steam ahead

in the eleven years i lived in sellindge, i have never been to the steam fayre... until this year, and i do not even live there anymore.
it was a beautiful day, i got a little pink. had candyfloss on the grassy bank. went on the rides with my nephews and family friend's little boy. bought sebastian some gummy snakes. took photographs. got a mouth full of smokey smoke from the steam engines. mother bought lots of windmills for the garden. it was such a lovely lovely day. brother sam is back from university now too, so he came along too.
that year went so quickly. siigh.

i felt like a child when brother and i were trying to knock a coconut off at the shy. we did not manage to win anything. it was fun though. i am so glad he is back for the summer. i have missed him so.i have not been feeling too inspired recently. to be honest i have been feeling rather low. moving away from home is so much more grown up than i can manage. there are not enough pennies going around for every bill and every payment. it is terrifying.
though on a good note i am going to glastonbury festival in a matter of weeks. and i am so very excited.
after that it is save. save. save. sebastian has something secret planned for new years! so i really must not spend a thing on unnecessary items. excited.


  1. It looks like such a beautiful day for a fair, and you look adorable with your little pin-wheel!
    Yes, growing up and paying bills can be scary...and its a little sad when you have to say no to pretty things that you want because there are much bigger expenses...*sigh*

  2. Oh this is so magical, I love how sweet and childlike it is.

  3. looks like a lovely fair! i am so jealous of you going to glastonbury.

  4. I do love suprises. Sounds very exciting. Leaving home is scary. I'd never had to budget for gas bills, tv licences, food! It gets easier, you get better at it and you appreciate visiting the home you grew up in so much more. Your day at the fayre looked lots of fun by the way :) x

  5. Your day looks magical. I love fairs, but they dont have many where i live.
    I cannot wait until i am old enough for Glastonbury. My mother dear thougt that sixteen was a little young. I tend to agree.


  6. Nice to hear from you again! The photos are beautiful. It sounds like you had a great time there. :)

    Have a nice weekend!

  7. Wow wow wow, it looks amaaaazing! The pipe organ (I think that's what it is!) is so wonderful! I'm eternilly jealous!


  8. hi darling!
    a fair with cotton candy and rides and family sounds perfect. there are no cute fairs like that here.
    i know how you feel about moving away from home and paying your own bills and spending your own money.. i have two jobs and am barely keeping on top of things. but i try to find ways to stay inspired!

    i would love to send you a little package or letter to cheer you up a little, if you would like! i know mail certainly cheers me up quite a bit when i feel down. just let me know doll <3

    take care! xx


*Forever Love*