mr sunshine- you hurt me.

365 days or so has passed ever so quickly. like a blink of an eyelid. good things have happened. amazing things have happened. bad things have happened. silly things have happened. giggly things have happened. 365 days or so have passed since the prince and i went on our first little date-feeding the ducklings at the lake across from the town. so we decided we'd do it again.
it was so lovely. the moment i took a slice of brown bread from the bag, the ducks and the geese came a swimming over. it was so very cute.
the prince bought me some lovely little gifts-which he really should not have. some wonderful sweet-treats recipe books. a decoration. and a weeny cute photograph printer. and he made me the cutest card in the world. what a thoughtful little heart he has. eee.
saturday, the prince and i went to our old 'little' school that we both went to. they were having a summer fete on the big field. i bought some reading books for holiday and we threw old balls at the coconut shy and we had bright coloured ice creams. mine was bubblegum blue! however, it was so very hot. i did coat my skin with a strongish sun cream, but the sun's rays forced itself through and burnt my neck and shoulders. ouch. ouch. ouchie. i've been spreading the aftersun on the purple patches. and slices of cucumber. please make sure you pale ones spread the suncream on--plenty of times! please?!
less than 6 days until the wonderful greece invites me in to the lands. i must start packing really-one hundred bottles of suncream i shall be filling my suitcase with!


  1. I love feeding ducks. :)
    So it's been one year, yes?
    Have fun in Greece and take lots of pictures for us!
    And don't get burnt! ;)

  2. What a lovely post ! Very summery :)

  3. I adore your blog so very much dear Charlotte, I hope you have the most lovely time in Greece <3 xxx

  4. you have such a beautiful way of writing, it is really very lovely :')

  5. Sounds like a great date - congrats on your one year. And have fun in Greece! I've been there before and it's absolutely beautiful!

  6. Congratulations and have so much fun in Greene. :) Can't wait to hear from you again. Your blog is always so heartwarming and filled with pretty thoughts and words. :)

  7. such sweet photos and an adorable post, as always :)
    Oooh, you're going to Greece? Exciting!

  8. Congratulations! And have fun in Greece!

  9. I love your blog!!!!<3
    Is the most lovely blog of the world!!
    You're so pretty and cute.and magical.

  10. Sounds very sweet. Hope you have fun in Greece!

  11. I know it's probably been asked before but what shoes are you wearing?

  12. I love your blog :) Hope you have a lovely time in Greece! Just wondering where the T shirt your wearing is from?

  13. Congrats on the anniversary and I hope you have a lovely time in Greece. It's one of the places I dream of visiting one day.

  14. you're so lovely!

    Have a wonderful time in Greece


  15. dear miss charlotte wall,
    could you please inform me of the name of the illustrator of your tshirt as i have forgotten.
    and also where are your beautiful sandals from?
    have a lovely time in the sun sun sun

  16. dear miss charlotte wall, the name of the illustrator of your tshirt has slipped my mind and i love your beautiful sandals!!!
    could you please inform me of who and where of both please?
    have a lovely time in the sun sun sun xxxxx

  17. I adore your sandals, so cute! Still in love with your blog, it's so lovely!


*Forever Love*