let us calm ourselves down and do a little baking

being at home for two weeks has been a little strange. i have been told to stay home by the doctor. but it has been surprisingly lonely. sebastian only works from nine until four, but that time in between drags so much. i have read books, and blogs, and made things. and failed things.
the best part though was making cakes. it has been a while. i must have gone through a little phase when we moved in together. i may have to make something else. muffins maybe. or scones.
saturday i went for a nice long walk to my friend nicola's house for some company and ofcourse to deliver a cake.
nicola and her family were lovely enough to invite me with them on their day out. we went to a local fete and bought piles of books and had a few go's on the tombola and bought knitted toys and chocolate cakes and won pink lemonade. there were lots of stalls and bunting and an old fashioned red double decker bus. oh, and i snuggled a ferret.
nicola and i matched. like the perfect pretend 'sister' i was for the day. it was so lovely. thank you miss nicola and mr and mrs and nan and grandpa nicola! hugs.
i miss home, and everyday viewings of my lovely mother's face and the noisy children and clucking chickens and trixie-lu's moulting fur. and boris' big floppy bunny ears. and the everyday access to the beautiful flowery garden with patches of grass to sit on and the big apple tree.
i am off to write a story.


  1. you cakes are beautiful! i have not eaten mine yet!! i am saving it! :)
    glad you had fun! i did aswell! i think when i get older i will always be going to fetes! haha.
    i cannot wait to hang out tomorrow! :D
    you look beautiful in the last photo. you are so beautiful. <3
    love you always xx

  2. don't be too lonely<3 you'll be back to work before you know it! and it seems like you had quite a lovely day.

  3. Oh you do look lovely in the last photo, that lipstick really suits you :) Sounds like a lovely day, fetes are so much fun! Baking sounds like a great way to pass the time, I will soon be without job and will have to find similar ways to fill my days xx

  4. Wow those cakes look so amazing and you are so beautiful :) xx

  5. This sounds like the perfect way to pass the day! Your cakes look scrumptious, I keep meaning to bake some soon too! But I did make a rhubarb crumble today so I'll let myself off the hook! I love the sound of the fete, the tombola is always my favourite (: x

  6. Those cakes look delicious! yum!
    What a great way to pass your time!

  7. Oh such a beautiful post :) baking can make a lonesome day brighter <3

  8. yummy cupcakes!!

    i just started my blog, have a look if you'd like :)


  9. Awesome photos!
    And these photos of your cupcakes made me really really hungry! I want to have one now... ;)

    Have a nice day!
    xo, Sarah


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