

    Oh lovely friend! thank you for your wonderful comment. I must tell you that your blog was what inspired me to create my own. I stumbled upon you quite by accident. I am so thrilled to know you will be reading mine as I read yours.

    Perhaps someday we could meet on the moon for tea? The man who lives there owes me a party.

    i hope your day was precious and priceless.

  2. =) It's okay Lottie.
    You're so cute in your pyjamas. >.<

    Plans huh?
    I wished I can have some relaxing plans for tomorrow.But too bad it's my turn to start my assignments and exams. =(

    Currently having computer lesson. =P I'm sneaking into here behind my lecturer. Oppss..bad bad me. XD

    Have a lovely day.


  3. I wanted to tell u again, thank u sooo much for the sparkly blogger award--I love it.

    I hope you have a Very happy valentine's day this weekend!! I am going to the Ocean! I am really excited b/c it is a little bit warm here and I love the smell of the ocean..and how calm and beautiful the seashore is when no one else is around (it is still very much off season).

    wishing you much love & happiness,

  4. hallo there fellow tea drinker!
    your blog is divine.

    i have tagged you on my blog, i hope that's ok


  5. Thankyou for commenting back :)
    I always mean to wander up Mansfield Road but it always seemslike such a trek! I'll take a look when I have money to burn.

  6. Oh this is so cute!!! I love, love, love it. The pictures are perfect and the title alone makes me fall in love.

  7. Take it easy gorgeous!
    Love you...


  8. bonjour love,
    happy valentines day!!

  9. aww thankyouu.i am very pleased to be back!! i need to post a lot this week as itshalfterm! i can catch up with the blogging world! aww:( i hope the work mountain decreases!so you can fillyour wishes! what a lovely post "stranger from the north" is. very lovely pjs!! haha. happy valentines day lottie! i wish you a lovely day! what are u upto today? i am going to a BALL! im ever so excited!i bought a lovley dress and hope to find heels and jewellery in town today!! have a lovely week/end xxxxxxx

  10. hi I'm new to blogging. I've just started since I think this is a great way of fixing some problems in my life. A way of therapy so to speak. so thank you for inspiring me to do this. :D I hope it helps with time. and I hope you answer as well :) your blog makes me see more of the positive things in life that people usually don't notice. and I don't underestimate my tea! have a great sunday and happy valentines :)

  11. Happy Valentine's day Lottie! Hope you get thousands of v. presents today. =D Happy Valentine day to tilly-rose too. ^^

  12. Happy Valentine's Day! I hope it's a fantastic and peaceful one. My day was spent dancing about like a 30's chorus girl and anxiously jittering at an audition! Exciting and fun and happy but nervewracking!
    love, cait

  13. I just discovered your blog and it's so very lovely!

    I am sure I will come back soon! :)

    Have a wonderful Valentin's Day


  14. Lovely!
    I took a photo of teacups in an antique dealer's window in San Francisco last week that made me think of you...
    I'll post it eventually, but I have gajillions of photos to wade through first!

  15. i like your blog very much :-)


*Forever Love*