the feelings that are here in my insides are words that i can not describe. they are words that i cannot repeat. they are thoughts i thought i would never feel. it feels a little destroying inside. it feels unnatural. this does not feel right for me and my new beginnings. i feel lost. nothing can make it go away. i want it to go away. please just go. away.


  1. don't worry we all feel a little lost sometimes. i hope that your bad feelings go away. and you are soon back to your happy~smiley self. much love and sparkles, samantha ♥

  2. Awwww I hope you feel better soon!!

    Keep it real :)


  3. Hello moonbeam,
    It is so very sad that you are feeling lost - you are so so lovely charlotte, if only you knew how lovely you are. You do not deserve to feel so sad, not at all. Your little blog is such a wonderland and you have a spirit of gold that I wish I had.
    So scrape together every little bit of feeling in your tired heart and stay brave.
    I felt like this recently myself, but things get better, they really do.
    I hoep you are well soon sweet pea. You have a magical heart. x

  4. sometimes we need to be lost... when it's over the soul feels better and the world looks brighter. at least that's what i tell myself when i hit those spots.

  5. I know how you feel, I know how it feels to be stumbling around on a foreign road with no direction of where you should go. I hope for you it will go away, and you keep trying to see the light in your situations. Please know, that you are never alone

  6. Go away, please!
    Feel better soon. =)

  7. Hope you feel better soon

  8. cheer up!:)

    stay positive alright? you'll be fine.



  9. it will be okay sweety, down the road we are bound to feel lost which is the way of redeeming ourselves for a better day, it will come and when it does you'll smile again ♥

  10. you'll always find your way out if you've got a hand to hold. xx

  11. Oh my dear,

    I hope that whatever is bringing you down does go away! It is very upsetting to see that you are unhappy.
    I'll send many good thoughts your way!!!


  12. So sorry to hear you're feeling that bad... Keep going, things WILL get better, promise.

    Much love


  13. Aww, how sad. Lottie is usually always happy. No one can be happy all of the time though. I hope that it passes soon and that you can at least use the dark times to get inspired. I always draw when I am sad and it tends to help. Hope ur better soon. xo

  14. Sweet Charlotte, it makes me awfully sad to see that you're feeling down and I hope you start to feel better very soon.
    I was feeling blue myself this past week. Nasty feelings kept weighing on my spirits and I just wanted them to go away. And eventually they did, little by little. I saw the evening's amber sunlight I forgot about and was very thankful for it, I spent a day with my best friend that left me feeling relaxed, and watched a good movie with my sissy. And it all somehow made me feel a lot better.
    I hope you cheer up and that those feelings leave you too. Hope to see those smiles through your words again.

    Hugs and lots of love.


  15. Need some pixie fairy dust my sweetie? :( I don't want see your sad face, please smile.

    Life doesn't guarantee its easy one, make a way out of these miseries with the lamp from your heart.

    *hugs* get your favorite strawberry milk, your turkish delight, pamper yourself and anything that makes you feel good.

    Hope you get better soon. Be strong and take care!

    Lotsa love,
    Renee x

  16. Everything you've said is exactly how I'm feeling too. It's sad when things don't feel right and you feel lost. Hopefully soon we can smile again. You have to go through the roughest roads to lead to the better side. Hope you feel better soon! *hugs* x

  17. Hello !
    I don’t speak english very well. I am from Nice in France and i like your blog, so cute.
    I hope you will be better soon and i wish all the best for you ♧♡☆♬☀
    take care

  18. Hey girl, I just came across your blog and wanted to say that it is lovely

  19. Chin up, keep it sellotaped together and keep going, because whatever doesn't kill us can only make us stronger.


*Forever Love*