one month's worth of photos

i have not been here in ages. i feel sad that i have not had a little spare time to drop by. i also really need to catch up on my favourite blogs. i will be commenting soon, if not tomorrow.
lots of little nice things have been going on.. my pretty orchid blooming ever so well. lovely packages from foreign lands for my creative ideas. some of my creative ideas coming together nicely. playing on photoshop. ordering more pretty things. buying chiffon shirts and burgundy chinos and brown ankle boots. painting my nails in a lovely burgundy coloured polish.
days off to do some housework and relaxing. evening trips to hobbycraft to browse and for my sister and nephew to spend lots of pennies. delicious homemade cherry and ginger cake with tea, made by mother's friend with cherries from her own garden.
staying at the cottage, sleeping in my old bedroom, which is now my mother's. it was very strange, but mother has made it look so pretty and elegant and i love it more. mother was away so i slept in her giant bed with pig. until my nephews woke me up... and her baby cockerel.
i have just been so so happy lately. and it is autumn, with a few days of cheeky sunshine, it has been so lovely. my overheated body loves this time of year. the colourful leaves fall from the trees. then you walk over those leaves and they are so crunchy... like winter, and it's snow. the fresh, soft sort. **oh christmas i cannot wait for your arrival!**
i went to one of my brother's house to see my nieces and nephew and their teeny chihuahua's. the mother 'teenie' is pregnant and my sister-in-law is selling me one of the babies for less then half the price. though sebastian and i are awaiting the third and final yes from the landlord.
last friday i went to a harry potter themed party at a beautiful old pub in the middle of nowhere, for a birthday. if you follow me on twitter and sweetly commented like a love, you would have already seen my outfit. but here it is again.
obviously i dressed up as luna lovegood... my favourite character. my friend, rosebud, went as hermione. there was a professor trelawny and a dobby, a pair of twins went as fred and george, there was a ginny, a bellatrix, a hedwig, and a couple of random witches and things. i also spoke in a luna accent all night, i sort of wanted to claim it as my own accent. was such fun.


  1. What pretty bed linens! And I love your Luna Lovegood costume. :)

  2. eagerly waiting for Christmas too, even there's no snow for me but the atmosphere around just get warmer, like magic :) and that chihuahua is quite huge! (for its breed) Have a nice day! x

  3. your hair looks super cute. <3

  4. Looks like you had such a beautiful time! Your orchid is so pretty! My mom also has a white one. I love the color!
    And it's exciting the you are getting a little puppy! Awesome!

    Have a lovely day!!!!
    xx, Sarah

  5. God, I missed you !!
    You and your little life stories !
    Actually, I'm so fond of all your little stuffs ! It's so cute and it gives me ideas for everythings !

    Ps : ...your necklaces....Want them all so badly....haha

  6. Oh I wish I could have gone to a party like that. ~

  7. Hello my darling pixie!

    I've missed reading your blog and have finally found a few spare moments to catch up on your latest adventures. Thank goodness the air is growing chilly again! We share a love for winter and all things magic and christmasy.

    with love always from new york.

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  9. That orchid looks gorgeous! I can't grow anything to save my life. lol I love this time of year as well. Autumn is just so gorgeous and it always feels amazing outside. :)

  10. pretty miss charlotte, you are lovely.

    you make an amazing luna! I love your costume lots. and the chihuahuas are so adorable!!!!!!!! awwwwwww!!

    your orchid looks amazing too. mother and I can never get them to last very long at all!

    starry hugs
    x x x


*Forever Love*