why thank you

i am truly honoured to having received these wonders over the past months. eventhough a silly charlotte like me is a busy bee quite often since i can remember, i am so very happy and all gushed inside to have lovely pretty's like you in my little life, and tilly~rose ofcourse.
i couldn't ask for a better inspiring bunch of sweethearts to fill my time with exploring their worlds.

so in regards to my lovely awards that i have been blessed with, i send a huge thank you (from that little box in my room), to:wild keiki, wonderlander, raindrops and rosepetals, quenchant of the curious, minsquin., linda-lost in switzerland, sprinkle, r ivory. thank you for my awards dear ones.

i also send all my followers and my commenters and my blog friends a dear thank you from my heart


  1. why. I should thank you for putting me with smile every single time I read your lovely post. I'm having a break..have been a busy bee and my inspiration is fading.

    miss you sweetie. Glad to know such a wonderful person like you. Take good care and be happy :)

    always right here,
    xoxo Renee.

  2. you're so special; please don't forget.

    your fan here in america,
    angelica <3

  3. Oh it's so nice to see a new post from you darling! You deserve every award you get!

  4. congratulations! ^^

  5. you are so welcome, dear-thing! and thankyou!

  6. Aww thank you Lottie! :D
    I love it.
    I shall frame it up in my room, haha.
    PS-We must have another tea party soon. Must!


*Forever Love*