i had a lovely little package arrive last week... it was my jen tee that i had ordered from the lovely wallpaper rose. it is so comfy and so pretty. i think i have worn it too much already! i just adore it. it is such a good price and it comes so beautifully wrapped. i recommend highly.
i have had a crazy weekend. sebastian had abandoned me to film a music video, for three days, so i thought, instead of being on my own i would have my two nephews to sleepover and play.
it was so tiring. i am actually still yawning from it.
it was lovely though, lots of games, and colouring, and being silly. had so much fun. i miss living with them.
then i had my sister and our friend come over for bad foods and pink wine and films. which was lovely, but then they decided to stay the night. (they had to get up early the next morning) but this also led to a late night.
but then sunday brought me a trip to a local wedding fayre, which was amazing/scary/insightful. i went with sebastian's mother, and it was just so lovely. got lots of little ideas. ooh, and i had a makeover.
was so nice.


  1. Your blog is so beautiful! I love the vintage feel and whimsicality and prettiness all in one...♥
    This top is so pretty and girly, I love the lace collar.
    Your blog is definitely one to watch.
    xo Maria

  2. pretty pretty pretty! I love jen tees, i've had my eye on those for a long time,, yours looks lovely on you! and the mint green nails with the crackles!! looovvvee <3
    whispers soon moon best friend
    x x x

  3. how very exciting! your shirt is so lovely and looks absolutely beautiful on you, dear. it's so nice to have a makeover after such a tiring weekend, i'm sure :) the wedding fairs are quite thrilling, aren't they? i felt the same way you described when i went to my first one! just remember to make it uniquely yours and then everything else will fall into place <3

    have a beautiful day xx

  4. Sounds like you've had a busy yet beautiful week!
    I literally LOVE these tee's. I've been trying to get my hands on one for some time now! xx

  5. Your t-shirt is utterly stunning. It looks so comfortable and pretty. The sleepover with your nephhews sounds wonderful - I love spending time with my niece and nephew. It is indeed tiring but oh so much fun. Essential for keeping the heart childlike and playful, I'd say. x

  6. They are all such wonderful films, they inspire me so much. :)
    Oh that must be so frustrating! I don't have the dvd of it, but I think I have a VHS copy of it hidden somewhere - I'll have to try and find it to watch it again!

    The soundtrack for the secret garden is one of my favourite film soundtracks ever - it is just so pretty and enchanting, it makes you really feel like you are part of the film.

    Aw thank-you so much, your blog is a delight to read - I love your new top, lace collars are so pretty, I need to find a top like that!

  7. Love that t-shirt! I've been meaning to buy one of those for yonks! :) x

  8. I love the Jen tee, I have been thinking about buying one myself, the lace collar is so cute! Sounds like a fun weekend, my boyfriend is abandoning me this weekend, boo =( Sadly no nephews to play with! xx

  9. How exciting!!! I bet you can't wait to really start planning your wedding :) where is your watch from? It's lovely! xx

  10. Your blog is gorgeous! I just stumbled upon it and followed! I am loving the peter pan collars that are around just now.

    I have a blog sale on my blog at the moment if you fancy taking a quick peek

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  11. Love the lace collar on that tee. It's really sweet. :) And those crackle nails - been wanting to try em out! Oh, dino eggs. I think dinosaurs (except the T-rex) are such cute creatures. My favorite would be the Triceratops. Totally off the topic but hehe!

    Have a great week, sweets. x

  12. ooh, i love the lacey peter pan collar on your top, so adorable! i definitely need to get some crackle effect nail polish - the colours you used are wonderful :)

  13. wow, thankyou for such lovely comments. i am definitely recreating this look :)

  14. eek cutest shirt!
    I have missed our chats, too! I am very well!! Finally finished school and am just working away in the city, mostly writing for a magazine, which is lots of fun! I envy you telling yourself to be responsible, I'm still suffering from a strong case of Peter Pan Syndrome, i.e. I am not so inclined to join the ranks of the real world! But I know I must, soon. How is everything else with you? I am so very excited for you, dear. You have so many wonderful adventures waiting for you!!!



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