hello wonder

sebastian's horsey top and white ribbons made my first day back at work much more manageable. it actually was not as daunting as i had imagined.
this bank holiday weekend has consisted of (so far) a teeny shopping trip, a yummy prawn curry, dirty caramel colour nail varnish, lemonade, xfactor, playing with stones, talks about luna, a fruit cocktail of raspberries and ice and pineapple, little craft plans, sleeping, cbb, tweeting, a beautiful horse print dress, seeing an old friend, buying birthday gifts, spending a day in pyjamas, writing cards, being silly, celebrating a best friend's birthday... and i still have another day to enjoy.
tomorrow consists of a trip up to london with sebastian for the second part of his birthday gift (his birthday was in may!) i am really looking forward to it. i may even treat him to a tgi friday's.
i have also been thinking alot about autumn and how much wearing jumpers will be so nice.
how are you spending your bank holiday weekend?

i have created a tumblr... for a little personal inspiration...


  1. I love your blog, it is so adorable and cheerful and I always get a wonderful feeling when I view it.

  2. Oh my gosh I love your outfit! So cute!

  3. Your horsey top is so lovely, what a darling boy your Sebastian is!
    Following you on Tumblr now :)

  4. i love your top, i will have to go follow you on tumblr. thought i would say how much i love your blog;)

  5. I absolutely adore your top and shoes!<3 And fruit cocktail of raspberries with ice is just what i need right now, sounds so delicious and refreshing. Glad you had fun on the bank holiday, it sounds like you've been to so many little adventures and there are more to come.

    P.s. Your comment and follow(on tumblr) made my day, thank you so much^^ You're such an inspiration.

  6. Happy Holiday! :) I love the way you spend your holiday, totally relaxing and pampering! I shall make my holiday a meaningful one, like yours, hopefully :)

    Both twitter and tumblr followed :)

    Keep in touch x


  7. Hello ! May I ask you a little thing ? Could you tell me if my drawings makes you feel something ? thx !!

  8. Just to say I'm really enjoying your beautiful blog! I'm glad you had a lovely bank holiday weekend.


*Forever Love*