stranger from the north

it has been fairly strange here. the internet has lost itself through my laptop... and only my laptop. but it was fixed today. i have eaten slices and slices of chocolate cake..ssh. and the cups of tea i have had has risen to 270 million zillion. oh dear me, sweet ones i wish to share the rest of my cake and my turkish delight chocolates with you. and sparkly banana milk.
amanda took ola and i to a magical place yesterday. full of lacey tape and stamps and pink and gold doyleys and glitter pots galore. i adored so very much so. but it felt like we walked and walked for miles. i felt so very bad for not walking more. but it is hard to do so here. everything is on our doorstep. except of course this amazing place. which i spent a little too much of my pennies.
now i have finished buying birthday cards and making valentine's cards and sending packages home, i am going to do a teeny bit of work so i can look at the magic they call your blogs.
tomorrow i will visit the bookshop and smile a lot.
what are your dear plans?


  1. Sounds lovely.
    Was the shop in Nottingham? I need to know where it is. It sounds perfect :)

  2. oh, how wonderful chocolate cake with sparkly banana milk would be! and nothing is ever complete, ever, without a million zillion cups of tea. and your pajamas are so adorable, i love love love them. your hair is the most exquisite colour! i'm so glad your internet is working again, i absolutely hate when mine goes out, i practically die! i hope the rest of your week is magical!
    <3, angelica

  3. yay you are back :)

    i got the sparkly award that you made passed down to me, and i just wanted to tell you how pretty it is!

    and mmmm turkish delight :)

    take care, dear

    <3 lise

  4. Oh sweets, how lovely. That looks like such great fun...
    I've been having no homework lately which excites me oh so much!
    I'm painting a cupcake onto a red skirt now for etsy and I posted some new vintage clothes...
    And today I received a lovely little TINY grey house in the mail from etsy... <333

  5. hiya, your blog is awesome, sparkly banana milk sounds just what i need right now. If you get some free time, please check out my blog =]

  6. Chocolate cake. Yummy!
    And lots of tea, one can never have TOO much tea!

    I was watching Charlie and Lola the other day, and I thought of you.

    You are lovely as always.

  7. Oh sweet, dear! How wonderful your little adventures sound!

    I am happy for you :) Really.
    My plans are to work and to rad and to start working on another little art project for my lovely SleepyBear for valentine's day.

    I wish you a wonderful time at the bookshop.


  8. Visiting a bookshop sounds like the most delightful way to spend the day. By the way, I love your pajamas. You can never go wrong with polka dots! :)

  9. your polka dot jammies are so sweet!

  10. awww, you're a cutie! and I love Mary Poppins!! :)

  11. oh, you're wearing the fur! it is impeccable, we can agree to that, yes??
    my dearest, i am very stressed with my studies in european history, & i am quite distraught because i MUST finish my valentines to pass out tomorrow! how... *sigh

    oh, but i had to see the newest post from you! ^-^;
    i too would like a slice of that chocolate cake, dear!

  12. mmm, bookshops and cake and tea and adventures! how very very lovely!

    thank you so much for the comment on my blog, dear. it made me so very happy. you gave me such big huge compliments! oh they made me smile!

    and i know exactly how you feel about being lonely and missing your mum. i was gone for a very long time and i was sad often. now that i am home i feel so safe and cared for. it is such a warm feeling. but i am also afraid i am too old to be so comforted by my childhood home, and now i want to make a new home, all mine. but where and how? it is scary.

    reading this magical wee post lifted my spirits on a rather hard night. sweet dreams to you, sweet english rose.


  13. Mmm, I thought about buying a frosted & sprinkle-y donut today and seeing yours makes me wish I had! Tomorrow :)

  14. Oh darling love,

    I'm happy you've had time for small adventures through all of your work! The places you go seem so magical.


  15. The song your playing through your blog makes me incredibly happy!

  16. *steals your cake* Yummy<333

    I'm so happy you found a cute new shop, I love to find new favourite places<3 The bookshop of love~ I hope you have fun!

    Hugs & Kisses darling!

  17. I'm so pleased your back now! I missed reading all your posts full of loveliness & little sparkly things. I like the sound of this little bookshop place, it really sweet & magical!

  18. Awww you look so sweet wrapped up cosy! The cake looks yummy! I'm eating pink and white wafer things, no way near as good as chocolate cake.
    Hope you had a lovely day dear, its been agesss since we spoke! How are things with you? Looking forward to the dreaded valentines day?!

  19. O how lovely...I do hope you enjoy the sparkly shop...and there's nothing with a zillion cups of tea :)

  20. Where abouts in england are you?

  21. Your blog is so pretty! I'm so glad I found it. Even though I can't empathise with your love of tea, unfortunately.

  22. Awww you look so pretty!:]
    I love all your pictures; They are just so lovely!
    And your pj outfit is so adorable.
    Pretty polkadots you've got!

    Happy Valentines':D

  23. tu blog es tan lindo!lo ame desde la primera vez que lo vi..te transporta a un mundo magico e increible..lleno de lindas tacitas de te :)

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  25. i love your blogs <3 everything you write about you tell it like a little fairytale. i'm glad you have your internet back - i'm practically lost without mine.

    the cake looks very yummy!
    & the sparkly banana milk.
    how lovely ♥

    have a good week :) i can't wait to hear about the rest of your magical adventures!


  26. wow, I love your blog!
    do you want to exchange links?
    let me know ♥


*Forever Love*