time has gone so quickly. it felt like yesterday that i last blogged. i am a little disappointed in myself. the time at some points, have felt so slow also. horribly slow. things have been somewhat difficult. however, that is another story.
now that i have moved into a smaller room that is now my own, my little craft room, i have been sorting through lots of boxes. i found some exciting little bits and pieces, including some pretty little paper flowers--i used to make cards and sell them when i was younger. i also found my flower press, which still had flowers in them. the flowers must be a good few years old!
last monday evening, ma'ma took me to place which had the most amazing christmas decorations. i had told her the weekend just before that she had to take me somewhere where i could go and collect pinecones for homemade decorations, as i would not be able to afford to buy any this year. (it is my first christmas in my house). so instead, she took me to an amazing store filled with christmas delights, and other homely-type things, and bought me my first decorations. how lovely!
it was actually such a lovely evening. we went to a lovely country pub on the way home and some lovely food.... ma'ma-pumpkin risotto, me-fish pie. mm.
i love how autumnal everywhere looks. it is so colourful and cosy. i love the winter lots, but i am very much enjoying the autumn at the moment. and our goofy hallowe'en pumpkin.
speaking of winter..... here is our little robin redbreast who loves to visit us at work and remind us that it is ever so close to christmas... 53 days. i am far too excited. i need to buy the she and him christmas album to get me in the spirit some more. oh and visit a few christmas fairs in the next few weeks. one weekend is the country living christmas fair! it is all so exciting.
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  1. I'd love a craft room to my self xxxx

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  3. Your room is so pretty! it's absolutely lovely!

  4. loved looking at all these photos, they are gorgeous!

  5. Your little work area looks perfect- full of creativity! I am looking forward to Christmas too, and I love all the fairs, they make you feel so Christmassy! Sounds like a lovely evening with your ma :) xx

  6. That's so cool you found those flowers and things from when you were much younger.
    Your craft room is so lovely; I wish I could make pretty things like that ♥
    That's so nice of your mom to buy your decorations for you and I'm glad you too had a great evening :)
    I love this autumn scenery too, it's so beautiful.
    I hope you get the album & get to go to some Christmas Fairs!


  7. I just lol'd at your pumpkin...amezin' hehe xxx

  8. I just read about the Country living fair in the magazine, and breathed a sigh of jealousy that I'm no in England... And now you write about it! Unfair!;)

    Those little glass jar necklaces in your etsy shop look absolutely lovely, by the way.

  9. Oh my, your little craft room looks so perfectly cute! I can't wait for Christmas either, it is definitely the most magical part of the year :)
    Your blog is one of my favourites :) xxx

  10. Christmassss! :) I can't wait either. The little bird is lovely! The pumpkin is cute too!

    Lots of love


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