04 days

oh goodness so much has happened.
well, at first it was 100 and something days until christmas... then it was 8.

the teeny and adorable nutcrackers helped me realise that christmas was ever so close. so i wrapped and wrapped and ribboned and ribboned. i wrote my christmas cards and i decorated mother's tree.now it's only 4 days until christmas is here and still so much to do. i am far too excited and i love it lots alot. snow is still falling. presents keep appearing all wrapped up, under the christmas tree. mother is baking alot more.. mince pies and jams and fudge.
i have some very important news to share... i will be moving out of the cottage on the 29th and moving into my very own house with my prince. how ever so grown up! i am scared and excited and happy and emotional and overwhelmed and mature and young and i have very nearly packed up all my room in brown cardboard boxes.

snow, snow... it is clearing up slightly now. the weatherman is saying that it wil be all clear in the air now.... which means no snow on christmas day. but my heart still hopes and my whispers still wish.
the fire is keeping us all very warm though. whilst i watch christmas films snuggled up with nephews and eating mince pies.
oh i shall miss my beautiful bedroom with it's wonderful windows and sparkly ceiling....and even brenda the witch. sighs.
though i do have my beautiful family christmas to look forward to. i am so very excited! i wish to be an elf so i can do christmassy things all year round.
i was tagged by the ever so cute city light maverick with the '10 things i love'.
here it is... (in no order)
1. christmas- obviously
2. snowflakes
3. my prince sebastian
4. cups of tea and 'rich tea finger' biscuits
5. adventures with my triangle troop
6. sitting in front of the fire on a grey day
7. my fluffy kitty- trixie-lu
8. receiving letters and parcels from friends in the post
9. reading a good book that i cannot put down
10. finding things i have completely forgotten about, it feels like it is brand new all over again
what 10 things do you love?
snugs and hugs my little elfin friends. enjoy your run- ups to christmas. and tell me all about your special day please.


  1. How I love your sweet little nutcrackers, they are so lovely!
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas dearest and good luck to you and your prince in the New Year for when you move out together :)

    Lots of love!

  2. Congratulations on the move!
    Your posts always make me smile,and this one is so lovely and cosy and Christmassy :)

  3. I have grown to really love Nutcrackers this year. I missed the ballet, hopefully I can see it next year though.

    Your Christmas lead up sounds so magical, as it must be. Your mothers baked goods sound delcious, and I love your deer necklace.

    Good luck with moving out and for the New Year ahead.

    Merry Christmas
    xx Carina

  4. Dear dear Lotte... (If you prefer Charlotte, that is fine, but the name Lotte is dear to me!)

    I wish you the happiest, warmest, and merriest of Christmases! Is it not lovely that Christmas is peeping around the corner?

    It is lovely that you are getting to start on a grown-up adventure with your prince! Growing up is not too bad... especially when you get to do it with someone you love and adore!

    I can see why you would miss your blissful cottage. It looks like a magical place...

    Wish us here in Texas some of your sparkling Christmas snow, darling!


  5. What a beautiful, thought-provoking post. You are so aware of the good in your life, I like this, too many people take things for granted these days. :) you have pretty eyelashes, too! x

  6. Your deer necklace is lovely dear, and your Nutcracker ornaments too! And congratulations on moving in with your prince, how exciting and magical! Good luck with the move and hope you have a delightful Christmas, it certainly looks very cosy where you are :) xx

  7. your pictures are always such a joy. Congrats on the moving out - that will be awesome fun. ck :) x

  8. Have teh loveliest christmas dear! And I'm so happy for you about moving! It must be so exciting :)


  9. this is so cool that you´re moving into your own house! congrats! :)
    i love all of those pictures you took.. and i hope you have a beautiful & lovely week!
    i looooove your blog!!!
    xoxo, pink lady ♥

  10. Very beautiful reindeer necklace! ♥
    I'm sure you will be just fine with your prince, and your home will be oh-so-you! ;)

    Love the last two pictures. :)

    Have a very Merry Christmas! ♥


  11. ahh, lovely! this post is so christmassy and wonderful, dear! and congrats on moving out -- that will definitely be a sweet, sweet adventure!

  12. I love your blog, your style, your bedroom... Merry Christmas and good luck with your new start... <3

  13. cute nutcrackers! I just done my final exam right before Christmas eve. What a relief! I'm having Christmas much forward in time than you Lottie. +8 GMT. Thus, an advance Merry Christmas to you! *toast with hot egg nog* :)

  14. i wish you a merry christmas!!!
    have a beautiful day!
    xoxo, pink lady ♥

  15. Those nutcrackers are so cute :) x

  16. On your laptop, does it say "not all those who wander are lost"? because the same thing is written in my frame on the desk! :)

  17. hi! your posts are so sweet and lovely!
    Good luck with your new start <3


*Forever Love*