sparkly sparkles and starry stars

oh blogger loves and sweet hearted souls and moon friends and such. i am extremely apologetic of my very long absence. you could not possibly imagine the work load. it has been so very high, even taller than me you know. well some of that work load has been completed and thankfully gone. my dissertation-visual product has been done, and i am so happy about that. *thank you all who helped me with that, the 'home comfort' questions.*
so much has happened i do not know where to start...
those weeks have also included new dresses of gold and silver and pink. new shoes of extravagant height and flat shoes of pale peachyness. new pyjamas for my freezing room. new books for specialness and love and inspiration. package preparations. new work projects. cutting and sticking and writing. giggling. smiling. grinning. blushing. singing. dancing. tea drinking. sweet eating. valentine card making. birthday card writing. snuggles with tilly~rose. snuggles with pig. films: the princess diaries. a little princess. miss potter. edge of love. ballet shoes. girl interrupted. changling. sleeping beauty. twilight. wild child. mary poppins.
sweet dreamtime tea with mother and her teaset and scottish shortbread.
special goodbye outings of pizza and fudge cake and grown-up-giggly-wine with best friend suz and more visits to her angus dog and koby cat.
leaving home at the cottage to travel back to the uni apartment, upon receiving special fairy mails of homesickness cures and home phone calls from mother. who also made me a teeny portion of shepherd's pie(cottage pie) which is my favourite of mother's cooking, a pot of white chocolate's from christmas, chocolate tree decorations and candy canes to take back with me. although completely sad and wanting to go back at first, for those couple of weeks, i am finally settled in with plenty of work and smiles and fashion parties.
tilly~rose too feels better. though she too missed mother alot alot. and samuel's attention.
obviously drinking plenty of tea and eating christmas chocolate's and sweets and pirate chocolate is helping alot, but the secret stash is getting so very teeny.
i found the most beautiful and magical bookshop here in the city, so hidden and a bit of a teeny adventure to it, but it is magical. the shop is covered floor to ceiling, wall to wall with books books books. piles and piles of that old scent and yellow tinted pages were so very piled high all the way up the old-carpeted narrow staircase and all the way to the top floor. i sit in the children's section and read and create my own teeny pile of perfection. when i pay, the lovely shopkeeper tells me all about how old books are better than the newer ones, where i happily agree and give him my pennies, which he puts in the old old very old fashioned till.
for after's i walk home with a raspberry filled cupcake with vanilla butter icing from dotty's vegan tearoom. where i had a whole teapot of tea to myself as i wait for the magical bookshop to open.
(image from lesinvasionsephemeres) i wish to live in such a perfection of a decorated room. this would be my fairytale thoughts on walls. it is adorable and this is why i completely wish to be a princess.
and this magical creation is what i wish mother to make me for my 'pink' themed party for my birthday in april. obviously i wish for a pink princess castle though with a gold glittered roof.
oh goodness! i think the wishes for snow worked! alot alot. look what happened to our beautiful outdoor surfaces here in england. is it not just perfection?! i made snow angels and wrote friend's names in the snow. and laughed and giggled and smiled with amazement at the white powdered magic. i felt happy and childlike. i adored it so.
going to the cinema always results in going to the shop first to buy sweets from the pick and mix trays with the brightly coloured sugared scoopers. i did not even eat all of mine, so i was lucky lucky lucky enough to enjoy them properly afterward. with tea and pink water.
the beautiful lucy, whom i am smilie with for being back, tagged with me the 'four tag'...
A: Four places that I go to over and over:
home to the cottage, university, this cute little boutique of everything-tokenhouse, cinema
B: Four people who email me regularly:
rosy rosie my moon best friend, father, mother, amazon updates
C: Four favourite smells:
freshly cut grass, coffee, although i do not like the taste, mother's washing, father's old scent
D: Four places I would rather be right now:
tucked up under the covers with pig watching the princess diaries again, home at the cottage with mother and samuel, on the moon with my moon friends, at dotty's cafe eating raspberry filled cupcakes and drinking tea
E: Four people I tag:
F: Four TV shows I watch: sex and the city, the oc, charlie and lola, britain's next top model.
* i also have been awarded by the the sweetest button in the tin, the star princess, rosie. thank you so much my deal little one.
in return i am awarding such a special teeny award, handmade by myself, whilst drinking tea.
*'a special and sparkly and starry blog' award*
and i am giving this special blog award to...
rosie, jess, sprinkleton, nicola, end of march, sticky kitten, lucy, ginger lily, chloe, lily-sage, ana, angela, sparkle, a special teeny pixie, danica, erin meagan, notebook doodles, emily, and renee ivory, once she has saved her blog.

*night time wishes for you all with sweetest of dreams and a sparkly morning time*
happy weekend.
i will comment to you all tomorrow poppets.


  1. You DO live in my city, I live but literally a little walk from the magical bookshop and dotty's. In fact, the whole of Mansfield Road is pretty great. If you go up that nice gated tree lined walk way across from dotty's, you get to my house:) I love your blog a lot. And you definitely need to check out The Walk, if you haven't already been xx

  2. a busybusy bee you have been my dear! you also watched many movies! may i suggest to you, miss pettigrew lives for a day. you will adore it. just wanted to leave you a quick comment. xo

  3. Oh, how very wonderful it is to have you back again, it's so nice to see your magical life unfold through your beautiful pictures, for you sprinkle everything with fairy dust, you see, and it makes me wish i had a bit of my own.
    <3, angelica

  4. Oh I am so happy that you are back! What a magical magical time you had. Those dresses are amazingly sparkly and wonderful. And all those sweets!

    I want to find a magical bookstore as well. I work in one, but I want to find one with old books and an old books smell. One I can hide in the corner of and pretend it is my house and my secret hideaway. Like a treasure island.

    Thank you so so much for the tag and the award! Penelope is so happy too, and tonight we will snuggle together (As much as we can snuggle she can't stop being excited about everything, unless I scratch the right spot behind her ears that is...) and figure out the answers to the tag together.

    Have a wonderful magical day, dear!


  5. It is so very lovely to see that you have returned to blogland. I know your magical writing has been missed. And so many fabulous pictures and stories awaited us. What a fabulous end to my day! I wish I could live in England and have fairy tea parties and eat pink pig sweets and catch white fluffy snowflakes on my tongue.

  6. beautiful post. that dress is amazing on you. all your posts are so cute and magical. i really feel like i am entering fairy tale land when i come here. and i love old books. i always go to the friends book store at the library and they sell really old books for like 1 or 2 dollars apiece, so of course i can't resist. i wish i lived in a room like that too. so pretty and well-organized and put together.

  7. Your blog is the absolute sweetest, I am so happy to see you updating! lovely lovely lovely. good luck with your remaining work xx

  8. my oh my...all those pictures are sooo very pretty, and you look adorable darl :)

  9. What an enchanted life you live, everything is so lovely...the award and all of the exquisite photographs and the candies and sparkling twinkling dress! O how happy I am that I discovered your site.

  10. you want to be a princess? seriously? seriously? i like your blog, the whimsical desires and pictures of cupcakes and teacups and pink things in general are lovely and remind me of when i was younger, but girlie, i'm probably the same age as you and i have not heard that wish being expressed during the last 10 years.

  11. Hello! I hope you got my picture comment! I'm not sure you did..I might have not actually sent it, so I'm posting a link here!

    Your room and dresses are lovely! i wish i could go back to england, sounds like fun :D

  12. Oh my darling!
    I am happy to hear from you, and completely understand the work load. I'm looking forward to my spring holiday, even if that means no more snow! Thank you for this enchanting blog award. I am so touched that you thought of me, dear.

    I hope all is well and dreamy!
    love and x's and o's

  13. I've missed you! Nice post:)

  14. I missed your lovely pictures and wonderful words.

  15. hello love! welcome back. oh how we have all missed you, myself especially. your world of delicate sweets and magic and party frocks and your lists of delights and your lovely little giggly face. imagine my surprise when i came to the end of your post and found you had given my your most special special award! oh it made me so happy! your blog is just everything i want mine to be (though i am far behind, i know), so the award just makes me burst with joy. you are the sweetest sweetest. thank you, dear.

    and this post is a wonder to read. your golden skirted frock and snow! finally snow! and the prettiest candies and treats! i am glad you're not too homesick anymore. i am not homesick either, at last. and i love love love old books. piles of them up to the ceiling. and getting lost in them for hours!
    be well, dear little tea drinking rose.

  16. ieeeieeeeieee I'm so happy you'r back, your post made me happy!
    I hope you won't have so much work again! There's a pile of work waiting on my desk as well :S
    but your post made a wonderful break in between all my tasks
    have a lovely weekend

  17. Two tiny little cupcake houses just opened in Dubai and I am so very excited to visit them! One has a big pink sign and is called "kitsch." What a fun girly outing they would make.
    I was just given a gift wrapped box of fine tea from a specialty tea store, which is such a treat! It's South African tea, and thankfully for my poor stomach, is naturally decaf! It's wonderful.
    That room is absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of some of the graphics that artist Vanessa Valencia does...she is lovely!! (


  18. dear anonymous... ofcourse i wish to be a princess! that would tryuly be magical wouldn't it. which i wish i was in real life... a magical princess.
    i live in a different world to the real one.
    a wishful world! full of faeries and princesses and magic.

    although... we ARE all princesses... remember what sara said? 'every girl's a princess'.

    thank you for the comments everyone. you are all so lovely.

  19. oh oh thank you so much for the comments!!i will look foward to your future comments :D
    i was thinking about chaning my layout, but i cannot find a good one to replace it...
    yes yes we are all princesses!! i love that movie. have you seen amelie?? it's very cute as well.
    i hope i can make my blog just as lovely as your blog :D you are my role model :D hehehehe

  20. This post is especially magical:]
    I love it loads.

    Have fun in the snow!

  21. Looks like you have had a lovely time<3 I love the snow angels<3 And the bookshop! How much I would adore to live near a bookshop like that. I love old books and all the people who have read the very same book before<3

    Hugs & Kisses

  22. i wish i could visit your bookshop. and even more, i wish i could wear your gold skirt! it is just darling.

    /maisie #1

  23. ah, i have to tell you one more thing: when i got your comment, i felt like a celebrity had just talked to me! it made me smile so!

  24. glad you are back :) good luck with all of your work!

    you look so pretty! and your photos are so gorgeous, as is tilly~rose!


  25. Oh my! Thank you so much for the beautiful award you have created! I will display it proudly! You are such a sweetheart. I loved your post. Glad to see you're back with tales of recent adventures. It has snowed here quite a bit recently also...which was really pretty, but to be quite truthful I am really looking forward to spring! Love all your teacups & sweet treats! Good luck with school=)

  26. I'm so happy to see you back and posting doll x

  27. I had fun in the stoy the last time I was aways as well. magical pictures.
    would you like to interchange links? let me know.

  28. Sweetie Lottie!!!!!! >.< So HAPPY to hear from you! Ou,so you actually busy on your homework and projects? ^^ You sure had a hard time to finish them. *pat pat Lottie's head* You don't know how much I missed you!!

    Oh my,snow! I want some!! And I think tilly-rose has grown up a bit, is she? ^^ Send my fluffy cuddle to tilly-rose. =D

    I'm totally headache starting over to create a new blog. Thinking hard to make it nice. I will get it done as soon as possible. And thank you so so much for the sparkly award. =)You are lovely as always. *huggie*

    Have a nice nice day!
    *Hopping around in my room! Weeeee XD*


  29. ah, mon dieu! my dear friend has come back! my have i missed you so! & i'd no idea your birthday was in april! mine happens to be also! :)
    dear, i've missed hearing about all the little things in your life. the tea, the treats. & MY THE DRESSES! how lovely everything is! :D
    i truly adore the gold. very much so.

    oh, i hope you have a lovely valentine's day, dear!

  30. I love the deer wall decals in the room you posted a pic of.

    Also our skirt looks like a present. So gilded.

    Thank you so much for the award.

  31. Snow wishes came true! It's been truly beautiful & snow days at uni. & those dresses are lovely! So spangly.

    Miss Potter is such an amazing film. Love love it.

    I'm glad you are doing well dear & having a magical time in these winter months. :)


  32. aw thank you honey :)
    good luck to you too!!


  33. your blog is just adorable!
    i think i'm going to pay you a visit more often:)

  34. I love that cake how I want it! Not to mention yor cold dress/skirt!

  35. You have been nominee... :)

    This blog is so cute that deserves an award...

    See you :)

  36. love to see your pics again...your skirt is sooooo cute! Kisses

  37. you always have such interesting and creative photos. I love your rings, and also that crazily awesome gold skirt!

  38. Thank you very much.... :D

    I'm so happy with this lovely award.Especially because it was made by you.... :)

    Happy weekend to you too......

  39. truly beautiful post. I wish I was in England so I could go to the Magical bookshop. I'm trying to come to Wales for grad school so maybe I will get to go in the near future. And its true, old books are sooo much better than brand new ones. Especially old, hard bound books with golden imprints, and browning pages. Also loved the dress!

    thank you for commenting on my 'cupcakes' post. If you ever come to new york city, go to magnolia bakery, they are wonderful!

  40. Oh wow! Thanks for your comment. I'd just finished writing a post and I noticed I had one from you :-) Very sweet of you to take the time to look at my blog.

    Most of the post I just wrote is actually about a book/film I really think you would love. 'The Secret of Moonacre' is the film that (just out in the cinema) and the book it is based on is 'The Little White Horse' by Elizabeth Goudge. It's the most magical, lovely story. I haven't actually seen the film yet- but I am very excited!


  41. What a wonderful, lovely and magical post!
    I always like reading your text and watching the photo's.
    And yes indeed, the feeling of snow make you so childish but that's the nice thing about it, you wake up, go outside and play in the snow.


  42. I have missed you oh so much, my dear! It's so nice to see you back with your wonderful sweetness once again in this post.
    I am super jealous of the beautiful snow you english people are getting over there!

  43. oh, I almost forgot to leave you x's and o's... so here they are:


  44. hello my sweethearted angel,

    your comment was so cute :) and oh my dearest the award!!!!!!!!! it is my favouritest ever EVER!!! i will treasure it always. you are wonderful and deserve it right back, you do you do!!!

    oooh and thank you ever so ever so much for the tag!!!

    it is wonderful to see your posts again, as they are always such magical reads!!! and oh my goodness what beautiful pictures of yourself, and what beautiful new dresses!!! i adore them so. and i too wish to live somewhere just like that. perfect. maybe that should be how we decorate our moon cottages, and then we can have tea parties there!!!

    sweetheart you make me smile so :) and i wish to whsiper mail back tomorrow, hopefully, dearest!!

    starry smiley hugs and sweet treats and strawberry sweetness
    x x x

  45. Oh, I watched A Little Princess secretly the night before last, on my birthday night.
    I would always always always want to be a princess.
    I's wear a golden crown crown with sparkles and jewels and princess dresses all day long. I'd live in a big castle, in the middle of Neverland.
    I wish I could be a fairytale princess, but not a real life princess. They all seem so...modern. They never wear princess dresses. =(
    ((I'm sure you heard of by now, I love it there forever))
    xxx Rosebud

  46. Hi again Lottie ^^,
    My Secret Chateau has reopened. It looks so blank and I'm not used to it.

    Ou,I just noticed that there are love-shaped pearl thingy on your teacup saucer. They look cute. =)

    Wish you have a lovely Sunday.


  47. helloo!
    i like your teacup.

    i found you from inside the cabinet of wonder. happy blogging:]

  48. reading your post made me really hungry! the cupcake and the sweets look georgous

  49. you have so many comments! you totally deserve them! first off, i LOVE your gold skirt ever so much. That fudge cake looks delicious, and I am craving some chocolatey goodness at the moment. That bookstore sounds great, I wish that I could go there! I love cupcakes too!

    Thank you SO much for the award, it looks so beautiful! I haven't been given a chance to make a proper catch up blog in more than a week, I feel so behind in this! Next time I post though, I will definetely post the award.

    Erin Meagan

  50. This was such a cute post! I enjoyed it a lot, it's great to have you back :)

  51. oh thank you very much for my lovely gift, it is simply beautiful!!
    thank you for the tag, i will do it right away.
    beautiful post as ever, and i am sure everyone is happy that you are back posting. we all miss you! :)

  52. all is pastel-powdery... I can almost smell the sugared almonds through the screen here...

    I adore a lovely cup of tea: mmmmm

  53. It's truely wonderful to see you back!
    I was wondering if there was any way for me to contact you outside the blog? I'd just like to ask you somthing. My blog's email is
    &if you visit my blog it will be fairly obvious what i'd like to ask So if you wouldn't mind emailing me that would be really really magnificent.

  54. your blog is gorgeous, i loved all of the pictures you've returned with. especially your lovely gold skirt. the enchanting books. and the castle cake is so pretty. i'm glad you're back to share your stories and photos with us all!

  55. you are quite possibly the cutest little creature ever !!

    such a sweet blog :]


  56. thank you so much for the award, dear =) i find these self-made awards to be so meaningful.

    thanks again! and i hope you are well..


  57. You're back! I missed your lovely little words and yummy treats and pretty pictures but i'm glad now :)

  58. I found your blog before Christmas and loved it, then you disappeared, so pleased you are back with your sparkles and pinkness. ; D

  59. you truly are fairytale princess :)
    when i grow up i wanna be you :)

  60. yes, jeans do feel tight and boyish now! and less comfortable and feminine than skirts.
    peacocks are lovely - once I was at the zoo and a little girl was chasing one around trying to pull its feathers out - it was awful!


  61. dearest lottie! I HAVE MADE MY NEW BLOG!! =D andboy your post is amazing! how are you?hopeyou are well! its catlin btw! i used to have the blog stylechild and we shared emails and you encouraged me to start a new blog! =Dlots of love xxxxxxxxxx

  62. dearest lottie! I HAVE MADE MY NEW BLOG!! =D andboy your post is amazing! how are you?hopeyou are well! its catlin btw! i used to have the blog stylechild and we shared emails and you encouraged me to start a new blog! =Dlots of love xxxxxxxxxx

  63. dearest lottie! I HAVE MADE MY NEW BLOG!! =D andboy your post is amazing! how are you?hopeyou are well! its catlin btw! i used to have the blog stylechild and we shared emails and you encouraged me to start a new blog! =Dlots of love xxxxxxxxxx

  64. So nice to catch up with all of your news!!!! Such pretty sparking photos, and lovely sweeties!

    I am organising a vintage/retro give away on my blog; I do hope that you will join in!!!


  65. Just found your blog and i love, love, love it! Great photos + I heart your outfits.


  66. oh my! i love your blog!! it's truly lovely! do you wanna exchange links? :)
    here's mine:

  67. yay ur updating again! I missed ur pretty little posts! I would like a big castle cake too :-) xcept i couldnt eat it ad would probably just sit looking at it and photograph it till the mice start eating it...Haha Ill be just like Mrs Haversham! Lying around in my wedding dress and watching the mice nibble the cake! xxx

  68. aww :) thank you for the award, dear! it looks wonderful <3

  69. I love all your pictures!!! Don't you just find those types of bookstores mind-blowingly fabulous?! Very fun blog you have! Ta!

  70. Those pics are so amazing,specially that kinda princess'room...=D
    Nice post..Love it..=)

  71. what a happy accident! i stumbled onto your site while searching for knickerbocker glory pics - but THIS is so much better! it's beautiful. and so are you. and your teacups. and the pretty rings on your fingers. oh, this is just a little sugared candy world of girly delights. you will be getting a link on my page post haste post!

    Eri x


  72. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, it's a nice escape into a magical land and it looks so delicious!


*Forever Love*