30 days

i went to the country living christmas fair in islington a couple of weekends ago, it was so lovely. it was full of christmas gifts and treats and beautiful little things i wanted for myself. it completely got me in a christmassy mood. more than. alot of things were purchased... metal hearts and hearts made out of twigs with ribbons and decorations for the christmas tree and a floral teatowel for my new kitchen and secret gifts and a castle t shirt and photo frames and more christmas tree decorations.
i want to move here....
i nearly had a whole week off work for being so poorly. it was horrible. all i did was sleep.
thankfully, i got better in time for the christmas lights to be turned on with fake snow at the weekend. and i went for dinner with my girly friends. everyone is getting so grown up- k is moving to new zealand. j-m is going to dubai forever. jo jo is going to italy for work for 6 the snow. ames is having a baby so very soon... and my bestest friend might be moving to america with her boyfriend!!!!!! i can't lose her. i'll be ever so sad!
although, talking of growing up... i am going to be doing something ever so similar soon! so excited.
my little elves! it is a mere thirty days until christmas is officially upon us, so let's dance to christmas songs, wrap our christmas gifts and eat mince pies with our egg nogs! i am utterly in love with this time of year. and i forever will be.
now, i must turn up the volume to wham's 'last christmas'. good night little bees ♥


  1. You are made of all kinds of magic and I adore you. There's something about your blog that always cheers me up when I am feeling down.
    I'm excited for Christmas too, it is the loveliest time of the year, everything is so magical.
    P.S Your floral dress is beautiful, it looks lovely. You have the most beautiful clothes.

  2. Oh thank you for your sweet words. I was feeling low when I wrote it but my heart is warm now!
    Whenever you leave me a comment it makes me feel rather honoured, because your blog is just so lovely in every concievable way, the fact that you'd read my little posts really makes my day.
    P.S Have you heard the Florence + the Machine cover of 'Last Christmas'? Ir's lovely. x

  3. where can we get egg nog from charlotte?? arrgggh. i hate living in the uk sometimes. :(

  4. Oh my gosh, Christmas is your favorite time of year..I remember your blog posts around this time of year last year are so cute with your little countdown! It gets me so excited!
    I love your floral dress in the pictures, it's so charming! And that kitty is he yours?♥

    If you get a chance, stop by my etsy shop cause I am having a 15% off sale for Black Friday!! You might see something for one of your gal pals!
    Just type in the coupon code "BlackFriday" upon checkout to take advantage of the sale.
    That is kinda sad that all of your friends are going in different directions, but sounds like they are all doing really exciting things!! You will have some pretty amazing penpals if you keep in touch!! Hope you have a lovely evening, Lottie!! xoxox ♥♥♥

  5. Ah your post just gets me so excited for Christmas. Ahhh! I cannot wait as well - I want to wrap my house in lights as soon as possible.

  6. what a lovely post. im now very very excited for christmas <3

  7. Eeeee Christmas!
    I cannot even tell you how much I love your castle shirt! ♥

    Your bed sheets are lovely. :) Hehe


  8. it´s great to hear from you again. i love the bag in one of the first photos with the polka dots! so lovely!
    i hope you have a beautiful christmas time!

    have a lovely weekend!
    xoxo, pink lady ♥

  9. YAAAAAY!!! 30 DAYS!!!!!!!!
    Gosh I am so excited, I can't wait to put up the tree on the first! I do hope you post pictures of your Christmas tree :)

    Love all of the clothes you're wearing in the photos, they are all so lovely, especially that sweet floral dress :)

  10. Love your castle tee!!
    I just can't wait for christmas either xox

  11. You are very pretty, and talented with word-crafting too. A wondrous mix, dear, and it has gained you a new follower in me. xx

  12. Hey lovely, I've tagged you in my latest post to do a "10 things I love" list, if you fancy it?

  13. I love Christmas and I'm so excited :D and I like all the pictures!

  14. Your world is so charming, so imaginative and magical.

  15. Hello Darling! I haven't read your blog in some time! Love your words and pics as always! AND YES! Christmas! :D

  16. I have just spent a half hour reading all your older posts instead of doing my uni essay. I love the random quirky way you post, it has made me feel all happy and far too excited for christmas (again). Glad to have found you (:

  17. I have just spent a half hour reading all your older posts instead of doing my uni essay. I love the quirky way you post and all your beautiful pictures. It's made me all bubbly and happy inside, and way too excited for Christmas again. Thank you,I'm glad to have stumbled across you (:

  18. Wow wow wow! Beautiful pictures, so "vintage"... I love most the 9th... Yum yum!

  19. This makes me so excited for Christmas!!! I can't wait!

  20. I'm counting down the Christmas too! I wish to skip my days to Christmas (part of the reasons is my final exams hold right before Christmas *sad face*)

    So curious what you mean by you're going to do something similar about growing up. I'm looking forward to see what it is ;)

    Mind to share some egg nogs? tee-hee

    Tu me manques!


  21. Hello Charlotte, your blog is just wonderful, full of beauty and whim. I'm getting very excited for Christmas, particularly the giving and receiving of presents! x

  22. Hey there girlie! I left you an award on my blog for being one of my favorites!! xoxo Hope you are having fun, getting ready for Christmas!! xoxox

  23. you have one of my favorite (!) blogs!! also! i love your navy t-shirt with the pink castle. i think navy/blue and pink is the best color combination ever lol.



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