too long away

my dear, all sorts of silly and crazy and sad and beautiful and angry and happy and funny and pretty things have happened so far. i have beautiful walks home and see lovely houses like these...see below. and i have busy bus journeys also..with horrid children and cute children and old people with lots to talk about, thank goodness for my friend izzabello who i sit with.
oh such a lovely view from one of our windows, with the most beautiful sunsets and spectacular sunrises. i just wish i did not have to run around getting ready for a day of work and miss them. sebastian has been taking some wonderful pictures of them though. i keep persuading him to get a blog...he starts one then deletes it...hmm.
some shopping, naughty shopping...has been taking place also. i have purchased things like a wonderful pastel hot air balloon and rich tea biscuits and a beautiful floral dress and blue white kitty dress and dusky pink brogues and easter cards and potato waffles and birthday presents and sorts.
sebastian has been buying me lovely 'tea-drinking-english' roses, firstly on st.valentines day and secondly... because my silly landlord will not let me have a teeny kitty.
moving in... was a little crazy. and extremely grown up, though i love it, i really do miss mother and the wychwood cottage. the lovely countryside and the noises of the spring lambs and the sight of tractors. and that wonderful garden. sigh. this is my new desks' new room.pretty pretty
i have been on many adventures; brighton. kentish towns and cities. hosting a sleepover for my nephews and making them a little camp. watching films. birmingham. dancing. playing. making cakes with mother's homemade plum jam. working. creative plans. dreaming and wishing. watching programs about ghosts and suchlike. missing you. drawing. cut and sticking. laughing. crying. hugging. shrugging. writing. thinking.
exploring. adventurous. seeking. hiding. planning trips. walking. running. skipping. and sleeping.


  1. all these photos are lovely, that cake looks yummy and I love your necklaces! reading your blog always puts a smile on my face:)xx

  2. I love all your photos, so sweet!!P.S. Your necklaces are cute!!!

  3. I love your posts so much!
    Everything is so quaint and sweet.


  4. it´s great you´re back.
    ... the roses are wonderful!!!
    have a lovely weekend.
    xo noli*

  5. nice to see you are using your xmas present.
    its great to have you back. xx

  6. ooooh.. it´s great you´re back. <3
    i love this post and all the wonderful photos. i hope you are well.
    have a lovely weekend!
    god bless you.
    xoxo. nina <3

  7. I love reading your posts. Your new home looks lovely :)

  8. So lovely as always! The cake looks extremely delicious. yum yum :3

    Hope you get used to new surrounding soon, new adventure!

    Tu me manques mon amie :)


  9. love your posts and lovely pictures

  10. you always put a big smile on my face when you've wrote a new blog post. your house looks lovely and the cake looks sosoo yummy! much love, samantha ♥

  11. That first picture is so cute!
    I love sunsets.
    Oh my goodness, I don't think I've ever seen anything as cute as that hot air balloon necklace! :]
    What pretty flowers Sebastian gets you.
    In that picture with the cake with the plum jam...I am absoltuely in love with that teapot! It's sooooo adorable and pretty! ♥


  12. I always just love your photos. They are just so lovely and always bring a smile to my face. x

  13. you are a sweet , sweet gem x

    amy !

  14. Hi Lottie, if I'm not mistaken you're April baby right? I can't remember the exact date tho.

    Well, before I forgotten
    Happy Birthday in advance!

    If I'm wrong about it just ignore this okay? ;)

    Have a lovely day!


  15. You have such a lovely blog! Your new house looks absolutely beautiful :) Sorry about the kitty - both of my cats have managed to get themselves pregnant so I may be overrun with kitties soon!

    I love all of these pictures, what a romantic valentines you had!

  16. All these photos are so lovely and sweet!
    I thought I should let you know I gave your blog an award!

  17. You always post the loveliest things! Those sunsets are lovely and your new room looks really sweet too. I wish I had my own place, but I know I would miss home as soon as I left. xxx

  18. lovely photos. i love the necklaces. the hot air ballon is on my wishlist for spring and a few there you have i have to from accessorize. there so cute.

  19. How perfectly lovely. Your necklaces are so sweet, I wish I had ones similar so I could wear them and then hang them on my mirror...The roses also are beautiful! The sponge looks yummy:)

    xx Carina
    Happy Easter!


*Forever Love*