coming soon... brighton and prince s' birthday. sweet delights and pretty purchases. diana vickers cd. bicycle saturdays. laughing wednesdays. blossom blossom. writings. and such.


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  2. Ohh lovely, can't wait, it's been so long and I miss your lovely words and sweet pictures :)


  3. It made me a bit sad to see that this was all you had written, but you still made my day with just those words.

  4. I miss your blog so much!
    Can't wait! :)

  5. i shall definitley be waiting <3

  6. certainly can't wait lovely

  7. Hi Charlotte,

    I’ve been surfing the web today and I stumbled across your rather eye catching blog.... “The Tea Drinking English Rose”, it has a very quintessential British feel to it, which sparked my interest straight away! My names Rob and I’m e-mailing on behalf of Dorset Cereals based in Dorchester. I really enjoyed reading your site and am pleased to see that you are also a fan of arts, crafts and all things colourful. I wanted to touch base and mention that we at Dorset Cereals are giving away a super new vintage style VW Camper Van in an online competition, which could offer you or your readers a lifestyle hobby with a vintage, retro twist!! I thought this exciting competition may be of interest to your blog readers and was wondering whether you would be interested in showing the competition link on your site (draw takes place on 2nd June – so not long to go!). If not then please don’t worry.
    If you wish to know more or would like to link up with us in any other way, please feel free to contact me at; Otherwise there is information displayed about the prize draw on our website.
    I’m not sure I could muster up a poem about Dorset Cereals!!
    Hope to hear from you soon,

  8. The Tea Drinking English Rose, where did you get your background from? I have been searching for one like this or similar for a long time, and came across yours. Could i possibly have the code? :)


*Forever Love*