a promise

my life is a little boring. i need a new job. i need new adventures. i need pennies. it is all rather rubbish. but here are a few little things keeping me sane...
vintage stamp necklaces and bunny print dresses bought from glastonbury festival. a pretty orchid bought from my mother to sebastian and i, for our lovely little house. nail painting. flowers bought for me from sebastian, a teeny surprise. having my hair cut and coloured more blonde, with little strips of dark brown. writing plans for an upcoming teeny etsy shop. planning a family photoshoot. applying for more interesting jobs. and eating pink iced doughnuts.
i promise i will blog more, and comment more from today, as i need some creativity in my life. i am badly lacking! and i need you lovelies to keep me entertained with your wonders of blogs. see you soon. that is a promise. sleep tight little dears.
ps. more ebay things for sale here...
and i am always on here


  1. that bunny dress is so sweet!
    i need new adventures too. i hope you find some xx

  2. ooohh your bunny dress is lovely! you suit being a blondie ever so much♥ need lotsss of new adventures too, it's been so rainy over here!! love all the little tweaks you've made to your blog- looks very pretty. much love, sam xxx

  3. That dress is just perfect! I love bunnies, I think they are so sweet.

    I'm glad that you will be blogging more. Your posts always leave me feeling so inspired. :)

    ~Ruth (ruthrmay.com)

  4. yes!! to the nail painting and doughnut eating :)

  5. I totally understand needing more pennies and more adventures. But at least you've already got loads of pretty things to surround yourself with! Wishing you a very dreamy summer...

  6. Aww the bunny dress is ever so cute! I wish you many little adventures (I dream for some of my own and some more pennies too!) I like how you have changed your blog :)

    xx Carina

  7. At the moment i am going through what you are. I need a new job and i want adventure. It will get better though and we will find jobs and hopefully love them. I've been trying to do something new each day even if its something small like making a hand made card to someone. It does make a difference! Good luck with your job hunt, i'm sure you will find something soon enough xx

  8. Your blog is so cuuuute!


  9. Oh I am incredibly excited to see your etsy shop! The dress is so lovely, and I adore the vintage stamp necklace. Now I have such an iced doughnut craving, haha!

  10. the dress is so lovely, what a cute print. I also need a new job, it's quite hard to find though! Good luck to you dear :) xx

    I want it so badly !!
    (Hum, it seems that you will think that I'm an horrible and weird person ! aha)
    I understand you when you say that you are bored ! But don't worry ! And go on !! : D

  12. Your new blog design is the cutest ever! Love it!
    I hope you will find a new job soon! I also have to look for an apprenticeship... But hey... Who knows what the future holds for us. :)

    Anyway. I hope you have a lovely day!
    xo, Nina

  13. The bunny dress is so sweet, and i love the stamp necklace!



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