un merci petit

a weeny, but huge thank you to the wonderlander of our wonderland. for these wonderful awards.
thank you ever so sweethearted little fellow fashion sewer.

i am not too sure if they are two awards or one....
so i therefore give both to,
the place i go for beauty and fantastically whimsical images and pure poetic loveliness, my jess.
the corner i go to for sweet and photographically stunning beauts, kisses and cross stitches.
the secret garden i go to for nature and beautiful leafy surroundings and floral beauty and candid snaps of my lovely kent, efflorescence.


  1. Congratulations on the awards! You deserve them<33

  2. Wow I didn't knew those blogs yet, but they're simply amazing! Thank you for introducing them to me :)

  3. You are most welcome- your blog is so wonderfully wonderful (and yes, I think the two pictures count as one award- that's what it seemed like to me!) xx

  4. oh thankyou so much lovely! I'm going to check out the other two blogs now. Love the pictures in the above post, the flowers are so sweet! xxx <3

  5. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Well-deserved, to be sure! :)

  6. Congrats! You completely deserve those awards. :D

  7. congrats on your awards! your amazing blog totally deserves them !!!

  8. congratulations, lottie! you completely deserve these. :]
    xoxo sprinkle
    ps-i miss you, girlie. get on msn soon? we haven't talked in forever!

  9. ohh thankyou ever so much for featuring my blog. :) and snap on the pink dolly shoes in your above post! hehe x


*Forever Love*