is it any wonder?!

35 days until the big day. which means, lots of christmas starbucks: praline mochas and eggnog lattes. lots of christmas fairs. lots of shopping- for other people. lots of baking. lots of christmas film watching. lots of christmas song singing. and the viewing of the christmas lights being switched on.
i have been keeping myself busy making some jewellery to sell at a christmas fair in a couple of weeks. i have also spent alot of after-work time with friends, watching old films with sebastian, eating out lots (not good for my purse!), celebrating papa bear's birthday, buying gifts for christmas... and myself. like this cute little amber stone ring.
i have also been absolutely freezing. the heating STILL is not on. brrr..zzz. my fingertips and nose is icy, as we speak. i may have to get papa bear to come over and switch it on. it is a little tricky, and the manual is just far too confusing.
although the weather is a little bit cold, and indoors too, i am very much enjoying wearing my winter warmers. my scarf and gloves have been my best friend. i love the winter.
i also love my sebastian, he bought me some chocolate kisses. Hershey's white chocolate oreo cookie kisses to be more precise. mm, i think these may be my new favourites. and they are just so cute too. as is sebastian for buying me them.
..... friday night was a sad night. though my lovely friends came over and we had a girly evening in with pizza takeaways and dvds and tea and snuggles under blankets on the sofa. afterward, it was horrible. i cried and cried... i am not sure why i cried so much. maybe it was overdue, i do not know. but i felt ever so sad. and my sleeves were drenched in my tears, i sorted myself out, and had a little wash and sorts. then i realised i had pulled my glastonbury festival wrist band off along with my other bracelets. now, my wrists feel a little naked.
completely tragic.
on a happy note, my weekend has been amazing. i stayed at the cottage last night and it was so lovely. i miss it, and i will forever think of it as home. after a relaxing morning playing games with my nephews, i went to the cinema to watch twilight: breaking dawn part one, with my sister.
it. was. amazing. robert pattinson... mm. that is all really.
i will be back soon with an evening of commenting, regular blogging, and some updates of jewellery from my shop.


  1. Oh Charlotte, I hope you're feeling better and full of smiles!
    I have never tried a Praline mocha! Sounds amazing though, I may indeed have to try it!
    lovely post as always!

  2. White chocolate cookie kisses!? Oh they sound totally divine! I'm going to have to hunt around for those :-)

    I hope you have a whale of a time at the Christmas craft fairs.

    Jem xXx

  3. Ohh! I'm so sorry you were so sad :( I hope you're feeling better now! O_O

    I adore these pictures! You are such babe! (a blond babe to boot! I'm envious of your golden locks ehe it was forever my dream to be blond, alas it is safe to say it does not suit me! I am working at accepting my true ginger nature >_<)

    I didnt know the christmas starbucks was in O_O! yay! Christmas is indeed nearly upon us! xxx

  4. I'm so sorry you had a sad night! I haven't had a good cry in a while and you think I would because I live so far away from home (and I hate where I live!) Why can't the U.S. have the praline mocha flavour?! You have the perfect English Rose complexion too, so lovely!

    I am also very excited for Christmas, though it won't be spent at home where there is lots of snow (I'm headed there in January for a late Christmas, but it won't feel the same.) I need to really decorate my home cosy asap! xx

  5. Totally forgot to say that I lOVE Rob Pattinson, but I told you this on Twitter ;) It's just worth mentioning again! I wish he would record an album already! xx

  6. I do hope you feel better soon, I had a little cry on Thursday night, sometimes it's best to let things out, even if you're not sure why. Your weekend sounded lovely at least. I had my first Praline mocha of the season yesterday, scrumptious. xx

  7. I hope you feel better :( there is nothing worse than having a weepy day when you don't even know why!

    I am still amazed that you don't have your heating on.

    I'm so pleased you get as excited about Xmas as I do. Benjamin let me listen to the Michael Buble Christmas album in his car yesterday :) I am also a Twilight geek!! I'm hoping we're going to see it this weekend for my friend's birthday. I think we should be old enough to know better :P

    Hope you are feeling happier now :) xxx

  8. Charlotte you are just the cutest!
    Everything you wrote about Christmas is what I do! I cannot waaaaaaait!
    I love your mug too, and your nails are super cute!
    Get your heating fixed! (I say this, because mine is working but so so cold.. so I can imagine how cold your's is!) xx

  9. You really get in the holdiay Spirit, it makes me want to as well! My favorite part is the Christmas treats to eat, mmm...
    I'm sorry you were sad when your friends left; I get like that sometimes too and I'm not sure why.
    I love your mug with the horses on it in the last picture, it's just too cute!
    And you are right, Breaking Dawn was amazinggg! I went to the midnight premiere & I was a bit sleepy..but when I saw Robert Pattinson....let's just say he woke me up a bit :D
    Have a great week! =)


  10. I am absolutely in love with the holidays, I cannot wait! I adore picking out christmas presents for everyone, such fun c:

  11. i spy with my little eye..... a "concetta" mug from Habitat! Hurrah! (sorry, it's still one of my favourite games, despite having left Habitat over a year ago..)

    i cry like that sometimes, i think it's a good thing to release one's emotions like that, it's cleansing for the soul. blame our hormones! x

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  14. I am also loving the starbucks christmas drinks - really getting me into the festive mood :-)

  15. It's so gutting when your festival band comes off :( I's like all the memories come off too!

    I love Eggnogg lattes haha I wait all year for them <3

    Satin&Souffles xx

  16. It's okayyy, tell you a lil secret. I cry a lot too. Sometimes we need crying to release depression. Give you a big fat hug. Don't be sad, Christmas is coming soon! We should be merry! :)

    can't wait for more update from you! Keep blogging! have a nice weekends! x

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