finally. exhale

this giant teacup made my jaw drop to the floor. not only is it grey polka dot and floral... it is huge! i wanted it for my morning tea. though the tea might get cold ever so quickly.
i have had so many little adventures of late. i met up with my friend nicola and we had a good catch up and some nice food. and we had one of those career talks... you know when you have no idea what you're going to do with your grown up life... and that if we were rich we could have our own shops. but the world is a confusing thing. and it really is not that easy. it breaks my heart a little.
sebastian and i went to my very beautiful friend leoni's beautiful wedding on saturday, it was perfect. the weather was warm and the sunshine was bright. leoni looked absolutely perfect. the whole day was so wonderful. it always makes me wonder about what my wedding would be like.
sunday, i went to town. i wore a dress! without leggings! this is a huge step for me. as my legs love to hide away, and i like it that way.
anyway i had a lovely little walk around town in the nice weather. bought some materials to make things with and gifts for my rosie and i spent the afternoon being creative. it was perfect. it was like the old days.

today i have spent my whole day at my desk. it has been fantastic. i have made things and designed things and eaten rich tea biscuits and drunk tea and have been cutting and sticking.
everything seems to be coming together now, thank goodness. for a while i have wanted to get back into be creative and have found it so hard... i've wanted to create an etsy shop and sell some things. and now i have finally started. and succeeded. so hopefully it will not be long until i can start that.


  1. I have one of those cups :D A day of making things sounds fab !

  2. Wow, that truly is a huge teacup!
    Ah, those chocolate mice are so cute. Its great to know you're getting back into being creative and i cannot wait for your Etsy account!


  3. A giant teacup and a cat print shirt? That is the good life.

  4. i love days just spent making things. good luck with your etsy shop! i set up mine last week & it was one of the best things i've ever done (:

  5. I love that cup! I want one. :) I would use it all the time I think. lol My legs are like yours, I'm afraid. I'm trying to get them to be more outgoing. ;) I'm glad that you are feeling so creative now. Good luck with your shop.

  6. i just love days spent crafting C: today i worked on some new tshirt designs to print up tonight,and bleached/glittered up a pair of boring high waisted shorts. funfun

  7. I love that giant tea cup! I am now following your blog :)


  8. oh lets have lots more fun adventures!! i miss you ever so much.
    we can be creative together!!!

    love your photos. love you.

  9. It's great to hear that you are feeling a bit better! And I'm totally looking forward to your etsy shop! :)

    Have a nice day and I really hope you are doing well! God bless you!

    xoxo, Sarah

  10. Woooh ! The cup is really lovely but...too huge for me ! aha
    (God, this shop seems to be so nice ! )
    I really like your adventures and I like your creative mind ! I agree with you, spend the day to draw and create...IT'S AMAZING ! ahaha !
    (God, I like your clothes...I ALWAYS LIKE YOUR CLOTHES ...So jealous...)

  11. love your blog
    follow you now maybe you could follow me back :)
    xx N

  12. That cup is incredible!! And your little workspace is lovely :) xx

  13. Oh, I want one of these huge tea cups too!
    Wherever did you find that?
    It is so lovely!

  14. The tea cup is huge! Make you look so petite behind it. And I know the feeling of having leggings off while wearing a dress.

    And thank you dearie, I feel better now and your drop by makes my day :) And aww, sure we shall eat cakes together!

    Have a bright day lovely!


  15. there is a picture on my blog of me drinking out of tea cups!
    i went to a shop that sells all these tea cups, so cute

  16. your little desk is incredibly cute!


*Forever Love*