birmingham and then

birmingham included the wedding show which was marvellous. the stalls were adorable. but, like last year, i was only helping out. i made lots of orders for my sister's friend's stall. 'tiarabelles' the designer handmakes it all. beautiful and elegant tiaras with swarovski crystals and pearl beads.
please visit! it is wonderous. also the designer will make anything for you! even faery wands!
after the three day show, the train took my sister and i homeward. my feet were so achy and full of pains. i slept for a whole day after. it was lots of fun. and i felt inspired about weddings. not that i will have one for a while yet. but i have lots of ideas. and i want lots of tiaras!
my friend rose wants me to get another hamster, i still am not quite sure. but she invited me over for tea and a play with her guniea pigs- dolce and gabbana. they are so funny. rose bought them a tent to play camping in, i want to take them to glastonbury with me next year! being back at work has been not fun at all. i just wish i could stay home and write. and read. and make soups and pies and bread and cakes. i wish i could feel like things were moving forward. but i do not think they are.
my fingers tightly crossed they'll stay.
bon-bons. yum. strawberry. yum. chocolate. yum. tummy aches. oouchy.
bath-check. birmingham-check. bristol--here we come. see you next week little ones.


  1. won't glastonbury be too noisy/scary for guinea pigs? :x they are super cute tho XD

  2. dolce and gabbana are the cutest names for guinea pigs ever! your photos are lovely.
    i know how you feel about work and wanting to just read and write and bake instead of working and i definitely know how you feel about things not moving forward.
    hope you're well, doll!

  3. awe dolce and gabbana! the most adorable names you could name guinea pigs. They are so cute.

  4. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could just read and write and have fun with our time, instead of having to tend to responsibilities? :p

  5. awww, Dolce and Gabbana, that's the cutest ever! :D

  6. Ahh I can only imagine your wedding, it will be extraordinary!!
    Have a good week. :)


  7. I get where you're coming from. My life feels stuck at the moment too. Writing and baking would be my ideal bliss too, but just keep calm and hopefully things will straighten out for you.

  8. I'm so happy that you had all this loveliness in your life! It's good that you are feeling better dear!


  9. bons bons are the nicest thing!

    haha, dolce and gabbana- what cute names <3

  10. aww those hampsters are cute! i have 2 guinea pigs and i love em!

  11. Your hamsters are adorable :) The names are just wonderful. I've always wanted to name my pets in pairs.. the bon bons look delicious! Yum yum!

  12. very beautiful pictures! and dolce and gabbana are so cute! and the names are funny!

    hope you have a beautiful weekend! ♥

  13. Dolce and Gabbana, what a pair of fabulous name they have! I thought they are toys, just too adorable!

    and Birmingham! If nothing on my way, I'm going to be studying there next autumn! :)Hope its a nice place to stay!

    miss you and take care

    Bonne nuit


  14. lottie~lots!!!!

    ohhh!! i have just been on the tiarabelles website-- i wish for a tiars and a wand, they are so pretty!!

    and the guinea pigs are adorable :)

    boodot-- i love it!! i may knit a new friend, and call her boodot!!

    you have a package on the way lottie!!

    x x x

  15. What beautiful things you've brought back from Birmingham. I hope you have more exciting tales from bristol (all the B's!).
    Work is not fun at all at all at all for me either.. I have so many books I want to read and recipes to bake.. there's just not enough time is there? xx

  16. those hamsters kill me! dolce and gabanna...hgahahah! too cute.

  17. Loved reading this and the photos are splendid. Pretty blog all round!


*Forever Love*