summer is here- finally!

so, the little things have been wonderful. work has been a little strain on my smile. euchs and sighs. but then i return here, at my sister's-housesitting, and all is calm and perfection. i do not want to work at the office job anymore. it's horrid. and the top top manager is completely mean and i dislike her-infact, she scares me a little. a lot. she ruins our little fun we have whilst we work. grr.
however, there have been some lovely happenings inbetween. and i do have the grecian sunshine to look forward to in less than two weeks. hoorays.
some of you lovelies have asked me a couple of questions...

*the bicycle was a gift from father-so i don't know where he got that from. but there are lots on the internet. 'ebay'. 'amazon'. all sorts.
*the bicycle t shirt is from my saviour-- http://www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk/
*the 'c' necklace, and the rest of the alphabet is from 'accessorize'

i hope that has answered everyones queries.
much love. and wishes for you all. - i hope you all had a wonderful summer solstice. lovely lovely.


  1. i always love your posts - they are little rays of sunshine. ck :) x

  2. aw. :/ seems like work would be fun if your boss wasn't so mean.
    That first picture is so cute, and I love your tattoo!
    haha nice teapot.
    lots of love,

  3. Oh don't let the mean boss ruin the beautiful days. LOvel post as always :)

  4. Mean bosses ruin everything :(
    your posts are always interesting x

  5. Aww.. Summer jobs are kind of awful.

  6. Ah, the seaside! I can't wait to visit the Kent coast. Thank you ever so for your sweet twitter message, I'm settling down ok here in the South East although not living in a big city (Canterbury is so teeny tiny!) is a bit of a shock still. Still, it's so beautiful that I don't mind too much.

    Those sandals are amazing! Mean bosses suck, ignore her. Shes old and bitter most likely xx

  7. It's always so nice to read your posts. :)

  8. That is ana amazing teacup, I would love to own one for myself. But what could I do with it?
    And you can write splendidly on a petal!

  9. I do hope that things pick up for you at work! These pictures are lovely - especially the giant teacup and rose petals!

  10. love that teacup! your blog is darling. found you on bloglovin. happy to find you! please stop by mine and say hi.


  11. Your posts always light up my day,
    Could i just ask, WHERE ARE YOUR SANDALS FROM? they are lush and completly beautiful! :)

  12. You always write such beautiful posts! Is the Macaroon book any good? I want to learn to make some!

  13. Oh my goodness, is that the southwest coast? It looks just like sidmouth/budleigh ?! maybe lots of the seaside resorts look this way though! I still love you blog, although it's been ages! :/ I hope you're well and I'm jealous of that giant tea cup!


*Forever Love*