and the 2010*adventures began

january snowy snowy snow. all around our tippey toes. noses feel like teeny odd shaped ice cubes. and fingertips extremely numb eventhough cream coloured mittens are keeping them warm. but the cottage and the garden fences are lined and coated with a sheet of pure magic. wintery wonder.
angels made from snow come alive when children and charlottes dance in the snowy grass. icy cold legs and snow covered everything. but magical afters.
snowy love and laughter. charlotte loves to plays amongst the woods with the ponies and the snowed on trees and sit upon the tree stumps singing inside her rosy cheeked head. singing along to the songs of christmas that have whirled around in her world since december 1st.
little bashful bunnies teeter and hop away into the bushes and eat snowball cakes and icy cold water.
early morning sunshine peering through the windows. waking you up with thoughts of a good day. a good day with soft sounds of music and wonderful sunshine and snowy grounds and hot cups of tea snuggled in bed.
christmas arrived with such splendor and excitement and treats of wonder. golden sequined jumpers and my name in sugared pink to wear upon my neck and beautiful earrings and bangles and necklaces and cosy socks with flowers and bows and such. and peachy tops and pinkish slippers to toast my toes and everything special you could imagine. and treats of turkish delights and sugared mice and pirate chocolate. tilly~rose got some delights also.
homemade mince pies with hot cups of tea and homemade fudge and iced biscuits and cheese with crackers and bucks fizz and turkey and fudge yule log and chocolates and more were enjoyed.
tilly~rose adored the christmassy wonder and wrapping papers and her seeded honey sandwich that father christmas bought to her attention.
my teeny nephew iced these special little biscuits for our christmas tree and he said.."auntie charwee, you can have a starr". ♥
he doesn't like ma'ma's little father christmas- he says "he's got a scarewee face". but i adore his rosy cheeks and kind smiling wrinkles.
as much as i adored what was inside my wonderful stocking from ma'ma.

but before my nephews tucked their teeny toes and feet into their bunk beds, we made sure to leave out a homemade mince pie and a glass of cold milk and a teeny spill or whisky to warm father christmas's insides. and ofcourse a carrot for the reindeer. it was all gone in the early morning, except the carrot was only nibbled at.

homemade turkish delight and glittered reindeer biscuits were given for gifts. along with ma'ma's homemade plum jam and strawberry jam and clear ribboned bags of fudge and mince pies with homemade mince meat and jars of homemade pickles and cinnamon ginger biscuits and sausage rolls.
christmas is my favourite and my best.


  1. You're such a doll, darling. Love your posts, they are pure sugar.

  2. oh your adventures are always so darling!
    everything around you is so wonderful and celestial!

    i send kisses


  3. Gorgeousness! I love the first pic and all the snowy ones are just lovely xxx


  4. these are such great photos, especially the snow ones - beautiful. and your snow angel! just lovely. and I love your mum's buttony father christmas. xx

  5. I love your world, it makes me look a bit differently on the snow and frost. You make me see all the wonders :)

  6. I hope 2010 is simply perfect for you

  7. beautiful photos lovely lady x

  8. What lovely photos of a lovely Christmas!

  9. oh charlotte, i love your posts ever so much, and your pictures are so beautiful, x

  10. Ohmygoodness. I was absolutely entranced by this post! It seems you had quite a wonderful holiday, my dear! I hope you and tilly rose have a happy new year!


  11. your confections are all so precious! it appears as if you had an amazing holiday with lovely lovely gifts. you're quite lucky to have had a white christmas!

  12. Owh Lottie, I see tilly-rose! Send my hug and kisses to little tilly. I love your rosy ballerina flats! It looks cute and comfy. Hope you have a great year ahead! =)


  13. Lovely.
    i am so happy you got snow.
    may peace be with you in 2010 princess peach. xxx

  14. Beautiful snow pictures! I have also taken photos of the snowy weather, check them out on my blog. x


    snow angels are so much fun to make! i enjoy your scarf so much! i must get one just like it! hot cups of tea snuggled in bed are just great. that is a wonderful sequinned jumper, and i would love my name in pink letters. i must say, you have such a brilliant hair colour, i am amazed and a bit envious of it! i also love the glittered reindeer biscuits. i just seem to love everything in this blog entry. it all seems so glorious.

  16. OH MY GOSH! Those rings are bloody amazing, I lost your blog for a while!! Im so glad to be reading it again :)
    I missed all your little adventures and cute photos! Hope Christmas and your new year served you well. lots of love xxx

  17. am in love with these posts!! love your stylee xxx

  18. these pics are great - it just snowed in gerogia today, a rare thing, so i am enjoying it :)

  19. beautiful pictures, its so nice to be wintery and christmasy, i'm enjoying this winter so much x

  20. That scarf. The ones with the pom-poms is amazing! Did you make it?

    Looks like a festive holiday, lovely blog.

  21. oh this is perfect lottie!!

    the gold ribbon that you so neatly tied my christmas gifts with is now around my wrist also!!! i just spied it on your wrist in the pictures, hehe

    i adore your snow heart, and your snow angel. Lottie snow angel.

    x x x

  22. Hello, fellow blogger!
    I've had an idea on my latest blog post, and was just hoping i would get some thoughts on it, it would be very much appreciated, its just something i've had in awhile and would like to get some support on this one! Thanks a bunch and hope you have a fantastic week!

  23. I appreciate you! You've been given an honorable mention on my blog. :) See what I have made for you!


  24. Dear Tea Drinking English Rose,

    You were one of the reasons I started my own blog. I love your style of writing, you pictures, and especially how often you feature you little loves (the munchkinmouse).
    Does your blog have an email or do you just respond to comments?


  25. Tilly Rose is adorable and so is this post! x

  26. Hello darling. Such a long while since I last visited your cutesy lil bit of a world over here. I missed your lovely pictures, and those little bits and snippets you write about, every word so pretty.
    The new hair cut is simply lovely, something new for the new year I suppose. I did the same to mine, just chopped it all off. Difference is your lovely redish long locks will be missed in the pictures.

    Oh what a beautiful, and I place a lot of emphazis on that beautiful, little hat you got there. It is simply ADORABLE. Wherever did you find such a lovely little hat? I am going up north soon and would very much like to be able to get my hands on such a cute little hat as yours. Any suggestions of hats to buy? Or perhpas boots?
    Yes, please do suggest some boots to buy because I have never had to shop for snow clothes and am completly lost. So if you could...suggest away about boots that are good to wear in the snow. Links is fine.

    Anyways, you look adorable as ever...as does tilly~rose.

    Have a lovely day darling, filled with glitter and more tea.


    p.s. do you still remember me?

  27. Hey, I recently found this blog and it's like I've stepped in this magical land, I almost expect to see you riding through the woods on a unicorn- Love x

    PS: "It is my favourite and my best"- Charlie and Lola ♥


*Forever Love*