bristol and babies

bristol bristol. i liked bristol. i saw my old friends which was so so lovely. i have missed them so very much. it felt like old times. and i've missed it. we went to some lovely places and drank vanilla milk and tea and had pizzas and had laughs and talks about funny memories. the sunshine was so warm and it was all so very pretty.(i loved visiting exeter first. seeing lovely laura and her town and her house was so wonderful.)
the train trip home was horrid. lots of delays and cancellations and we were steat-less for a few long hours. but guess who and silly games made things lots better. and bearable!
some lovely news---one of my older brother's (girlfriend) has had his new baby boy-harvey! he is adorable! auntie again!
london tomorrow. sweet dreams my lovely friends.


  1. congratulations on being an auntie :)
    i love your moccasins! i almost bought a little purple pair for myself last week but they were out of my size :(
    hope you're well! xx

  2. Congratulations on being an auntie. It must be so exciting:)

    Such nice photos of your visit in bistol.

    xx Carina

  3. Congratulation on the new born baby! Take some lovely picture of the baby, must be lovely! ^^

    Short and sweet post, I wish I could meet up with my old friends as well.

    Take care

    Renee x

  4. very good & cute news! it´s great to hear from you!
    have a beautiful weeked! ♥

  5. i always like the pictures of your trips! it´s great that you are travelling so much!
    i also have to go somewhere else again! :)
    i hope you have a beautiful sunday!
    noli ♥

  6. I'm glad you got to visit your friends and had a lovely day.
    LOVE the mocassins. :)
    Congrats Auntie. ;)


  7. Oh, I have much to catch up on in your world, my dear! You have been to such amazing places. If only I could see them, too. But for now, I must remain on this side of the ocean, feet held firmly in new york. I hope all is very, very well with you!


  8. I LOVE your blog, just came across it on bloglovin. Congrats on being an auntie, that's so exciting :)

  9. Reunion with friends are always the lovliest, warmest expierences.

  10. Aww! I love your shoes! The perfect colour for feet :-)

  11. how wonderful! i'd love to visit bristol - i've never been, but i hear it's lovely.

  12. I love everything about this post!

  13. Oh I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. ♥

  14. gosh, these photos make me miss living in england so much!


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