the sleeping ball she must attend

the days have flown away from me, the next second i knew it, it was fifty nine whole days until christmas is upon us. my heart fills with utter joy and all things cinnamon and bauble shaped.
so i decided to take mother and teeny t and j to visit the dear wild ponies in the woods behind the cottage. gosh we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. what lovely auntie charlotte who carried treats for them in her cosy coat pocket.

'why hello there dear horse. what a splendid day to meet such a beauty'

i must take my tired eyelashes to settle upon the pillow, all tucked up with pig. i have such an important week ahead of me. interviews for pennies and for opportunities. cinema visits with the prince. strawberry sweets eating. tilly~rose snuggles. secrets with the little ones. drawing. travelling. hallowe'en playing and dreaming.
goodnight to all you tired eyes.


  1. these are beautiful photos, I love your scarf! x

  2. Aww lovely pics! Good luck my dear for your interviews!

    Oh and there is a giveaway over at my blog today, please feel free to join in the fun!

  3. What a lovely place to play with ponies! I hope you have an amazing Halloween, dear! Do you know what you will be this year?Something equally sweet and spooky, I'm sure!


  4. I knew I could rely on you for a Christmas countdown ;)

    I've been listening to Michael Buble's Christmas cd for a while now - can't wait to go home and bake cookies, decorate the house... 46 more days for me :)


  5. The ponies are adorable! I love feeding horses hahah! They are such greedy little things and so gentle xD

  6. t and j look very cute! i like your mittens :)
    i hope your week turns out even better than you expect it to!

  7. your world is so so dreamy!
    and kiss

  8. your world is so cool!

    you look like florence & the machine's gal. she's heaps pretty!



  9. Such cute photos, you look adorable.
    I really like your jacket too. :)

  10. i love those photos, so lovely.
    and sweet words. <3

  11. You must be such a good auntie! Beautiful photos x

  12. gorgeous jacket! (:


  13. good luck with the interviews :)

  14. Where is the sleeping ball held? Cloud palace? ;) I love nature. Wish to have a picnic so much now by looking at the pictures you have there. Tee-hehe

    Have a nice day Lottie.

    p/s, chateau door has been unlocked

    lots of love,

  15. What a beautiful post!<3 Love the pictures, the horses are great! Oh, and I had not seen the little poem at the end of your blog, wonderful!

  16. i love the last picture especially (: xo

  17. oh, this is just wonderful as always dear, you certainly have a special magical way with words. and the pictures are just beautiful too. hope you are well dear charlotte, much love from suzannah ♥

  18. oh i also must say how lovely the poem is at the bottom of your page, you are so inspirational dear ♥

  19. hello dear lottie!

    what a beautiful little horse!!! i got ever so excited when i saw. i adore horses. i used to have horse riding lessons when i was younger, but had to stop when we moved. i miss them. and the horse i used to ride was a beautiful white horse. he was so lovely!

    you look so very sweet in your lovely scarf and mittens lottie.
    i am going to attempt to finish your whisper in a momnet. I am in the library and have some time, and am missing our whispers lots.

    stars and wishes
    x x x

  20. Oh your blog is beautiful! Stunning words & photography...

    Thank you for your lovely comments over on Tales of a Junkaholic. Always nice to meet new bloggers out there!

  21. It's been awhile since I dropped by, my dear!
    Great post - horses are the best, aren't they?
    Your coat is just darling!
    Love & light!

  22. Gorgeous photos, beautiful poem, Have a sweet day!

  23. dearest dearest charlotte,
    this is my first time ever writing you a comment on your blog. i have to admit that i have always been reading your posts for about 2-3 years. i admired you and you inspired me tremendously! i never knew there could be someone as lovely as you!
    i am not exactly sure why i never left a comment. i guess i was a bit embarrassed, especially because you were one of my very first blog crushes. :) and also because i didn't have a proper blog. i just came to visit and read your posts. but now i have one and now i'm here finally writing you a comment and letting you know how much i appreciate you.

    you are a precious and inspiration lady who does such lovely things. <3
    thank you for all your words and sweetness. and oh dearest, thank you so much for adding my blog to your link list. it means so so so much to me, you've no idea! thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    much love,

  24. Hi Charlote what a lovely post, have tagged you with a very chic vintage award over @ My Passport to Style, hope you like! Sharon xxxxooo

  25. in the last picture,i don't know what to call it...a mouse perhaps?
    well i swear i used to own one like that when i was younger.
    ha, btw love your boots

  26. ooo good luck with the job interviews! xxx

  27. that horse is absolutely beautiful!

  28. Hi pretty!! I like your blog!! is sooo sweet!!! ^^

  29. given you a blog award my dearest. hope you are well xxx

  30. such darling photos! and i used to have those civallian characters as a child!
    please visit my blog -

    sophie x

  31. Oh, dear!
    how I've missed your posts!
    I was away for a long time, and got caught in many things, but I'm so glad to be back and be able to read your words again, and look at your pictures and little dreams.

    Those ponies are wonderful and it seems to e just the perfect kind of day.
    I hope you have a grand time doing what you need to do and come back and tell us all about it.
    take care, love

    p.s. penelope says hi to tilly~rose :)

  32. AWW the last picture is adorable :)

  33. So lovely !

  34. may i please send you one of my dresses? i would oh so very much love for you to have one!

    do let me know!

    <3, angelica

  35. Oh my goodness, is that little guy down the bottom a Sylvanian? How I loved those!

  36. I like your coat!!looks nice and comfortable! hey if you want to check our blog out and tell us what you think, you re welcome

  37. Cute as always : )

    I'm back on the blogo ! Nothing about fashion for now but there's in fact something new ; )

  38. I thought I'd seen every sort of horse, but these are truly different! I wonder if I will ever know why they are so special?


*Forever Love*