birthdays, bunnies and chocolate delights

oh, it has been another month since i have last been here. i am terribly rubbish these days. my inspiration is so very minimal and being at work nearly everyday, all day, makes my mind frazzle and my daydreams turn to dust. though the sun has been shining and my smile has been spread all over my freshly freckled face and i am back!
there are far too many photographs but i had to include all my adventures. so this post is a big one!
i have seen spring lambs and pretty blossoms. i have sunbathed in london's parks for a birthday. i have eaten alot of cake and ice cream and homemade bunny biscuits. i have had marshmellow in my cereal. i have had a another tattoo, placed upon my finger. i have had friend's come to visit, to stay, to drop by. i have bought dresses and skirts and stickers and letter sets and thank you cards. i have had my birthday. i have celebrated another friend's birthday. i have smiled and laughed and smiled some more.plenty of cafe nero meet ups with my dear friend nicola for chats and catch ups. i always have the best fun with her. she makes me laugh and we always do silly things and speak in silly accents.april 14th was my 24th birthday. it did not make me feel older, though moving out from my home as a grown up probably did do that already.
anyway, i had the most loveliest birthday. sebastian bought me a new my old one decided to take a long long sleep, which i was so surprised is gold and beautiful. i got lots of lovely things from family and friends too. mother took me shopping on the day which was so nice. i miss her lots.
my cute little nephews j and t bought me some beautiful flowers and delivered to me on the evening of my birthday...they were so cute! love them. and tulips are one of my favourites!nicola visited me the day after and we had cake and tea and planned our joint birthday party for that coming weekend. our friends that we went to university with were coming to stay.mother made us this beautiful chocolately gooey cake with fresh cream and edible butterflies for our party. this was absolutely delicious. she is the best! the lovely sebastian made me this golden unicorn for my birthday too. he is so very wonderful!
after the birthday fun and celebrations was preparation for easter and looking forward to the bank holidays off work to spend with sebastian and visiting family and such. the weather was perfect! it was also nicola's birthday. i went to her lovely abode for tea after a lovely day out and lunch at our favourite haunt. in the evening we found an amazing photo booth that took old fashioned photos...we spent an hour there.
the long easter weekend consisted of a barbeque at papa bear's with the dogs and sebastian...and little brother samuel came home from university for a surprise! was so amazing! it also involved easter packages from nan and gramps. an easter egg hunt. making grown up easter cakes with nuts. teeny family visits. little walks through the deserted town. more chocolate eggs and triangles and giant eggs. going to papa bear's house is one of my favourite things. his cottage is in the middle of nowhere and his garden is beautiful. his flowers. his views, the birds that visit for nuts..and the squirrels. the pet tortoise. and the two dogs. just so picturesque and it feels like a film set or the perfect place for a book's story. just so lovely. he also has a fridge packed full of lovely drinks. and a freezer full with ice cream and ice pops. easter monday breakfast. farm eggs and toasty soldiers. then a bit of chocolate.


  1. Gorgeous photos. Glad you have posted again :).

    The food in the photos is making me slightly hungry again.


  2. Absolutely wonderful post. Look at how many presents you have! Very lovely friends, hope you had a great birthday!


  3. oh so glad you are back, doll!
    everything about this post is love.
    i know exactly how you feel about work making inspiration tiring and difficult, but the sunny spring weather is enough to cheer me up and give me lovely thoughts just looking out the window.

    happy happy belated birthday! so nice to hear you had a lovely one, you deserve all the best.

    i love your little polka dot plate and the wrapping of your gifts. the macaroons look so delicious (i've sadly never had one!) and your pink skirt is beautiful.

    take care, love. and come around more often!
    lots of love xx

  4. That cake is the most beautiful thing I have seen all day!

  5. your world seems so lovely! i love your photos, you are fantastic!

  6. Wow, where did you buy that huge pack of macaroons from?

  7. What a lovely lovely post. the cake your mama baked is beautiful, a shame to eat the butterflies even! I'm glad you've had such nice times with friends and family :) xx

  8. Goodness, where did you find the photobooth? I have literally been looking for years and years for one!


  9. So lovely pictures !

  10. Oh! Happy belated birthday! Those photos are really lovely! And the cake from your mom is adorable!

  11. How lovely your life seems! Apart from the business of course. Happy belated birthday, you got so many pretty gifts. Your mum is so talented! I wish I could take a piece hehe. The unicorn is just too beautiful.

    xx Carina

  12. owh I'm glad that I didn't get wrong with your birthday :)Lottie, Happy birthday, belated!

    And you have a great mom, that cake looks absolutely fairy-tale like. The unicorn is awesome too. Love it!

    Look like you enjoying your life much.Lovely photos as always! Keep them coming please.


  13. Lovely photos, those easter chicks are cute. There's an award for you on my blog too :) xxx

  14. there is soooo much delicious looking food in this post, so good! please tell me where that photobooth is? i went to berlin and they have them everywhere and i miss them desperately xx

  15. it´s great to hear from you again. such wonderful photos! HAPPY BIRTHDAY afterwards. i hope you had a lovely day! and all the presents you got are so cute and you really have lovely friends and an amazing family!
    i love the cake your mother made and all of those delicious cupcakes and the color of your hair... i love it. :) i love your blog and i´m looking forward to your next post!
    have a lovely sunny day!
    xo nina <3

  16. pretty post and what a beautiful unicorn! (i love your zebra skirt x)

  17. i love this! cute little cakes and makes me fluffy and warm
    now i LOVE your tattoo...great place to have it

  18. I'm glad you liked the photos, and I hope you had a good week too! xxx

  19. Post more. Your words are awfully sweet, and the pictures take me on your adventures. Also, your post made me hungry. The more you post, the more my belly may/may not grow? xxo

    hope to hear from you*
    love amy ^.^

  20. your tattoo is amazing :) did it hurt? id love to get one but im so indecisive when it comes to choosing! your adventures sounds wonderful charlotte! toast and soildiers look very scrummy. please can you add me on twitter @_roseypetal. it would be lovely to say hello to you..♥ xx

  21. please please please go on posting ;)


*Forever Love*